Chapter 41 – Meant for me!

The audience’s faces were filled with looks of surprise, shock, and doubts.

Lu Chen calmly smiled.

He said, “Before I start singing, please allow me to switch to a different guitar first.”

Lu Chen held his acoustic guitar in his hands as he turned and pointed towards Qin Hanyang who was backstage. “Brother Qin, can you lend me an electric guitar?”

“Wait a moment!”

Qin Hanyang yelled out as he went to fetch his own electric guitar.

Soon he went up the stairs and onto the stage.

His electric guitar is an American-made Fender. It had the best quality among similar brands but at the cost of a high price. Qin Hanyang always regarded this guitar as a treasure and never allowed others to use it.

But now, he didn’t hesitate to allow Lu Chen to use his electric guitar.

Lu Chen exchanged his guitar with Qin Hanyang’s as he said, “I’d like to introduce you all to Qin Hanyang! Brother Qin is the lead singer of the Wandering band!”

Qin Hanyang was suddenly caught off guard so he quickly waved to the audience, “Hello everyone!”

The audience responded with warm applause and whistle sounds.

Lu Chen smiled and said, “Thank you, brother Qin. Brother Qin will also perform on stage, so you’ll see him again.”

“I would also like to thank Blue Lotus bar, if it wasn’t for them who gave a lot of us singers the opportunity to perform then I would have never met him on such a wonderful night!”

“The name of this next song is called Blue Lotus. I named it after Blue Lotus bar that gives all those who pursue their dreams hope!”

As soon as Lu Chen’s voice fell, he raised his head and looked ahead his eyes full of confidence!

“Nothing can stop…”

At the same time Lu Chen sang the first line, he strung the strings of the guitar.

The sound was not intense, but it was powerful and instantly rushed into everyone’s ears.

“Your desire for freedom,
The kind of life where horses can fly across the sky,
Your heart isn’t bound to anything!
Living through the dark years,
Also felt uncertain sometimes
The moment you look downward,
Only to discover the road beneath your feet,
The free world in your heart,
So clean and far,
Blossoming and never withering,
Blue Lotus!”

The song was already completely different from ‘Spring’, as it had no sad feelings nor love from the past. There was no passion boiling inside the hearts of the people, instead, it felt like they were brought to an endless plateau.

A place with a clear blue sky, that was able to cleanse their mind and think freely.

They could enjoy the beauty, the quietness and the sound of the song sounded loudly within their mind.

“Your desire for freedom,
The kind of life where horses can fly across the sky,
Your heart isn’t bound to anything!
Living through the dark years,
Also felt uncertain sometimes
The moment you look downward,
Only to discover the road beneath your feet,
The free world in your heart,
So clean and far,
Blossoming and never withering,
Blue Lotus!”

The audience listened quietly as they bathed in the warmth of the sunlight. Countless memories of all the good times they had emerged in their head.

There was no deep meaning to the lyrics of ‘Blue Lotus’.

The melody did not have a climax, there were no ups and downs in the pace of the song, but it still did not lose out to ‘Spring’. This song… it cleansed the mind!

The entire audience was quiet, like everyone here was a sculpture. No one spoke or clapped, they only listened unmoving.

Until the song ended.

Chang Wei woke up from his dream-like state suddenly and grabbed Chen Jianhao’s arm as he spoke in an authoritative tone, “Old Chen, I want this song, no one will take it away from me!”

Chen Jiahao felt his arm hurt, but he smiled bitterly and said, “Boss Chang, you have to talk to Little Lu about that.”

Chen Jianhao understood the excitement Chang Wei felt.

A good song isn’t something that can just be produced on demand, especially if it were to become a classic that would be sung for a long time. Chang Wei ’s not looking to be famous by acquiring this song, but he wants it for his bar as it was a priceless treasure!

Imagine a band singing ‘Blue Lotus’ inside Blue Lotus bar, the scene could be seen clearly…

Chen Jianhao felt a bit of jealousy.

Lu Chen actually wrote ‘Blue Lotus’ for Blue Lotus bar. So when didn’t he write ‘Forgotten Worries’ for him?

Chang Wei smiled as he let go of his arm.

“You’re his boss and he’ll listen to you. I say again, this song was meant for my bar.”

Chen Jianhao shook his head, “He also said everyone… in fact Little Lu…”

“Is short on money, as long as you are willing to spend some cash… Well, don’t tell others, he has a stubborn personality!”

The meaning behind Chen Jianhao’s words were clear. As long as he was willing to spend some money, then he can have his song. If he wasn’t willing, then there’s nothing more he could say.

Chang Wei thought for a moment as he reached out to a wait, “Go backstage and bring me Lu Chen’s teacher as I have something to discuss with him.”

The waiter replied, “Alright boss, i’ll go!”

“Remember to be polite!”

“Encore!” Encore!” “Encore!”

The chanting once again started to resound. They were addicted to Lu Chen’s songs, they needed him to sing again!

Only they couldn’t retain Lu Chen this time around.

Bowing to the audience, Lu Chen said, “Thank you, thank you!”

Even as he walked off the stage, the chanting still did not stop.

The audience clapped louder than before, but felt sort of helpless.

Both of Lu Chen’s songs were perfect. ‘Spring’ and ‘Blue Lotus’ both captured the hearts of the audience tonight. None of the other singers or bands could match him.

The band that was behind Lu Chen, was the North Needle band one of the groups that Light Rain Media was interested in!

Gan Lang, the lead singer of the band felt as if he would suffer if he went up on stage now. How could he compete with Lu Chen’s two original songs? However, Lu Chen did not know what he was currently going through.

Originally, he and his band were full of confidence, thinking that Lu Chen would be the trampled on by Cheng Xiaodong. Now, he wasn’t even sure if he would be signed if he went up on stage now.

When Lu Chen first played, ‘Spring’ it already crushed his confidence. Then, when Lu Chen sung ‘Blue Lotus’ it caused him to lose all his courage.

He can’t compare to Lu Chen, he doesn’t want to be compared to Lu Chen!

He feels ashamed, earlier he was telling Lu Chen that he shouldn’t think about winning!

Now that he thought about it, his face turned gravely pale.

Gan Lang looked at Qin Hanyang and sister Na and said, “Brother Qin, sister Na, one of you can go up next, I… I have other matters to attend to!”

Not giving them enough time to answer, Gan Lang turned around and walked away not even saying anything to his band members!

His band members were shocked!

Qin Hanyang and sister Na faced each other.

Both of them knew that Gan Lang was affected by Lu Chen’s two songs, that he was mentally crushed. It was good for him to give up in his current state, otherwise, it’d effect his singing.

Neither Qin Hanyang nor sister na knew what to say.

Gan Lang had either bad luck, or his opponent was too strong!

But who could have known in advance?

“Brother Qin, sister Na!”

Lu Chen returned backstage not knowing what happened and asked curiously, “What are you two talking about?”

Sister Na hugged Lu Chen and laughed.

“Little Lu, congratulations!”

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