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Transfer of my translation work- Love Dependency Disease

Hi, I am Daich700, translator of Love Dependency Disease. From now on my translation work of ‘Love Dependency Disease’ will publish on Ebisu Translations. Hope to read your comments and feedbacks.

ISOL on hiatus

The translator’s, Kongolsamu, computer is currently broken. As such, updates will be temporarily halted.

New novel-Pampering Big Cat Wife

Hi, I’m sakuratemple. I’m the translator of the new novel Pampering Big Cat Wife. I’m a newbie at translating so if you don’t understand something please tell me. I hope you will like this novel. Link to Table of Contents

HF 69


SGS 229

Sorry for the delay guys, just finished my finals. Another chappie tomorrow, anyway, diabetus ahead so grab yo insulin.

ISOL Chapter 20

Chapter 20 is out! Discord <-Chat with us! Chapter <-Read!

Seijo 75

TL: Lys Discord <-Chat with us! Chapter <-Read!

SGS 228

Here, we observe that every badass requires a loli.

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Seijo 74

TL: Lys, Kenar   Discord <-Chat with us! Chapter <-Read!

Isekai GM 35. Skill Fusion and The Emergency in the Empire

RAW: TL: MayonaizeShrimp ED: Karuma Look, guys. I totally didn’t forget that Karuma sent this to me a few days ago, ok? enjoy the chapter!   Finally… I finally had free time after treating people at the field hospital.   So, I was taking a break when I remembered something… well, rather than “remembered”, “popped […]