New novel – Perfect Superstar

Hi, i’m QiuZhen a new translator so be gentle with me, please. If you’re interested in a showbiz/celebrity type of novel then give this a try!   Table of Contents

New Side Project

Hello there. Mystic Blade Works, one of the translators of My Pet Is a Holy Maiden, here. You’ve probably thought that I’ve ditched tling, but I’ve not as I’ve got some RL issues. Anyway, while I will be resuming tling by next week, I’ve been doing some side project of typing a fan fiction crossover […]

Reborn as the Hero’s Daughter Hiatus

Someone else is translating the LN and manga.

ISOF Chapter 1

In Search Of Love Chapter 1 is out!! You can find it at

WSK Chapter 164

Wicked Soldier King Chapter 164 is finally out! After 2 days of long translation and over 6 months of long wait for someone else to pick it up! You can find it at Also please vote in this straw poll on whether I should translate the previous chapters or not since the previous site is […]

Seijo 56

Our main translator has delegated himself to a mere cheerleader. This is a problem. Well, anyways, please come join us if you’re N4 or above. I promise this overworked editor won’t instantly quit! Find the chapter here. Translator/Editor: Me Cheerleader (translated a few lines): Doomr Lazy TLC (1 line): Kyureki

Ebisu Welcomes Iamfeii!

We are proud to announce that we have a new translator on board! Iamfeii’s translating a BL, Strongly Pampered Male Wife, which is about a man being sold off as a wife! Read more to find out 😉 Oh, and we have 2 more Chinese translators that joined, but I’ll wait for them to release chapters […]

HF 43

More like 3 reasons why Noah is OP as fuck. Here.


Chapter 2 is up! I’ll fixed my schedule to update this story every Wednesday, if there’s more, it’ll be on Sunday. So do look out for the new chapters! Enjoy! -iamfeii 


Sorry about the wait. I was busy with things and was unable to work. but here are chapters 40-47 Chapter 40 Chapter 41 Chapter 42 Chapter 43 Chapter 44 Chapter 45 Chapter 46 Chapter 47 There are 6 more chapters on the way.(Chapter 48-53) ~Paradox

HF 42

Where’s my promised chapter?! Reeeeee. Here.

Welcome to the New Site!

Yes, I am the same slave other person that wrote the announcement post on the old site. I just want to say, enjoy the new features of the new site, and happy reading! Also, don’t forget to hit that subscribe button, give a like, and reply in the comments below…

HF 41