Chapter 42 – Chang Wei’s Invitation

“You are going to be famous!”

Sister Na said with certainty, “100% guaranteed ”

Qin Hanyang, who stood next to her, nodded his head in agreement with sister Na.

‘You who sat next to me’, ‘Cinderella’, ‘Spring’ and ‘Blue Lotus’, four original songs. There was no reason why Lu Chen wouldn’t be famous, with his amazing talent, plus his singing and his handsome appearance!

Not to mention, if he were to add in the song he wrote for sister Na, then that would be five originals, each one qualified to be a classic!

Smiling, Lu Chen said, “Thank you, sister Na!”

He was not too optimistic about being famous.

Lu Chen looked up information about entertainment during the time he was also writing his songs. It didn’t matter if it was insider information, or public information, he looked through it all, trying to deepen his understanding of the industry.

It is not that easy to become famous in today’s time, as there have been many changes in the past 10 years.

Former musicians, when they have one successful work, can rely on it to become famous globally, and can sustain themselves for a few years.

In this century, there was the development and rise of the internet, giving people a chance to broaden their horizons. Not to mention people also demanded for audio-visuals as well.

If a traditional singer wants to make a name for themselves and become famous, they’ll have to have a lot of promotions. At the same time, those online singers continue to rise with the advantage of different media.

As long as it is a good song, it can quickly become popular through viral means, even if it isn’t directly selling albums. By relying on methods such as creating a ringtone, or digital downloads, etc., you can also make a profit.

Therefore, to gain fame and popularity, the difficulty has drastically increased. Not only do you need to be handsome, be original and sing well, you also need to stand out from all the others, but most importantly, you need a lot of publicity and hype.

In order for some people to become famous, they’ve used all sorts of methods. This caused the industry to be looked down upon, causing many talented individuals to be stuck at the bottom rather than climbing to the top.

If Lu Chen want to become a star in the limelight by relying on his original songs, then the best way for him to do so is to sign a contract with a company. His songs will be promoted by professionals, therefore taking the fastest route to stardom.

But, that’s not what Lu Chen wants. He wants his freedom, and nothing can stop that!

As for his future, Lu Chen already has a general idea.


Naturally, Lu Chen would not say what he was thinking about. He looked around backstage and asked in confusion, “Where is Gan Lang?”

After his performance ended, it’s time for Gan Lang and his band to go play, Lu Chen wasn’t actually trying to slap him in the face.

Yet, Gan Lang already gave up and left, leaving his band members disappointed!

Qin Hanyang coughed twice as he said, “Brother Gan had something to do, Sister Na let’s go play!”

If no one goes up to play, the music carnival would be interrupted.

Lu Chen understood that he didn’t want to continue this topic, and said, “Then I’ll stay here and cheer for sister Na!”

Sister Na said, “I’m not singing the new song tonight.”

Her reason and Gan Lang’s reason for not singing their original songs were completely different. The latter was discouraged by Lu Chen, but she didn’t want to take any attention away from Lu Chen.

Outside, one could still hear the encore chants going on.

Tonight, Lu Chen should be the sole star!

Qin Hanyang understood her intentions and said, “Then let’s sing two older songs!”

Two members of the wandering band appeared.

Lu Chen stood at the backstage door, just like how sister Na and Qin Hanyang did before, waiting to enjoy their performance.

Although Lu Chen worked at Forgotten Worries bar for more than half a year, he has never seen the two of them sing a song together. It is because when they perform, he has finished his work and on the way home.

“Are you Lu Chen?”

A waiter rushed over and politely asked Lu Chen.

Lu Chen nodded his head and said, “I am. Is there something you need?”

The waiter revealed a relieved smile as he said respectfully, “My boss invites you to the VIP section, he has important things to discuss with you. However, I’m not sure if now is convenient for you?”

Sure enough, here it is!

Lu Chen knows that Chang Wei wants to talk to him about past events. Thinking it over for a second, he said, “It’s a bit inconvenient right now. After Brother Qin and Sister Na’s performance is over, I’ll go over immediately. Tell your boss I apologize for now.”

Lu Chen didn’t deliberately stall, it was just that Qin Hanyang and sister Na came forward and supported him. Now that it was their turn to perform on stage, he would express his gratitude towards them no matter what!

Also, Chang Wei would undoubtedly take the initiative when the negotiations began.

Compared to Chang Wei, Lu Chen is the weaker party.

When Lu Chen told the waiter his answer, the waiter couldn’t believe Lu Chen was delaying his boss.

In Houhai music circle, there is no one who doesn’t know Blue Lotus’ boss. If a big boss like Chang Wei wanted to greet Lu Chen, how could a small singer like him run away?

The waiter secretly cursed in his heart, a matter like this was a slap in the face to Chang Wei. Hesitating a second, he said, “I will go and report this back to the boss.”

Lu Chen nodded before he turned his attention back to the stage.

The first song that Sister Na and Qin Hanyang’s band performed was ‘Never Look Down’ by Jennifer from the United States. The song was a big hit, that it became a theme song in a Hollywood blockbuster.

‘Never Look Down’ is familiar to everyone, and although sister Na’s cover couldn’t be considered perfect, with a wide range of vocals and skill, she sung well.

There are a lot of people that stood in the audience who knew how good a song was, and at the climax of sister Na’s singing, they clapped their hands!

The vast amount of cheers calmed down when Lu Chen walked off the stage, but now it rose up again.

The second song that sister Na and Qin Hanyang sung was called, ‘Little Lovers’. It was a song that just recently became popular, and the love expressed in the lyrics could be heard clear as day, causing people to smile and burst in loud cheers.

The final song that they covered was called, ‘City Sky’ , in which Qin Hanyang, as the lead vocalist, and using his unique and powerful voice, he caused the audience to scream out!

Although Lu Chen stole the show tonight, the two of them still gained the love and recognition of more than 2,000 spectators on the spot with their outstanding performance.

The audience applauded for half a minute.

Lu Chen who was backstage also clapped hard and loud while he cheered for them. When the two returned backstage, he gave them congratulations and warm hugs.

Sister Na smiled, “Today’s really a good day!”

Although her appearance was ordinary, could even be considered a bit ugly, but at this moment the smile on her face caused Lu Chen’s heart to move.

Qin Hanyang also felt excited, “I haven’t performed in front of such a large crowd, it feels so good!”

Singing at the bar, there was no more than a few hundred customers, but this was 2,000 people. The experience was completely different, and standing on a large stage would cause one’s adrenaline to rush.

Fortunately, both of them did fine in front of the crowd.

“Brother Qin, sister Na, Lu Chen!”

The waiter appeared again and spoke, “My boss ask for the three of you.”

His demeanor is very respectful, and more polite than before.

Qin Hanyang and sister Na did not know what happened before, therefore they were surprised and look at each other.

They don’t understand why Chang Wei asked them to go together with Lu Chen.

Lu Chen was moved, he said, “Brother Qin, sister Na, since boss Chang has already requested for us, then let’s go together!”


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