Chapter 9 – First Show on Starlight

A table, a computer, a webcam, and a microphone.

Lu Chen’s first live broadcast on Starlight started with these few items.

While facing the microphone and webcam Lu Chen started to play ‘Blue Crystal’.

‘Blue Crystal’ is a classic that many people were familiar with a few years ago. Due to the catchy lyrics and the easy-going melody, the rate at which this song is performed in the KTV rooms were pretty high.

Lu Chen is used to singing this song, thus he’s already memorized the lyrics.

Now Lu Chen’s singing skills have improved due to that strange dream that night. He felt like an adventurer who just started his journey that’s bound to be successful.

“Tomorrow, I will go far away and embark on a journey never returning…”

“Do you still the blue crystal I sent to you?”

“Engraved with your name on it…”

With an elegant and clear voice combined with this slightly sad song, the comments on the screen slowed down a lot.

However, this only lasted for a moment!

“This is good!”

“Blue Crystal? This is my favorite song~”

“Little Lu’s guitar skills are really good, I ask him to become my teacher, and share all your secrets!”

“I’m astonished, he can easily rely on his face to live, but he relies on his talents instead!”

“Listening to handsome play makes me not want to return and listen to Brother Fei’s ugly face and lousy music.”


“System Notification: New Yorker (Silver IV) gifts you 100 stars!

“System Notification: New Yorker (Silver IV) gifts you 100 stars!

System Notification: …

This New Yorker person must have smashed the send button because in the blink of an eye they sent 10,000 starts!

It easily covered up the rewards that were sent before.

Lu Chen was well mannered and spoke into the microphone, “New Yorker, thank you for your support!”

Lu Chen had the basic rules of webcasting down, there was not much of a difference between singing at a bar and singing on the web. The only big difference was the large number of people that the network had. The fans at [Starlight Show] are better than the ones at Forgotten Worries bar.

When he finished singing the song Lu Chen noticed that the notification bar where the views on ‘Fei’s ABC’ room had increased to 1623. It turns out that singing can attract and hold people’s interest`!

Seeing this caused him to be happy, he coughed lightly and said, “Please Listen to my next song Flying Pigeons.’

For his second song, Lu Chen chose ‘Flying Pigeons.’

Lu Chen mastered ‘Flying Pigeons’ compared to ‘Blue Crystal’. While ‘Flying Pigeons’ was a bit more difficult to play, it would allow him to show off his skills.

His little fingers slid across the guitar strings and then he swiftly changed changes as he adjusted the cords to his liking.

Li Feiyu who was next to him was dazed at the sight.

Previously Lu Chen never gave him this sort of feeling before when he saw him sing and play the guitar. Now, he felt that there was some sort of change in Lu Chen. He played like an amateur, now he was playing like a professional…

The difference is like between the two is like heaven and earth!

On the computer screen, the comments were like a tide, while the popularity of the room was not that high, the comments never ceased.

“Oh oh oh~”

“This is too much! His singing is great!”


“I love you, brother Fei!”

“Hahaha, what’s this? This isn’t brother Fei, its little Lu! Little Lu, Little Lu, Little Lu, I said it three times for you to understand!”

“Since when? Did I miss something?”


Li Feiyu was speechless.

When he broadcast live the popularity of his room never exceeded 1500. Nearly three times as much as the popularity of the broadcast now, however, the comments he received was at least ten times worse! As for the rewards…

Was the gap between two people that big?

“Fei’s ABC’ cried silently in his heart – this really was the era of face.

Lu Chen wasn’t thinking as such and instead, he started to play ‘Flying Pigeons’ seriously.

He was very satisfied with himself.

System Notification: New Yorker (Silver IV) gifts you 100 stars!

System Notification: New Yorker (Silver IV) gifts you 100 stars!

System Notification: …

System Notification: Prophecy Emperor Li Bai (Gold II) gifts you 1 starship!

Originally, New Yorker flooded the screen with his gifts, but now that ‘Prophecy Emperor LI Bai sent out his starship he crushed the momentum with ease making those thousands of stars seem like nothing. Quickly gaining the attention of everyone.


Li Feiyu jumped up in shock as he stumbled and said, “Star… Starship! Starship!”

Lu Chen didn’t know what it meant before, but he soon understood due to the flood of comments.


“Really, rich people are in a league of their own!”

“Who can tell me, what’s this starship?”

“A Starship is equivalent to 100000/1T of Stars, which is 1000 yuan. This rich person seeks to flatter!”

“Husband! Husband! Husband! Husband! Husband!”


Lu Chen was left speechless.

On [Starlight Show] 100 stars is equal to 1 yuan. When ‘New Yorker’ sent out hundreds of stars it was only 100 yuan total. He already felt that ‘New Yorker’ was pretty wealthy, but now ‘Prophecy Emperor Li Bai’ changed his mind.

This was a 1000 Yuan!

After sending out the Starship, ‘Prophecy Emperor Li Bai’ said three words, “Sing well please.”

It was too cool!

Lu Chen woke up from his daze and quickly replied, “Thank you Prophecy Emperor Li Bai and New Yorker! I will sing you an original, the songs name is called ‘You Who Sat Next to Me’, I hope you all enjoy it.”

Originally Lu Chen was only going to sing two songs as his stomach was already protesting.

Now that ‘Prophecy Emperor Li Bai’ sent out a Starship he was too embarrassed to leave.

“Original? Little Lu can write original songs?”


“Holding the same mud?”

“Mud your sister, it’s you who sat next to me, are your ears filled with crap?”

“My seatmate is a gay dude!”


Looking at the comments Lu Chen felt happy.

It’s very interesting! Way different from the atmosphere at the bar and the level of interaction with the crowd is higher.

At the same time, he noticed that the popularity of the room had already increased past the previous 500, going up to 1400+, and it was still increasing.

However, the number of stars in the room didn’t change much.

Later on, Lu Chen realized that this was the so-called ‘nouveau riche effect’, which triggers when a rich guy bestows a huge gift, and then the website would make the room’s border shine red. This little effect would lead to an increase in the room’s popularity.

For the attracted visitors to change into real fans, they’d have to see the ability of the broadcaster.

“Tomorrow will you remember,
The diary you wrote yesterday,
Tomorrow will you remember,
The one who loved you the most…”

Lu Chen started singing ‘You Who Sat Next to me’ which stirred up feelings.

As Lu Chen sang the classic ballad from his dream world, the sound passed through his microphone and into his computer. It was then delivered to the online audience’s computer, tablet, or phone, which finally reconstructed it through varying speaker/headphone qualities.

However, it still held an irresistible charm!

The screen that was so lively a moment ago quilted down as Lu Chen’s voice flowed like water, it flowed through the small room into the hearts of the people.

“Who met the sentimental you,
Who comforted you when you cried,
Who read the letter I wrote to you,
Who threw it in the wind…”

Halfway through the song, the comments on the screen started to increase.

“I have this feeling of wanting to cry, they’re so hateful!”

“I must have sand in my eyes…”

“Chen Qian, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you!!!”

“Makes me remember my deskmate in high school, I wonder how she’s doing now.”

“Don’t stop me, tomorrow i’ll go to my deskmate and confess! Well… he is also a man.”

“I miss the past, I miss studying, this makes me want to cry a little.”

“What is this song called? It’s really beautiful, why haven’t I heard of it before?”

“The song is called My Boyfriend, Don’t ask why!”

“It’s called You Who Sat Next to Me, an original by the broadcaster!”


If the previous comments were youths playing around, then now they were young artist.

Being embarrassed, sad, having a feeling of nostalgia or being touched… it doesn’t matter if this is the first time you listen to the song, it’ll feel like it’s touching your soul. This is the charm of music, this is what makes a classic seem so magical!

There was no screams or alluring whispers, the song ‘You Who Sat Next to Me’ slowly came to life from Lu Chen’s fingers and the lyrics slowly arose from his mouth, anyone who heart it was moved.

Until the song ended, there were countless stars!

System Notification: Sweet Baby (Bronze I) gifts you 100 stars!

System Notification: Pineapple 1990 (Black Iron VII) gifts you 100 stars!

System Notification: Crystal Jelly (Bronze II) gifts you 100 stars!

System Notification: Sprinkle the world (Silver I) gifts you 100 stars!

System Notification: Tekken Invincible (Black Iron III) gifts you 100 stars!

System Notification: …

It was different from the previous rich users, the number of viewers who sent stars greatly increased, and the number of viewers exceeded 1900. The number of starts jumped to 2,700+, reaching 2,722, which was close to the 3000 mark!

“Thank you all!”

Lu Chen put down his guitar and said, “I have to say goodbye for today.”

The comments came rolling in, they did not want him to leave, wanting him to sing two more songs.

Some people even sent him a lot of stars and shooting stars.

“Thank you!”

Lu Chen was really touched, but he still stood up – otherwise, would he even have a chance to eat?

Li Feiyu came over quickly and apologized to the audience before closing the live broadcast.

Wiping the tears that weren’t even on his face, he grabbed Lu Chen’s shoulder with one hand. He sounded very touched, “Brother, it’s already noon, let me treat you and we’ll have a good time!”9

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