Chapter 43 – Legend

“Little Lu has talent!” An editor said.

“Little brother Lu is good!” A bar owner added.

“Little Lu is handsome!” A female radio host also joined in.

“Little Lu…”

In the Vip section in Blue Lotus bar, everyone was fawning over Lu Chen.

Lu Chen was able to meet many people in the music industry thanks to Chang Wei and Chen Jianhao’s introduction. Each of them were invited by Light Rain Media and Blue Lotus and had their own reputation in the music industry.

All of them expressed considerable appreciation and friendliness to Lu Chen, regardless if they meant it or not.

There were very few newcomers in the music industry that would be able to get this treatment!

Lu Chen’s performance was impressive, but his calm composure secretly surprised Chang Wei.

Chang Wei learned from Chen Jianhao that Lu Chen’s family wasn’t well off, and now that he paid attention to Lu Chen’s performance he could tell that he wasn’t like other people. His temperament was much better, that was something that couldn’t be hidden.

In the music industry, Chang Wei had a sharp pair of eyes, but when he looked at Lu Chen he couldn’t see the depth of him, which makes him worry slightly about the negotiations.

“This is Dong Yu, the general manager of Light Rain Media!”

The last one to be introduced to Lu Chen was a woman wearing a Prada summer dress. Her looks along with the black-rimmed glasses she wore caused Lu Chen to recall something.

“Hello, Director Dong.”

Lu Chen shook her hand gently as he politely said, “Thank you!”

Dong Yu looked at Lu Chen standing in front of her with interest and smiled gently, “You’re welcome.”

Lu Chen thanked Light Rain Media for contributing to the music carnival, which gave him a chance to stand on stage and sing his songs in front of thousands.

From the corner of his eye, he could see Su Xiaomei who was sitting not too far away pretending to be indifferent.

Chang Wei said in a timely manner, “We’ll talk inside.”

The performances were still ongoing, and due to the noise, it wasn’t an environment suitable to conduct business.

They sat at the largest wine table. In addition to Lu Chen, there was also Dong Yu, Chang Wei, Chen Jianhao, Gan Kai, Qin Hanyang, sister Na, and Su Xiaomei.

Qin Hanyang and sister Na knew clearly that if they weren’t under Lu Chen’s limelight then they weren’t qualified to be sitting here. Therefore, they would drink their cocktails slowly.

When the wine arrived, Chang Wei was the first to act as he asked, “Me and Ms. Dong are interested in your two original songs you sang tonight Lu Chen, are you willing to sell the copyrights?”

Lu Chen was calm on the surface as he didn’t want to show how eager he was.

Chang Wei was very straightforward!

Lu Chen blinked and smiled, “Since you and Ms. Dong like it, I am willing to talk. How much are you two willing to buy the copyrights for?”

Chang Wei and Dong Yu looked at each other and same the same glimmer in each other’s eyes.

Lu Chen is not like a normal newcomer who knew nothing, he was able to talk calmly.

Dong Yu thought about it for a moment as she raised her two long white fingers and said, “Two songs for 200,000!”

One hundred thousand for one song, this could be fair treatment even for famous people.

Dong Yu originally was not going to give out such a high price, but due to Lu Chen’s attitude, she changed her mind.

For a newcomer, this was not only a benefit, but it could also increase their strength.

As long as Lu Chen signs the copyright transfer contract, he would have a shot at becoming famous.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that this was a step towards the sky!

However, Lu Chen didn’t reveal a hint of excitement, the price was already within his expectations and his expression caused Dong Yu to worry.

The atmosphere between them became a bit tense.

After a while, Lu Chen said, “Blue Lotus for 200,000, and all the copyrights except authorship can be transferred!”

200,000 yaun!

Lu Chen actually doubled the price!


Su Xiaomei who was sitting next to Dong Yu couldn’t stand it anymore and said, “Are you Xuan Tingyi?”

In the music industry, Xuan Tingyi is a big shot. He’s a high-end songwriter who has produced albums for many singers and created a lot of classic works over the years.

With 200,000 yuan you might not be able to get a song from him, but you’d be able to start a good relationship with him.

When Su Xiaomei looked at Lu Chen, he wasn’t very pleasing to her eye. He asked for 200,000 yuan right off the back, who did he think he was? She was just giving him face when they offered 100,000 yuan!

Was it easy to bully him?

Lu Chen laughed and said nothing as if he did not hear the roars of Su Xiaomei.

It doesn’t matter if it was ‘Blue Lotus’ or ‘Spring’ when he sang those songs tonight he was already ready to sell them.

Lu Chen is very short on money, very short, there is a large mountain of debt weighing on the shoulders of him and his family, causing one to be unable to breathe.

He wants to make his mother and sister be able to live a happy life. Undoubtedly, this is the fastest and most convenient way to make money.

However, how to go about selling it is difficult. If Lu Chen goes to someone else or a different company with his music, the results will be different. They may purchase it, but not at the price he was given or the price he asked for.

Lu Chen wasn’t dumb.

He needed to showcase the value of his work to everyone first, only then would they want to buy it.

If they wanted to buy it, then they’d have to bid on it!

They were dreaming if they thought he’d sell it to them for cheap!

Even if Light Rain Media doesn’t buy his songs, then there will be other people tempted to purchase it.

For example, Gan Kai who sat next to Chan Wei had a very tempted look on his face.

Lu Chen didn’t know that the lead singer of the North Needle band was trampled on by himself and lost all his courage to go on stage, but he believed that the other party would be willing to buy his song.

As for Chang Wei, ‘Blue Lotus’ fit Blue Lotus bar, therefore he’d buy!

Dong Yu reached and patted Su Xiaomei lightly and asked, “Then what about the other song? Did you make it for yourself?”

In her opinion, ‘Spring’ has more value than ‘Blue Lotus’.


Lu Chen shook his head and said, “Spring is much more suited for Brother Qin’s band than me, therefore, i’ll sell it to my own boss.”

He smiled and looked at Chen Jianhao, who had a look of astonishment.


Qin Hanyang never imagined in a million years would Lu Chen sell ‘Spring’ to Forgotten Worries bar so he could sing it!

He was so stunned he choked on the alcohol in his mouth, when he face suddenly turned red.

Chen Jianhao who was silent for a while suddenly spoke up, “I’ll buy it!”

If such an opportunity is missed, he’d no longer hang out in Houhai!

There’s no need to talk about the price.

‘Spring’ was now sold, so the pressure on Dong Yu and Chang Wei suddenly increased, even Gan Kai felt a bit tense.

Su Xiaomei stared at Lu Chen and asked, “Since this song was not made for you, how did you write it?”

Although she was a bit aggressive, it was a question that many people wanted to ask.

‘Spring’ was not a song that a young man could create, there was not enough experience in a young person’s life. How would they be able to compose a song that had such life?

The lyrics also did not match with Lu Chen.

However, this song was an original, and if Lu Chen dared to take it out and sell it at a high price he must hold the copyright.

Everyone’s eyes were focused on him.

Lu Chen smiled slightly, “Not long ago, I met a wandering singer. He went from place to place…”

“He’s strong but embarrassed..”

“He taught me a lot and told me many things…”

“He is my teacher!”

Once they heard Lu Chen’s story, everyone was silent.

After a while, Dong Yu asked, “Can you tell me his name?”

“Xu Bo…”

Lu Chen confidently said, “His name is Xu Bo!”

Although he couldn’t tell people the truth, he could make his name become a legend!

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