Chapter 8 – Internet Broadcast Popularity

Lu Chen’s hometown is in Binhai City, which has a beautiful seaside.

His father, Lu Qinsheng started his company in his early years. When Lu Chen was in elementary school he was already a well-known entrepreneur in Binhai. Although Lu Chen could not say that he grew up with a golden spoon, he could barely be counted as a rich man.

However, there were a few unexpected events. In the second year of Lu Chen’s attendance at Nanjing University, due to an international financial crisis outbreak, the operation of local foreign trade enterprises in Binhai was affected. Lu Qingsheng’s company suffered a major loss and nearly went bankrupt.

Large sums of money weren’t recovered, banks and suppliers closed one after another which finally lead to his chain of funds being broken!

The company’s assets were liquidated, their own villa was auctioned, and their car was towed away.

Lu Qingsheng did his best to survive, however, his efforts were fruitless. The mental and physical strain caused him to fall gravely ill, and he died soon after. Leaving behind his wife Fang Yi, and their three children, Lu Xi, Lu Chen and Lu Xue.

Lu Chen’s life went through a major change, from being a wealthy family that everyone admired to becoming a broke family. Even his girlfriend abandoned him and left, in the end he wasn’t left with much of a choice. He needed to work to survive.

Ever since losing the pillar that supported their family, his mother Fang Yi, a gentle, kind and strong woman bravely stood up and shouldered all the responsibilities.

Fang Yi sold all the family’s assets including his own jewels and moved into a rental house with his children. She signed a repayment agreement with creditors and started to work hard in her new life.

After the initial pain and failure, Lu Chen did not succumb to depression. In order to help his family pay off the huge debt, he applied for work at the beginning of his fourth year in university. With his 800 yuan savings, he traveled alone to Beijing for better work.

Up until now…

As the water flowed down, the water cleansed Lu Chen’s body and splashed down the floor tiles.

It seemed to be etched into his heart, as memories surfaced one after another asthoughh they were trying to take over his mind!

“You said, that I cry like a child.”

“That you don’t love me anymore!”

Suddenly, a ghost-like scream pierced through the walls, and the scream rushed into Lu Chen’s ear.

What the hell!

He was so scared that he couldn’t help but turn off the faucet and wiped the water off his body with a bath towel.

The person next door continued to sing causing him to almost burst into tears.

Compared to the sadness he felt when remembering the past, he felt a lot better.

After combing his hair, Lu Chen put on clean clothes and ran next door.

He knocked on the door but no one answered, however, due to the door not being closed all the way it caused the scream to still come out.

“Brother Li, what are you doing?”

Lu Chen simply pushed open the door and shouted, “You’re under arrest for noise disturbance!”

This was Li Feiyu’s room, the 4S car salesman, he and Lu Chen had a good relationship.

Lu Chen knows that Li Feiyu likes pop music and he often sings with his tone-deaf voice, but he never felt this ‘excitement’ from him – he simply didn’t want to let other people live.

Letting him continue to sing would cause the other tenants to come to protest.

The scene that appeared in front of him caused Lu Chen to be stunned.

Although it is the same large basement like his own, Li Feiyu’s room was undoubtedly much more luxurious than Lu Chen’s. The floor was covered with laminate floors, the walls were covered with posters, his bed and furniture also looked new. There was even a small refrigerator in the corner.

Lu Chen saw Li Feiyu seated at his computer desk singing with a headset on in front of a microphone.

The 24-inch LCD screen showed the live image captured by the camera and several rows of subtitles.

What is he doing?

Lu Chen was curious and walked over and reached Li Feiyu’s shoulder.


Li Feiyu wasn’t prepared and jumped due to the shock of someone suddenly appearing behind him.

Seeing that it was Lu Chen, Li Feiyu felt relieved. Taking off his headphones he patted his chest and said, “Scared me, why are you here did my voice attract you?”

He sneered with a smug expression across his face.

Lu Chen said disdainfully, “Attracted? I was just curious as to whose voice it was that was killing people!”

At this time Lu Chen noticed that his own face appeared on the LCD screen and the number of views suddenly increased!

“Wow! Come here handsome!”

“Brother Fei, Brother Fei send us that handsome guys number, length size, and real photos!”

“Is it time for the zookeeper to feed?”

“What zookeeper, obviously oilman!”

“I want to listen to you sing, not some handsome guy. I want to listen to you sing, not some handsome guy!”



With the increase in viewership, there was a shining star that appeared on the screen.

On the right side of the screen, a row of system messages appeared.

System Notification: Crystal Jelly (Bronze II) gifts you 100 stars!

System Notification: Crystal Jelly (Bronze II) gifts you 100 stars!

System Notification: No Plane Tonight (Bronze V) gifts you 100 stars!

System Notification: New Yorker (Silver IV) gifts you 100 stars!

System Notification: New Yorker (Silver IV) gifts you 100 stars!

System Notification: New Yorker (Silver IV) gifts you 100 stars!

System Notification: New Yorker (Silver IV) gifts you 100 stars!

System Notification: …

Lu Chen looked a bit silly, but he understood.

In the past one or two years, a new way of entertainment appeared on the internet. Which is Internet public broadcast live.

At the beginning, the live broadcast was mainly aimed towards online games. Many experts broadcast their own gameplay to the audience to earn money and popularity.

Live broadcast followed the entertainment needs of the citizens and quickly flourished. Famous live broadcast stations emerged such as Sky Live, Whale TV, Star Dreams, and many more.

The content of live broadcast was no longer limited to games. Singing, dancing, role-playing, talk shows, and various outdoor activities started to appear and attract a large number of viewers.

Lu Chen studied Computer Science in university and although he was a bit busy with online work, he still knew which live broadcast were popular.

Li Feiyu is undoubtedly in the middle of a live broadcast, he could also be called a net Idol!

Lu Chen is curious as to how Li Feiyu who can scare away an entire street with his voice has such an audience. How can so many people sit and listen to him sing?

In the notification bar at the top of the screen, it showed ‘Fei ABC’s’ star count which was 1425 and the popularity of his broadcast reached 287 – more than last nights customers that showed up at the bar!

The changes to the online world really were too fast!


Lu Chen was in a daze, Li Feiyu started to laugh. Leaning his head over the microphone he said, “Thank you for the reward. Let me introduce you, this is my good friend Little Lu!”

“Little Lu, say hello to everyone!”

Lu Chen who wasn’t fully awake yet nodded subconsciously as he said, “Hello everyone!”

A new flood of comments appeared on the screen.

“Hi Handsome, i’m looking for a homosexual relationship!”

“Little Deer? Cute name, I like it!”

“Little deer! Little deer! Little deer! Little deer! Little deer! Little deer! Little deer!”


Lu Chen’s forehead was soon covered with three black lines.

Li Feiyu smiled as he said, “It’s not little deer. It’s Lu for land and Lu from the army. Little Lu might not be as handsome as brother Fei, his singing has already reached one tenth of mines. Do you want to him sing? Ah? If you want to then give me more stars!”

As his voice fell the comments came streaming in.

“I want!”

“Don’t want! Don’t want! I don’t want to! Brother Fei is trying to trick us into giving more stars!”

“The broadcaster should sell oil, then you’d be able to make millions!”

“I want to hear the handsome guy sing!”


System Notification: New Yorker (Silver IV) gifts you 100 stars!

System Notification: New Yorker (Silver IV) gifts you 100 stars!

System Notification: New Yorker (Silver IV) gifts you 100 stars!

System Notification: New Yorker (Silver IV) gifts you 100 stars!

System Notification: New Yorker (Silver IV) gifts you 100 stars!

System Notification: New Yorker (Silver IV) gifts you 100 stars!

System Notification: …

New Yorker seemed to be some rich person as they easily gave out hundreds of stars that totaled to 10,000 stars!

Li Feiyu was so happy that he couldn’t close his shoulder. He held his hand on Lu Chen’s shoulder and let him sit in his seat. While smiling he said, “Little Lu, stay here, i’ll go get you a guitar!”

After saying that he ran away.

Lu Chen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but he didn’t really hate it. This was his first time he tried a live broadcast, he was thinking that his face was now on hundreds of computer screens and that he was now communicating with hundreds of people. This was a completely new feeling for him.

As he waited for Li Feiyu to return he studied the broadcasting platform named [Starlight Show] and found there were many functions.

Just before he had a chance to finish studying the platform, Li Feiyu hurried back with a guitar.

This brother, helped Lu Chen adjust the microphone and turned off the accompaniment from the computer. He set a bottle of mineral water down, he was so diligent at this moment Lu Chen felt like asking him to make his bed and give him a back massage.

Sitting in front of the computer with the guitar, Lu Chen calmed himself as he faced the camera and microphone.

His plan was very simple, he’d support LI Feiyu while also filling his curiosity about the experience of an internet broadcaster.

At this moment Lu Chen never assumed that his life would take on a different path!

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