Chapter 45 – Money

Saturday, May 200, 2015 Lu Chen had a strange dream.

That night, he sang in front of more than 2,000 people and won over the audience.

That night was also the night he earned the most money in his entire life, from selling one of his songs for 200,000 yuan.

That same night, he also got a 5% share of Forgotten Worries bar, and turned from a lowly worker to a shareholder!

As he signed his name on the shares transfer contract, he was filled with gratitude.

He was grateful for the three life experiences contained in his mind, he’s grateful to Xu Bo, Mo Ran and Fang Mingyi.

Lu Chen didn’t know if the world in his dream was real or not, but he did know he was extremely lucky!

When he came out of the VIP area of the Blue Lotus bar, the performances on stage were coming to an end.

Li Feiyu who was still hosting the live broadcast almost burst into tears when he saw Lu Chen.


Pointing at the computer screen, his eyes were filled with various emotions causing Lu Chen to have goosebumps.

See what?

I’ll just look closer!

Looking at the screen, Lu Chen saw that his broadcast room exceeded 300,000!

300,000+ popularity!

Lu Chen was surprised and excited as if he stumbled upon a gold mine.

For a live broadcast, the popularity is important data. It’s not easy to have fake fans or dummy accounts. The website helps to weed out those accounts so the number reflected on the screen would always show the true number of fans the broadcaster has.

For Lu Fei’s broadcasting room, it’s always been growing at a rapid rate. It was originally just a little more than 100,000, but now two hours later it has over 300,000. The growth was a tad bit ridiculous.

After all, the time he spent with [Whale TV] has not been long and the amount of Fish Balls he’s received has not been a lot.

Now the amount of Fish Ball’s he has received reached over 170,000!

“What’s up?”

Lu Chen couldn’t help but say, “To be honest, I did not think it would reach this high!”

Li Feiyu laughed, “We quickly made it to the hot section on the homepage!”

[Whale TV] has a list on the homepage with recommended live shows and broadcasters. Being on one of the names on that list was a quick shot to popularity, which caused it to be hard to get on.

The list is based on the popularity of the live broadcast, how many people are viewing and the number of rewards sent. Using this formula the list is constantly being updated.

The list had a total of twelve spots, and since it was on the homepage it was very eye-catching. Once a person landed on the list, they were guaranteed to gain more popularity!

When Lu Chen sang on stage his room’s popularity soared, granting him a position at the bottom of the list.

As a new broadcaster for [Whale TV], it was really a miracle for Lu Chen, considering he was not even the person hosting the broadcast.

Li Feiyu proudly said, “Long Live the Lu Army!”

The Lu Army constantly sent Lu Chen fish balls, and at the center of attention was Li Bai who sent 15T worth of fish balls.

Since the start of the live broadcast, the camera has been focused on the stage but the microphone picks up on everything in the surroundings.

Therefore, the conversation between the two of them was heard by the people watching the live broadcast.

“The broadcaster, is the broadcaster back?”

“I heard the voice of the broadcaster, there is no mistaking it, it’s Lu Fei!”

“Long live the Lu Army!”

“Broadcaster is so famous now, come and show your face.”

“The broadcaster is really handsome.”

“The performance done by the broadcaster was great, I really want to hear him sing those two songs again!”

“Sing again!”

“Sing again!”


When Lu Chen adjusted the camera, he saw the comments

Waving his hand at the camera he said, “Hello everyone, I am your broadcaster Lu Fei. I hope you liked my song and the performances at the music carnival tonight!

“I am also grateful towards everyone for all their support, thank you very much!”

As his voice fell, the screen was instantly filled with comments followed by numerous fish balls.

“The music carnival was great, I wish I was there in person!”

“Take the fish balls, there is no need to give your thanks.”

“I would just like to hear you sing again.”

“I would also like that…”

System prompt: Call me Li Bai (Silver IV) gifts you an aircraft carrier!

System prompt: Whale Big Brother (Gold VI) gifts you an aircraft carrier!

With two aircraft carriers emerging, the room was filled with celebratory lights to congratulate Lu Chen on his success.

When Lu Chen looked, he saw that the number of fish balls and aircraft carriers added together was more than 40T!

It’s really something special to have a spot on the popular section!

He expressed his gratitude to the two richies while being very sincere.

The live broadcast ended at 11pm.

The live broadcast in a true sense brought Lu Chen’s broadcasting room a lot of popularity. By the end of the day, his rooms popularity reached over 350,000 and the amount of rewards he received was over 180,000. There was a total of 45T worth of rewards!

After taking out the tax, he calculated that he gained nearly 30,000 yaun.

Together with the rewards from his previous broadcast, it was around 50,000 yaun!

With a 50,000 yaun signing fee from [Whale TV] along with the 50,000 from his broadcast, that was already 100,000 yaun! If he added on the amount of money he gained from selling his song, then that was an extra 200,000 yaun, coming out to a total of 300,000!

If this was the past him, he’d need to work for four or five years to achieve this much. But now, in less than half a month he already earned so much.

Lu Chen shut his computer and stood up, “Tonight eating spicy crayfish will be good enough!”

“Three servings!”

Li Feiyu showed three fingers proudly, “I must have at least three servings!”

Lu Chen laughed, “As long as you’re able to eat it, even thirty servings are not a problem!”

Suddenly, a song emerged in his mind.

“I make money and I don’t know how to spend it!

My left-hand buys a Nokia my right-hand buys a Motorola,

I make a lot of moves I have to change my phone number

I finished driving my Mercedes-Benz now it’s time to buy a BMW.

I make money and I don’t know…”

Stop, stop it!”

Lu Chen quickly dispelled the thoughts in his mind.

On the streets in Houhai, there were various vendors and food stalls. It was one of the best features about this place, and although it is almost midnight, the streets were still bustling with people.

The lobster in Jiaji is very famous, and when Lu Chen and Li Feiyu entered the restaurant was almost filled.

The two were very fortunate enough to grab two seats in the corner.

They ordered various types of crayfish along with two cold beers. Neither of the two of them talked senselessly.

After finishing two servings of lobsters and downing two things of beer, Li Feiyu said, “Brother Chen, your broadcasting room can support your living expenses, don’t you think it’s time for you to move out of the basement?”

Lu Chen nodded, “I was also considering moving into a small apartment, maybe sharing it with you.”

The basement was really a bit too plain and small. There was no air conditioning during the summer and no heat during the winter. Not to mention there was not much privacy. If he were to do any live broadcast during the night, he’d disturb his neighbors.

With his lease expiring this month, even without Li Feiyu speaking up Lu Chen already had thoughts of moving.

“Decorations will cost a lot, and the rental period should also be accounted for…”

Li Feiyu shook his head, “Don’t worry about it, there is a single apartment sister Xiaomei wants to rent out. It’s in a good location and has a decent environment, are you interested?”

“Since it’s sister Xiaomei, I must go and take a look!”


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