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Transfer of my translation work- Love Dependency Disease

Hi, I am Daich700, translator of Love Dependency Disease. From now on my translation work of ‘Love Dependency Disease’ will publish on Ebisu Translations. Hope to read your comments and feedbacks.

ISOL on hiatus

The translator’s, Kongolsamu, computer is currently broken. As such, updates will be temporarily halted.

Isekai GM 34. Unusual Event in the Empire pt 1

Isekai GM 34. Unusual Event in the Empire pt 1 RAW: TL: MayonaizeShrimp ED: Karuma I will now focus on finishing No Fatigue.   I was following the jade clothed soldier along an unknown hallway. The idea of walking through an unknown place doesn’t scare me at all. It didn’t change the fact that I […]

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New editor for UAW.

Welcoming editor for UAW, ameel. Spot any typos got some edit suggestions for the chapters, just give ameel a holler either at discord @vbguy2011 or at disqus comment section.


CLICK HERE for chapter 26~ Enjoy! Reminder: SPMW is a shounen-ai / boy’s love Chinese short novel, in other words, a story that involves a relationship between two men. Please don’t read and torture yourself if it’s not your cup of tea. I’m sure there’s more lovely heterosexual couples novel out there to make your […]

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ISOL Chapter 11

I have 2 new translators, 1 of them is my friend who I had roped into translating for me. Her name is Serence. I will introduce the other translator at a later chapter. Enjoy Chapter 11! Discord <-Chat with us! Chapter <-Read!