60 – Together…

When Tatsumi and Calcedonia came home, they were exhausted.

Tatsumi dived through the door, which was opened by Calcedonia, and entered the living room and then proceeded to lay his body on the chair.

“…I’m so tired…”

“Thank you for your hard work.”

“Even Calsey is tired too.”

“Yes, thank you.”

They chuckled after gazing at each other for a moment.

Those in the accident site managed to remain calm.

By adopting Tatsumi’s triage concept, no one lost their lives in the end.

However, the mages, including Calcedonia, were still worn out, as expected. This was even when the treatment was not extended to those with severe non-life-threatening injuries. It was decided that healing magic will be administered to those people at a later date.

Tatsumi was able to continue giving instructions at the accident site till the end while being supported by Calcedonia, Taülorde, Gyle and others.

For that reason, Tatsumi is more mentally fatigue than a physical one.

“…Taülorde brother-in-law, too, suddenly didn’t want me to take command of the site.”

“Oh, but Husband was doing a good job, wasn’t he? Also… When Husband instructed me to go back… You were so cool.”

“Ah… Um, so… Um, thanks.”

Tatsumi’s face turned red while Calcedonia was telling this to him, and he shifted his eyes away.

And at Tatsumi’s appearance, Calcedonia gazed with a warm smile.

A gentle and pleasant silence dominated the living room of Tatsumi and Calcedonia’s house, recently called as ‘Yamagata’s house’ or ‘Yamagata residence’ in the neighbourhood, but suddenly Calcedonia broke the silence.

“Ah, I almost forgot! I will prepare the bath right away.”

“Oh, right, we already had our meal at the temple before we got home, but I would like to take a bath after all.”

As the accident site at the royal palace calmed down, the collaborators from each temple, including Tatsumi and Calcedonia, were given permission to return to their temple by the thankful Taülorde who was responsible for the site.

Tatsumi then returned to the Savaiv Temple, and proceeded to report the matter to Giuseppe afterwards. And after having a light meal at the temple dining hall, both of them returned home.

Therefore, with the intense fatigue and a full stomach, he thought that he should just go to bed like this. However, he also wanted to take a bath to get rid of today’s tiredness and dirt.

Since Calcedonia never really complained about being covered in blood when treating, her desire to go into the bath was especially stronger than Tatsumi’s.

“Well, I’m sorry as you are also tired, but I need to ask you to prepare the bath.”

“Yes, please wait a moment.”

As soon as Calcedonia responded happily, she went to the bathroom.

The preparations for the bath at the Yamagata residence is solely depended on Calcedonia’s magic.

Her magic was used to fill the bath with water and to boil it afterwards.

When it was ready, Tatsumi will go into the bath first, and Calcedonia will take a bath after him.

This is because the hot water after Tatsumi enters becomes warm, so Calcedonia will reboil it again with her magic.

Seeing as Calcedonia went to prepare the bath, Tatsumi went and changed his clothes.

At that time, not only was Tatsumi changing his clothes, but he was also preparing clothes for Calcedonia.

At first he was embarrassed to touch her underwear, but he recently became accustomed to it completely and no longer felt embarrassed.

That said, it did not mean that he became less interested with Calcedonia, but rather he simply had no strange attachment towards her underwear.

As Tatsumi was preparing a change of clothes for two people, Calcedonia returns from the bathroom while showing an expression that’s both apologetic and somehow troubled.

Tatsumi tilted his neck without knowing why Calcedonia had that kind of facial expression.

“What’s wrong? Did something happen?”

“Well, that is… I was preparing the bath…”

According to Calcedonia, it seems that because she used too much healing magic in the daytime, her mana is about to be exhausted.

Therefore, after filling up the bath with water, there was only enough mana to boil it once.

“Well then, how about Calsey go into the bath, and I can sleep like this, or we can go to the town’s hot spring.”

“Well, that’s it, but… if… if it’s Husband… I don’t mind…”

Calcedonia’s face turned red and looked at Tatsumi with upturned eyes while shaking her hands and body.

“… that… that… will you not… come into… the bath… with me…?”

At that moment.

Tatsumi’s face also turned red rivaling that of Calcedonia’s.

Two large mountains were swaying on the surface of the hot water.

A pretty rose-coloured bud at its tip, coupled with the whiteness of the surroundings that made it look brighter.

If you think about it, it is supposed to be just a lump of fat, yet why does it still attract the attention of men.

As for Tatsumi, who had hugged Calcedonia from her back while entering the bath and submerging in the mildly hot water, he was glancing over the slender shoulders at the twin mountains disappearing and reappearing under the water, and instinctively thought that it could be said to be the dream for all men.

Of course, part of it was just to escape from reality.

The Yamagata’s residence’s bath isn’t that big. Therefore, to take a bath together, Tatsumi can only enter while embracing Calcedonia.

The softness of Calcedonia’s butt on his thigh, coupled with the body warmth that is different from the hot water are in the midst of troubling Tatsumi in various ways.

“It’s been a long time… Since I last bathed with Husband, no, with Master like this…”

Meanwhile, Calcedonia was strangely happy without knowing Tatsumi’s suffering.

“Huh? Is this not the first time I bath together with Cal… Chico…?”

About a year has passed since they begin to live together in this house. They’ve slept together on the bed many times now, but this is the first time they took a bath together.

When Tatsumi tilts his head, Calcedonia looks back at Tatsumi over her shoulder in any case.

“Was there no such thing? But, we used to take baths together before, didn’t we?”

“Before…? Ah, was it when Chico was still a cockatiel?”

When Calcedonia was still Tatsumi’s pet cockatiel, in other words, when they were still living together in Japan, they sometimes took a bath together.

Although they did enter the bath together, it is not like they immersed in the bathtub together like they were doing now.

The bathing method was that Chico, a cockatiel, bathed in the washstand water. And then after bathing, she brushed herself on Tatsumi’s head who was immersing in the bathtub.

There are oil on the surface of bird’s feathers, including cockatiels, and this oils are protecting the feathers from water droplets and dirt.

However, when it bathe in hot water, the oil falls, which in the worst case can cause it to get sick.

Therefore, even if its midwinter, Chico will always bathe in water and went on top of Tatsumi’s head.

“In fact, soaking in a hot water bath with Master… was my dream for the longest time.”

“Is that so?… If you had told me earlier, we could have always taken a bath together like this.”

“Well, that is… kind of embarrassing… I cannot say it out loud…”

Calcedonia covered her reddening face.

“But Calcedonia, you invited me today, didn’t you?”

“To-today is special…! Be-because… To-today my mana is… you know…”

With a red face, Calcedonia murmured softly.

Tatsumi loved Calcedonia’s reaction as he hugged her body from behind.

“Well, if I will invite you… Will you come in with me again?”

“Yes, of course…”

Calcedonia smiled happily while keeping her back in Tatsumi’s body.

For a while, the two remained silent.

However, it was not an awkward silence. Just by being close to each other like this was already enough to convey their feelings.

And during such a good atmosphere.

Calcedonia felt something touching her abdomen.


She looked back and glared at the man she loved with partially closed eyes.

“I’m sorry. It’s just, the texture of Chico’s skin feels good…”

Tatsumi laughed without being shy.

Seeing Tatsumi like this, Calcedonia pouted.

Of course, she was not angry. She was pleased that Tatsumi touched and praised her… to the point that it was embarrassing.

“Master always said that while touching my body…”

“Do you hate being touched?”

“… You know what I meant, didn’t you?”

Calcedonia averted her line of sight.

“… There is no way I cannot like it…”

A low muttered voice. However, Tatsumi who was near could hear it clearly.

“Yeah… I know I heard it.”

Tatsumi answered and hugged Calcedonia’s body even more tightly.

“Mou!! I hate Master, you meanie!!”

Even while saying ‘I hate it’, a smile was floating on Calcedonia’s face.

she then twisted herself in Tatsumi’s embrace, and forcibly pushed herself against his lips.

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