Battle Over Giving Up the Throne Chapter 8 – Decisive Rescue Plan



“We have the Fifth Prince Gattenwo’s person. If you want her life, release the protection on the west gate.”


The next morning, a letter arrow was shot at the imperial court’s ramparts. Us siblings were in shock.
I decided to watch over her after finding her location, but this happened.
The letter was speaking the truth; Gattenwo disappeared like a cloud last night. Even the dogs couldn’t find her.


“Your Majesty!”
“I know what you want to say. However, I will not concede to their demands for the life of a false prince.”
“No. I wanted to ask if we could attack what we believe are the perpetrators.”


We asked for an audience as soon as we heard the news.
The Emperor, hearing the report before it came to us, was sitting with his usual calmness.


“You know who they are?”
“Yes. I’ve heard that there was a part of a red bandana attached to the letter arrow. Two days ago, Gattenwo was blocked off by red hooded giant. That giant is likely one of the opium merchant’s guards, so there is a high probability that the opium merchant is the perpetrator.”


I made that splendid conjecture will all my brainpower, but it was rejected with just a single word.


“This morning, I received a report from the guards on patrol. That opium merchant’s house was completely destroyed by someone. From the doctor to the guards, there was nothing left moving in the residence.”
“Was there a red hooded man among them?”
“I have not heard of any such person.”


Ryausha elbowed me as if to say “I told you so.”


“From the contents of the report, it doesn’t seem to be the deed of other opium sellers in Ando. I believe that it was done by one of the barbarian tribes. I have heard that it is one of their customs to wear bandanas.”
“So it’s like that. After they found an easy target among the Imperial Princes, they bit down on their employer and left.”
“Well, saying that she’s an Imperial Prince is a little…”


In front of his scheming children, the Emperor cleared his throat.


“In any case, your meddling is futile. I shall give up on the hostage’s life. I will not approve of any attack even if she is found. The barbarians martial prowess is enough for me to have trouble facing them. I will not allow my successors to risk themselves. Do not overdo yourselves.”
“This is an Imperial Decree.”


Us four kneeled down in submission while simultaneously glaring at him. In this Empire, there is but one man that we cannot defy in front of him.


In front of him, that is.


“So, sister. Shall we send the dogs to find the thieves’ stronghold with the bandana?”
“Of course. I don’t know about threats, but I will make them regret what they’ve done.”
“Hah! I’mma f*cking kill those kidnappers!”
“To have angered us, how pitiable…”


Turning our backs to the Emperor, we went back to normal since we weren’t in front of him.
As soon as we left the audience room, we met together to plan for the attack.


“She is still our little sister even if the Emperor doesn’t admit her. We cannot fail.”


If we do, who’s going to take the throne?




“I had no idea. That this cellar even existed.”


When we followed Ryausha’s dogs, they brought us to the edge of the city, a little away from the slums. There, we found an underground mineshaft.
It seemed that this was the ruins of an ore mine that was dug out a long time ago. There was evidence of chains restraining someone, but those chains were cut up now.


“They’re just petty thieves. We can just pour some oil and burn them down with this kind of terrain.”
“What idiot would burn our future money. We gotta do a manly ambush.”


Iifu cracked his knuckles. Certainly, the four of us attacking would be scarier than any fire.


“I’m staying here.”


However, when everyone was getting in, Ryausha made a sudden declaration.


“Sister, why? I mean, I do think that the three of us are enough…”
“I know you are an idiot, but… If we all go in at once, what happens when they pour in burning oil after us? Don’t you think that we need a person to keep watch on the outside?”


I remembered Gattenwo getting caught in the drug seller’s warehouse. What if the person with the red bandana was the one to suggest the plan? The possibility was high that the same thing would be done again.
I couldn’t smell oil or gunpowder, but having someone stay behind was the right choice.


“Okay. Keep us safe, sister.”
“Yes, yes. Have fun going in.”


We were shooed off by Ryausha, running into the tunnel as if something was pushing our backs.


And when I got into the tunnel, I could smell the bloodlust of a battlefield.




“Tsk, you guys. You’re a bit good at laying traps. Even if you tricked those idiots, do you think I wouldn’t notice?”


Ryausha suddenly spoke, irritated, at a few large rocks some distance away. In response to that voice, a group of masked men appeared. In their hands they were holding swords and spears.


“Oh my, stubborn to the brink of death. Do you still want to continue?”


Thinking that it was fine, Ryausha shook her fan open.


“I think I’ll enjoy myself a bit until those idiots come back.”

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