Chapter 46 – New house

On Sunday morning, while people were still dreaming Lu Chen woke up early to start his morning workout.

He sweated hard after two hours of working out, after which he had a hearty breakfast to fill his stomach. He finished around the same time the banks were opening up.

Lu Chen transferred 300,000 yuan out of his account into another account he was familiar with.

As he stepped out of the bank his phone started to ring.

He quickly answered the phone, “Mom, I was just about to call you!”

A voice that was all too familiar to him came from the other end of the phone, “Little Lu, is this money real? Where did you get so much money from?”

There was anxiety and worries mixed in within her voice.

Lu Chen confidently replied, “I earned it of course!”

The person on the other end was none other than his mother Fang Wei.

Fang Wei worked as an accountant for Binhai City Taxation Bureau of Shandong Province. After Lu Chen fathers died, she had to become strong enough to become the pillar of the family.

Lu Chen ran to Beijing to work, and every month he would deposit some money into his mother’s bank account. Although the money was never a lot, it all helped to get rid of the debt they were in.

The people they owed money to from were all of Lu Qinsheng’s relatives, friends and some of his classmates. Many of whom had to borrow money out of their life savings or trust to help. If she couldn’t repay this debt, then she’d always feel guilty.

When Lu Qingsheng passed away he left behind a large debt that was difficult to repay.

Lu Chen had so many emotions rushing through his body at that time, but he eventually overcame them.

Fang Wei responded quickly, “Tell the truth child!”

Fang Wei has been worried about Lu Chen, its almost been a year since he left university to work in Beijing. During the New Year he didn’t even go home, so she was constantly worried.

Now all of a sudden he gave her 300,000 yuan. Her first reaction when she saw the amount was not joy, but fear. She was scared of what Lu Chen had to do to get this money.

If he didn’t do anything bad, how else would he earn 300,000?

Lu Chen said, “Mom when you open the picture I sent you’ll understand.”

Yesterday, he already expected something like this to happen. Therefore, after the contract was signed with Light Rain Media and Chen Jianhao Lu Chen took a picture with his mobile phone. Then he sent it to his mother.

After 5 more minutes, Fang Wei finally believed that her son did not commit any crimes.

Lu Chen earned so much money by writing songs and singing, he also had a stake in a bar!

She was proud of him, “When are you coming home?”

Lu Chen thought about it, “I should be back early June to attend the graduation ceremony…”

“Tell my sister she shouldn’t worry about working, instead let her focus on the December exams!”

Lu Xi’s academic grades have always been good. She could easily go into a good university after graduation, however, due to the sudden change in her family situation she had to give up on studying.

Lu Chen knew that his sister’s dream was to become a doctor. He believed she had to ability to reach her dreams. “There is no need for her to worry about our families debt, in three years it’ll be gone!”

Lu Chen was confident in his words when he spoke.

His mother was not too optimistic in his words, “I’ll try, but you know her temper, she’s just like your dad!”

Lu Chen replied quickly, “Then let her come to Beijing!”

Lu Chen is all set to develop himself in Beijing for a long time.

If there was one of his loved ones around, it would be even better.

After his call ended with his mother, Lu Chen returned to the basement.

Li Feiyu was already up standing at his room door with a phone in hand. As soon as he saw Lu Chen he yelled, “I was just about to call you, Xiaomei is waiting at Guangyuan Building!”

“Let me change clothes real quick then we can leave!”

Lu Chen rushed into his house and changed into a clean set of clothes. It was a basic T-shirt and jeans. He followed Li Feiyu and went to meet Xiaomei.

Guangyuan building was less than 5 minutes away from where Lu Chen was currently living. At the entrance to the building was Xiaomei. He’s seen photos of her before, but this was his first time seeing her in person.

Xiaomei is a young beautiful petite woman, the only thing that Lu Chen didn’t like was that she wore a lot of makeup.

She wore a white short skirt and blouse as she had her hands on her hips. In her hand was a phone.

“Sorry, sorry!”

Li Feiyu apologized repeatedly, “I’m so embarrassed to keep two beautiful women waiting!”

Xiaomei rolled her eyes and snorted, her facial expression clearly said, ‘I’m unhappy’.

However, her little sister seemed to be a bit more understanding as she played around the matter. “It doesn’t matter, we just arrived ourselves. Is this the guy who plans on renting the house?”

Her eyes were locked onto Lu Chen, and a hint of curiosity filled them.


Li Feiyu quickly nodded as he introduced Lu Chen. “This is my good friend Lu Chen. Little Lu I will introduce you, this here is Chen Xiaomei and her little sister Zhang Ying.”

Lu Chen smiled, “I have long awaited the chance to meet sister Xiaomei. Today I finally had the chance to gaze upon you in person!”

Handsome guys were really charming, especially guys like Lu Chen who were tall. When he smiles it has a certain charm to it, making someone else feel really good.

Sister Xiaomei had a good impression of him as she smiled, I know about you, Li Feiyu has told me some things.”

“Brother Li is a good person, isn’t he? How about we take a look at the house first?”

The house was located in Jicheng, a few hundred meters away from the building they were currently at.

The size of Jincheng was not too large. It had 9 independent small high-rise buildings. The property management is also strict, as visitors are required to register in and out.

The surroundings are even better as the next district over is the business district, just a few minutes away from the nearest subway station.

Zhang Ying’s apartment is a standard single, with a single bedroom and kitchen. It’s about 35 square meters, and furnished.

From the sight, Lu Chen couldn’t pick out anything wrong with the place.

This apartment was rented out by Zhang Ying two years ago. She signed a 5-year contract and spent money to renovate it. The place was equipped with a set of home appliances and furniture.

She works in a cosmetic company in the capital, and with the competition being so fierce here in Beijing she is going back home to open up a store. Therefore, her renting this place out was not a problem.

The cost of breaking the contract was too high, so renting it out to someone else was undoubtedly the better choice. However, she couldn’t just find anyone to live here, because some people would cause trouble. In order to avoid that, Zhang Ying sent out a message to her friends, and the result was as followed, she found Lu Chen.

As for the rental price, Zhang Ying wasn’t too hard on Lu Chen, “Considering your friendship with brother Li, you only need to pay me 5,000 yuan a month. Everything in this place is free for you to use. You’ll need to pay for the apartment fees yourself though!

Living in the capital is not easy. The price for homes in the capital is the highest in the country.

Lu Chen thought about it and said, “Four thousand and I’ll sign for three years.”

He wants to sign for the remaining three years on Zhang Ying’s contract, so the price should be discussed.

Zhang Ying is willing to sign it over, but she’s a smart woman who does business. It’s impossible for Lu Chen to give her a price.

Both sides finally came to a bargain and finalized the price at 4500 yuan a month. Zhang Ying walked over to her computer and wrote up a contract for her and Lu Chen.

Both Lu Chen and Zhang Ying were satisfied with the contract and quickly printed it. They wasted no time and signed it on the spot.

Lu Chen wasted no time as he rented out a new house causing his pockets to be empty.

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