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Transfer of my translation work- Love Dependency Disease

Hi, I am Daich700, translator of Love Dependency Disease. From now on my translation work of ‘Love Dependency Disease’ will publish on Ebisu Translations. Hope to read your comments and feedbacks.

ISOL on hiatus

The translator’s, Kongolsamu, computer is currently broken. As such, updates will be temporarily halted.

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ISOL Chapter 11

I have 2 new translators, 1 of them is my friend who I had roped into translating for me. Her name is Serence. I will introduce the other translator at a later chapter. Enjoy Chapter 11! Discord <-Chat with us! Chapter <-Read!

HF 58



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Hey~ SPMW 24 is here! There’ll be another update slightly later for tomorrow. 😉 P.s.: Stop posting comments asking me to update when I’ve already inform when the updates would be up. Feeling impatient? Go ahead and MTL the chapters yourselves, don’t try to ruin my Monday with your unbelievable self-entitlement. Here’s the chapter link […]

No Seijo Release This Week

It’s exam season. I need to study for my end-of-the-year tests, (gotta keep my GPA up) HZ also is stuck in the horrors of studying and Mystic is stuck finding a job… Anyways, I won’t be able to translate as much until mid-late June, so releases will be less frequent and very periodic, if I […]

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SGS 179

Here. By the way, I was busy with my finals and now I am done so the translation will resume at its no less than 3 chapters per week pace.

Remake Volume 1 Chapter 1 Part 5

This novel is translated by Flowingcloud from Yado Inn as a colaberation with Ebisu Translations. Please check out more of me and my group’s translations at Yado Inn! Support me through Paypal, Patreon, or Ko-fi! Also, please turn off ad-block! Join Yado Inn’s Discord to join the community! Major schedule change towards this novel. I’m promising to stick with this novel for at […]