Win-Win Situation

“Xu Bo…”

Dong Yu repeated this name a few times, and he started to have a feeling in his chest.

Through Lu Chen’s remarks, he could see the image of a wandering singer outlined in his mind.

Forty to fifty years old, with no set place, or home. He moves with the wind, wearing old trousers and holding a guitar worth 300 yuan while saying, “If one day I leave quietly, please bury me in this spring!”

All his doubts seemed to have been answered.

Sister Na sighed in relief, “I really want to meet this person, Little Lu, if you have the opportunity invite him to the bar.”

Lu Chen smiled as he said, “I don’t know where he is, I don’t even know if he has a phone.”

Qin Hanyang regretfully said, “Such a pity!”

Dong Yu and Su Xiaomei looked at each other. The former quickly said, “Blue Lotus for 200,000, we want all copyrights but naturally authorship is still yours.”

Paying 200,000 yuan for a song was expensive, reaching the level of the big shots in the industry. It’s incredible for a new person.

However, the wisdom of Lu Chen allowed him to propose the condition of a full copyright buyout. Meaning that whatever happens after they buy the song from him, he’ll have nothing to do with it and get to enjoy a few benefits.

A good song, especially a classic is like a small gold mine. As long as you keep digging you can create a small fortune.

It can be used as a title track of an album, or just released as a single. It could be made into a ring tone or used by a tv network. If you were lucky enough, it could also be used in a film.

If there were any sort of adaptations of the song, then the music company could increase the value of the song.

The most important thing was the influence of the singer.

A singer that can bring out the true worth of a song will cause the song to always be remembered!

The price of 200,000 was acceptable for Lu Chen who gave up the copyrights. It’s important to note that many famous songwriters will have to give up a share of their copyrights as well.

He nodded and said, “This is fine.”

Lu Chen knows the importance of copyrights, but for him, those long-term ideals were just dreams. The reality of the situation was that there was no newcomer who could take over the music company.

Therefore, in front of these people who had such ideas, he could only agree.

Through this transaction, Lu Chen was able to have his own reputation in this industry. Now if someone wanted to buy songs from him, they’d have to bid!

There were many more good songs in Lu Chen’s memory, he wouldn’t sell them for cheap either!

Once the signing of the contract was done Lu Chen got 200,000 yuan deposited to his bank account.

Lu Chen borrowed a laptop from the other party and went to ‘Greater China Music Library’, he then transferred the copyright of ‘Blue Lotus’ to Light Rain Media through the online platform.

The service was nearly perfect as it only took a few minutes for everything to be transferred.

Lu Chen might be ambitious, but he was also calm and analyzed all situations.

“Happy cooperation!”

Dong Yu got up and was the first one to shake Lu Chen’s hand. “If you have any good songs in the future, please give priority to Light Rain Media!”

Lu Chen shook her hand, “It was a pleasure doing business with you, I look forward to future cooperation.”

Lu Chen was willing to make a good relationship with them, therefore he spoke beautifully instead of talking about money.

In this industry, having connections was important.

Su Xiaomei was eyeing him, but he paid her no mind.

Amongst the people present, Gan Kai was the most excited. With this new song, ‘Blue Lotus’ and two other original songs, publishing his album wouldn’t be just a dream anymore.

For numerous singers and bands in Beijing, producing an album is a lifelong dream!

Therefore, he also had expressed his goodwill towards Lu Chen.

With the harmonious atmosphere, Chang Wei said, “Old Chen, we have finished talking now it is your turn. How much are you going to pay little Lu for Spring?”

This was a matter between Lu Chen and Chen Jianhao, therefore, there’s no need for them to discuss it here.

However, Chang Wei has a little resentment towards Chen Jianhao. If Chen Jiahao didn’t support Lu Chen and gave Lu Chen confidence, then Light Rain Media would likely buy both songs without paying a high price.

Chang Wei and Light Rain Media’s interest collide.

Therefore, he can’t have Chen Jianhao have a song for cheap when his wasn’t!

Dong Yu and Su Xiaomei were also curious about this matter.

It was not even easy for Lu Chen to say anything.

Selling ‘Spring’ to Forgotten Worries bar was thanks to Chen Jianhao for giving him a job in his most difficult time.

Of course, it wouldn’t be for free, but since Chen Jianhao can be considered a good friend the price will be low.

‘Spring’ is good enough to be sung once in the morning. It has lots of emotions in it and not really suitable for a young singer. Even if Lu Chen used Xu Bo as a shield, it would not be enough.

Qin Hanyang and his band would be able to bring out all the emotions contained in the song.

But now that Chang Wei has spoken, Lu Chen can’t just say he can have it cheaply.

But this is Chen Jianhao, how could he not deduce what Chang Wei was getting at?

“It isn’t that I don’t want to reveal the matter, just that it might not be the right time.”

His words were not light in the slightest, causing some to be embarrassed.

Can’t let the matter out, or did you not just want to let it out?

Chen Jianhao quickly revealed the matter, “Little Lu originally wanted a share of Forgotten Worries bar. I will exchange 5% of the company for the song.”

5% of Forgotten Worries bar shares!

His words were unexpected, and even Lu Chen was left stunned.

Originally when he told Chen Jianhao he wanted to buy some shares of Forgotten Worries bar he was only joking. He clearly expressed his intent to forget about this matter, there was no way Chen Jianhao wouldn’t remember.

Chen Wei was silent for a moment then smiled, “Old Chen, way to go!”

He was the most knowledgeable about Chen Jianhao.

Forgotten Worries bar collects a fixed assets of one or two million because their place is rented, not like Blue Lotus bar 5% isn’t really much.

But Chen Jianhao has been in business for a while, his business has always done well and he has loyal customers.

If he wanted to sell the bar, there would undoubtedly be a line of people rushing to buy it.

While 5% isn’t much, it is an accepted benefit.

Chen Jianhao is willing to give up a share of his company not due to ‘Spring’ but because of Lu Chen. He wants to keep Lu Chen in his company.

Keeping Lu Chen in his company is not so that Lu Chen would continue to sing at Forgotten Worries bar, but instead to increase the bars reputation in the future!

In the future when Lu Chen has greater fame, Chen Jianhao will be able to leech off of it.

The price for such a gain is only 5% of his company.

This is truly a win-win situation!

Chen Jianhao smiled as he looked at Dong Yu, “May I borrow your lawyer for the contract?”

Dong Yu will not reject this small request.

Sister Na smiled at Lu Chen, “Congratulations Little boss!”

Lu Chen smiled.

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