Chapter 39 – Spring

Lu Chen never thought about it before.

He never imagined that one day, he’d be able to stand in front of so many people getting ready to perform.

His heart was not beating fast, instead, it remained at a steady beat as the light from the spotlight flashed on him.

The 150,000+ people watching on [Whale TV] were anxious as they saw this scene.

“Lu Fei is about to play!”

“I can tell!”

“I’m so excited!”

“We support you broadcaster! We will always support you!”

Li Feiyu who was hosting the broadcast did not notice the comments on the screen at all, as his vision was set on another place.

Clenching both his hands and teeth, he wanted to say something but held it in as he stared at the stage.

His body was tense and nervous, it felt like it was him up on stage instead of Lu Chen!

In the VIP section, they were still discussing the FIT band’s performance. Everyone expressed their appreciation for Cheng Xiaodong’s talent, and how he could be considered to be one of the top singers that has appeared on stage so far.

Su Xiaomei could care less about their evaluation as she grabbed Dong Yu’s hand and said, “That boy just went up, wait until you hear him sing!”

She had a charming smile on her face, like a fox that was just about to catch its prey.

Dong Yu replied, “What do you get out of it? Even if he doesn’t sing well, it doesn’t mean much for you.”

Su Xiaomei proudly said, “He provoked me, so i’m putting him in his place and letting him know his limits! Once he fails, he’ll understand his position and beg me to sign him!”

Dong Yu was left speechless.

Su Xiaomei actually set up a trap for Lu Chen, so that once he falls he’ll have no other choice but to crawl back to her.

She’s a real mastermind!

Quickly the craze caused by Cheng Xiaodong and his band subsided, and the 2,000 spectators were watching Lu Chen who had a guitar in his hand. There was no one else who came on stage with an acoustic guitar, so they were curious as to what he’d play.

Was Lu Chen going to sing a ballad or some love song?

Were those soft songs capable of being sang at this place?

How did he have such courage to stand in front of them and sing such a song?

Many of the spectators were disappointed at this sight, as their expectations were crushed.

Although most of the audience was calm, they would not say anything before they heard Lu Chen sing. The small whispers and booing of three or four people was already enough.

There was a shift in the atmosphere that put a lot of pressure on Lu Chen.

Ignoring the boos, Lu Chen started to speak into the microphone, “Good evening everyone, I am Lu Chen from Forgotten Worries bar. Today, i’ll sing you an original of mines. This is the first time i’m singing this in public.”

“It’s call, Spring!” 1

An Original song? Singing it for the first time?

The audience were confused at the words Lu Chen said.

Lu Chen didn’t say anything, but instead, he started playing the opening.

The moment he strung the string on the guitar, his gaze moved past the audience as if he was staring into an endless void.

Memories of Xu Bo emerged in Lu Chen’s mind.

A flame emerged from the void that brought forth life as a deep voice screamed out!

“I still remember the spring of many years ago,
At that time, I had not yet cut my long hair
I did not have credit cards, I did not have her,
I did not have a home with hot water running for 24 hours.
However, those times were my happiest
Although I only had a broken wooden guitar
On the streets, under the bridges, and in the fields,
Singing those forgotten songs no one cared about!

The melody at the start is soothing to the ear and tells people that this is a song about the past. It’s filled with emotions and nostalgia of the past, one that will never be forgotten.

Yet, when people heard it for the first time, they thought it was some sort of love song, but the rhythm of the song suddenly increased and the piano started to play!

“When there will be a day, when I become old and have no one to rely on,
Please keep me in that time period,
If there comes a time, when I leave quietly,
Please bury me in this spring!”


All of a sudden, emotions arose in the audience that was heartbreaking as if someone was bombarding them with memories of the past!

It really touches the soul!

But at the same time, the rhythm of the song returned to the previous melody.

“I still remember those lonesome spring days,
At that time, I had yet to grow a mustache,
No Valentine’s Day, no presents,
Did not have my cute little princess,
However, I felt everything was not bad,
Although I only had a fantasy about love,
In the early mornings, in the late nights, and in the wind
I sang those songs no one cared about!”


The people who were caught off guard suddenly woke up with excitement.

This was the first time anyone was hearing this song, but it caused a stir of emotions within the audience. There were many times good songs needed to be listened to multiple times before one could understand its true value.

But that wasn’t the case for ‘Spring’. It’s not complex in terms of melody or lyrics, so it’s easy to understand. That filled with the emotions and nostalgia contained within the song was very touching that no one could resist!

Everyone was impressed as they heard the song.

They were impressed not due to the sadness of the lyrics, but due to the loss of the soul. The string of emotions that was lost after, and the frustration that you’d never be able to return to the past era.

“Perhaps, there will be a day, when I become old and have no one to rely on,
Please keep me in that time period,
If there comes a time, when I leave quietly,
Please bury me in this spring!

In Spring~”

The audience were silent, and only Lu Chen’s song echoed in their hearts. The boos had long vanished, making those people believe what they thought before was laughable and ridiculous.

The people this song had the biggest impact on was not the crowd, but instead the artist that stood on the same stage as Lu Chen.

They came from the north and south, many of which came from the capital in pursuit of music. Each one eager to become famous, to be acknowledged and wanted to become the center of attention.

However, reality is much crueler.

Hearing Lu Chen’s, ‘Spring’ caused them to awaken to the reality of the situation, making them have an undeniable pain.

How could Lu Chen sing such a song?

He was so young, he’s just a newcomer, he…

Standing at the door backstage, Qin Hanyang and sister Na stood shoulder to shoulder and faces red. Sister Na’s eyes were filled with tears as she bit her lower lip with her white teeth.

The North Needle band were all silent, and Gan Lang looked as if he was petrified by magic.

He thought he was pathetic.

Cheng Xiaodong looked ugly as he stood on the side, not believing what he was hearing.

On the ground level of the Blue Lotus bar, singers and band members alike who were waiting to play looked towards the stage in worship.

They knew that they were witnessing the birth of a classic!

In the VIP section, everyone was silent as they listened to the song.

“If there comes a time, when I leave quietly,
Please bury me in this spring!


“In this sunny, bright and beautiful spring!”

  1. Spring –

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