Chapter 38 – Never give up!

“Beyond the stars!”
“Beyond power!”
“Going beyond everything!”

Cheng Xiaodong’s singing accompanied by the impassioned music caused it to resound greatly in everyone’s ears.

His voice contained a powerful penetrating voice, but it was also sharp and high-pitched. It held a different feeling than the classic ‘Beyond’, probably due to the difficulty of hitting those high-pitched parts.

If one did not see it or hear it with their own eyes, it’s hard to imagine that Cheng Xiaodong could produce such a ‘golden’ sound. His talent was real, that was without a doubt.

More than 2,000 people were entranced by his singing voice, jumping and screaming to the beat with light sticks in their hands!

Those that understood music could also understand the reason why Cheng Xiaodong chose this rock song, after listening to his version of the song. He had to have asked someone to recompose ‘Beyond’ so that it was much more suitable to his voice. Instead of hitting all the hard high-notes in the original, he took a shortcut since he changed the song up.

Yet, It was smart of him to take this shortcut as he pleased the audience, which could be seen from their reactions.

His band was also very capable, being able to bring out the best of Cheng Xiaodong’s abilities.

It started to make sense, as to why they were so popular.

However, the stronger their presence was on stage, more pressure would be put on Lu Chen who was going up next!

All those at the carnival also understood that point as well.

For example, Su Xiaomei who was in the VIP area, her eyes contained a gleam of happiness.

Qin Hanyang and Sister Na who were backstage were silent. Sister Na was worried about Lu Chen who was sitting in the corner. Worried that Lu Chen could not meet the expectations set by the FIT band, and be stepped on by Cheng Xiaodong.

It happened a lot on music carnivals before.

The competition between singers and bands has never been gentle!

As for Gan Lang who was sitting backstage silently, his body relaxed.

His band, the North Needle band will play after Lu Chen, thus he’d avoid a direct collision with the FIT band. Because Lu Chen is in front of him he would not have to hold the expectations of the crowd.

Because of this, Gan Lang need not be worried.

Cheng Xiaodong’s band just finished their performance of ‘Beyond’. His performance sounded much better considering that the original was produced 20 years ago and is a classic everyone’s familiar with.

Singing a classic is nice and easy to garnish the attention of the crowd, but they won’t be overcome with much emotion or nostalgia.

Two months ago, the North Needle band spent a lot of money to get two songs written by a famous artist. Gan Lang rehearsed with his members for a long time just to get ready to sing it on stage today.

One of the songs was reviewed by people in the music industry, and they considered it to be a contender to hit the top 100 of songs of the year. If it is also a success, then North Needle band will be able to join Light Rain Media.

Gan Lang was full of confidence!

Lu Fei’s live room on [Whale TV] was the opposite, a lot of the fans were quiet.

“I’m going to ask, is this one good?”

“Beyond is a difficult to sing song, and he sang it very well, so there’s a lot of pressure on Lu Fei.”

“The broadcaster is playing next?”

“Yes, the order of appearance was already announced, and the next to appear is our broadcaster!”

“The broadcaster’s songs are not suitable for this concert, are they?”

“Why are you guys being like this? We have to believe greatly in Lu Fei!”

“I recall the previous broadcaster saying Lu Fei would sing a new song, I hope it turns out well.”

“In any case, I support Lu Fei greatly…”

The popularity of the live room was already over 100,000+ online, and there were not a shortage of people discussing their worries and concerns.

Those who did not know the situation quickly understand and the situation took a turn for the worse.

At first, they were all excited to see Lu Chen play live, but now it turned into troubled worries. No one wanted to see their favorite broadcaster be trampled on! The fish balls being sent also stopped.

Li Feiyu’s forehead was covered in sweat as he saw the situation.

Before Lu Chen could play, he did not have a way to turn the situation around. He could only encourage everyone to support Lu Chen over and over again, saying to please have confidence in Lu Chen.

However, the effect of his words was small.

System Notification: Call me Li Bai (Silver III) gifts you 1 aircraft carrier!

System Notification: Call me Li Bai (Silver III) gifts you 1 aircraft carrier!

System Notification: Call me Li Bai (Silver III) gifts you 1 aircraft carrier!

At that moment, three vivid and unexpected system prompts popped up on the screen. Three majestic aircraft carriers appeared in front of the audience in the broadcasting room.

Lu Fei’s broadcasting room’s negative atmosphere was instantly crushed by the appearance of the three aircraft carriers!

“Long Live Li Bai!”

A large wave of comments flooded the room, with all sorts of praise and flattery causing the attention of the audience to be diverted from the performance of the FIT band.

Call me Li Bai: “Lu Fei will win, we in the Lu family army will never give up!”

“Never give up!”

If you did not turn off comments, there would be no way to see the live broadcast, otherwise, all you’d see are comments dancing across the screen!

Never give up!

It became the slogan for the Lu Army and the size of the group increased tenfold! Due to the sudden expanse, two new groups had to be created as the first group filled up with 5,000 fans fast.

Li Feiyu excitedly said, “On behalf of Lu Fei, I would like to thank chief of staff Li Bai, and thank all the members of the Lu Army. I too believe that Lu Fei will definitely not lose to others. Lu Army, we will never give up!”

Li Feiyu couldn’t help but clench his fist as he looked at the stage.

Lu Chen, you must win!

On stage, Cheng Xiaodong ended his song with a high-pitch dolphin like tone.

The last part is drawn out, clearly Cheng Xiaodong’s own doing to show off and push the cheers and screams of the audience to their peak!

After 20 seconds, he finally ended the song and pushed back his wet long hair as he said, “Thank you all for tonight, the next performer will pick up where I left off.”


Countless spectators cheered loudly but didn’t want to see him leave.

Cheng Xiaodong smiled as he saw the effect he so desired, holding his electric guitar he bowed to the audience and left the stage.

“Cheng! Cheng! Cheng!”

“Cheng, sing another song!”

All his female fans screamed out desperately as if they were losing their most beloved treasure.

After this performance, it was Lu Chen’s turn.

Sister Na gave him a hug as she said, “Go, we support you!”

Qin Hanyang patted his shoulder as he gave him some encouraging words, “Sing well!”

Lu Chen nodded and strode out with his guitar as he set foot onto the stairs leading to the stage.

At the same time, Cheng Xiaodong and his band members were coming down. His head held high like a triumphant king returning from battle. Having just received the worship of his subjects, his aura was powerful!

Seeing Lu Chen on the stairs alone, he smirked and stood still.

Cheng Xiaodong was two steps higher than Lu Chen.

Lu Chen noticed Cheng Xiaodong’s eyes full of arrogance and said to him, “You sang well.”

Cheng Xiaodong dismissed Lu Chen’s words as he licked his lips and left his spot.

Lu Chen let him pass as there was no need to compete with Cheng Xiaodong on the stairs.

Cheng Xiaodong trying to take the majority of the space on the stairs had very little effect on Lu Chen!

From behind him, he could clearly hear the laughter of the members of the FIT band.

Lu Chen was unchanged as he moved with steady but powerful steps until he was in front of the microphone.

In front of him was more than 2,000 spectators!


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