Chapter 40 – Encore

The audience of 2,000 people were silent.

So silent, that everyone present would be able to hear a pin drop.

Yet, at the same time, there was an unspeakable emotion stirring within the crowd!

As Lu Chen put his guitar down, his vision returned to normal no longer staring into that void.

A person in the audience screamed out, “Thank you!”

Shortly followed by the sound of clapping. At first, it was not anything big, but the effect was intimate as everyone in the crowd started clapping loudly.

Staring at Lu Chen, they continued to clap with all their might.


No one knows who started it, but it quickly spread, causing everyone to yell out in the same rhythm.

“Encore!” “Encore!” “Encore!”

Thousands of arms were in the air along with countless people screaming out in unison causing an eruption of noise.

Those people who were calm couldn’t help but feel their body tingle and blood boil in excitement, causing them to join in yelling out, ‘Encore’ with all the others!

This scene was one that could only be seen at large scale music festivals, and the audience’s emotions reached the apex. There was another meaning behind this sudden chant, as they were letting the singer know they wanted them to sing another song.

It originally emerged when the famous Bluebird band sang a classic rock song called ‘Go’ in the United States. This caused the fans to scream out ‘Go’ with a passion until the band sang another song as they so desired.

As a result, when the wave spread to China fans changed the word ‘Go’ with something more suitable. Having the same meaning but sounding more powerful.

With the exception of a handful of dedicated fans, the rest of the audience were true lovers of music. Thus, it is difficult to get the highest form of recognition from them. There have only been a few cases of it happening in the past few years.

There was a huge disparity between the effect brought by Cheng Xiaodong and his band and Lu Chen. So much so, that the atmosphere Cheng Xiaodong brought out was nothing compared to what Lu Chen did!

They also want Lu Chen to sing his song, ‘Spring’ again.

There was nothing else they wanted to listen to!

The passionate chant swept through the audience and brought a strong impact to the VIP section of the Blue Lotus bar.

Besides the shock they had, each and every one of them were speechless.

Dong Yu stared at Lu Chen who stood on stage.

Dan Feng revealed a strange look as she looked at Lu Chen through her black-rimmed glasses and said, “It was a wonderful show…”

Su Xiaomei furrowed her eyebrows as she sat next to her. Her pretty face was blushing but she couldn’t find the words to say anything. She was just talking about her plan to make Lu Chen fail, but she wasn’t expecting these results.

At the same time, this was also a slap to her face!

By her calculations, Lu Chen should have been an easy prey and be swept up by her.

Dong Yu stopped messing with her as he said seriously, “You have good eyes, he’s a good catch and his contract should be handled by me.”

Su Xiaomei buried her head in the palms of her hands as she screamed lightly.

Dong Yu smiled at the sight.

At the adjacent table, Chang Wei’s boss was in a terrible mood.

Looking at Chen Jianhao who was just as shocked and surprised as the rest of them.

“Old Chen, you actually kept a gem buried beneath you, and kept it from me!”

Light Rain Media and Blue Lotus jointly organized the music carnival tonight. The purpose of the carnival was to showcase the North Needle band that Light Rain Media was going to sign.

The North Needle band and Gan Lang made tremendous preparations for tonight, even paying a lot of money to have a famous artist compose two songs for them. They’d make it big if everything went well for them tonight!

Lu Chen was just supposed to be a stepping stone for the North Needle band.

Who’d imagine that Lu Chen would sing an amazing original, causing a huge sensation?

It seems that the night belongs to him!

Although this has no direct effect on Chang Wei or Blue Lotus, it does bring great benefits, yet he feels slight regret.

There was a middle-aged man who heard Chang Wei’s compliant while he sat next to Chang Wei and Chen Jiahao. He shook his head and said, “This song…”

The middle-aged man is named Chen Ke. He’s an editor and music critic at ‘Beijing Pop Music’ magazine. His pen name ‘Jianghu Xiaoyao’ is very famous.

He’s participated in the Blue Lotus music carnival many times before as he had a good relationship with Chang Wei. He was also the one who evaluated the North Needle band’s new song.

However, he has to admit that those two songs and ‘Spring’ couldn’t even be compared!

Chen Ke couldn’t explain it, a person in their early 20’s shouldn’t be able to create a song so full of powerful emotions.

Yet, he couldn’t deny the facts placed in front of him. Not only did Lu Chen write ‘Spring’ he also sang it with pure emotion!

It’s truly unbelievable!

The reason he shook his head wasn’t because he was in denial, but due to the fact that his brain could not process what occurs.

Chen Jiahao said with a wry smile, “You’ve wronged me, boss, really! I’m innocent!”

Everyone couldn’t help but laugh, as this was a rare scene seeing the two joke around like this.

Lu Fei’s room on [Whale TV] was very active!

“Praise Lu Fei! His new song is so good!”

“Agreed, I almost felt like crying when I heard it.”

“The broadcasters heartaches, someone quickly tell me who the broadcasters little princess is, I promise I won’t cut her to death.”

“The song was so full of life, really worth listening to again!”

“Me too! I want to listen to it again, it was truly too good!”

“Hahaha, which one of you said Lu Fei was under a lot of pressure and he’d lose?”

“Encore!” “Encore!” “Encore!”

System Notification: Call me Li Bai (Silver III) gifts you 1 aircraft carrier!

System Notification: Call me Li Bai (Silver III) gifts you 1 aircraft carrier!

System Notification: Big Whale Brother (Golden VI) gifts you 1 aircraft carrier!

System Notification: No one will stop me (Silver IX) gifts you 1 aircraft carrier!


Seeing the screen being dominated by aircraft carriers, Li Feiyu couldn’t help but smile.

Earlier today, the people were sending in tons of fish balls. The total amount was more than 20T, which already exceeded the 5T he assured Lu Chen would receive.

Not only that, but the popularity of the broadcast room has exceeded 150,000 and it’s growing at a steady pace.

Little Lu’s classmates wanted to swiftly pick up their phone and call Lu Chen.

Sing two more songs!

“Encore!” “Encore!” “Encore!”

The audience chanted for more than a minute causing Lu Chen to be deeply touched by their actions. A light flashed through his eyes as he smiled.

“Thank you for your support…”

The chants quieted down and everyone carefully listened to what Lu Chen had to say next.

“I’m going to sing you another song I created. Just like before, it’ll also be the first time i’ve performed it in public!”

“What? Another original song?”

There was a look of astonishment on their faces as many people thought they misheard him.

Everyone assumed that Lu Chen would cater to their wishes and sing ‘Spring’ again so that they could all thoroughly enjoy it!

However, Lu Chen was actually going to sing a new song!

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