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My Pet Is a Holy Maiden 63 – Giuseppe’s Skill

“Were the schedules of my shifts during the afternoon of the first day and the morning of the third day?”

“Then, since Tatsumi and I are in the same group, my shifts as are also on the afternoon for the first day and morning on the third. Then, it seems we can watch the horse jousting competition at the last day afternoon. Okay, lets go and watch it with Nanau.”

“We brothers are working at that time… Damn, I was looking forward for it; the horse jousting competition”

“There is no choice, Big Brother Neez. This is also work.”

In the Savaiv’s Church’s courtyard, Tatsumi was lively taking with Neez and Verse while confirming the work schedule for the upcoming New Year Festival.

“I’m sure that I would be working on the morning of the second day… Oh, and, grandfather asked me to help with his blessing ceremony on the afternoon of the third day.”

“Ah, that’s what I was… I was asked too.”

While blushing a bit, Tatsumi diverted his eyes away from Calcedonia who was sitting next to him.

Despite Tatsumi’s attitude towards her, Calcedonia had thought out their schedule for the festival.

“So, I can enjoy the festival with Husband on afternoon of the second day!

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Speaking of the second day afternoon, isn’t there a treasure hunt event hosted by the Glavavy Church? What if you join it with Calsey? If it’s Tatsumi, even if you don’t spend time moving, you would be able to find a lot of treasures, wouldn’t you?”

“What about you? I think it’s not that easy, but… How is your schedule?

“Mine? My schedule on the first day… Other than waiting in the corner while His Majesty is giving his greetings, I have no other plans? Regardless of who my father is, I am still ‘treated like a child’.”

Somehow, Jolt frequently came and go to the Savaiv Church.

At first, Verse was quite suspicious of who he was and predicted he might be an aristocrat; probably from a high-ranking family. But he seemed friendly to Tatsumi, and he identify him as such afterwards.

As expected, Tatsumi didn’t reveal Jolt’s status either. If Verse knew of his identity, even if he’s Tatsumi’s acquaintance, he won’t make close contact with him.

By the way, Jolt’s previous statement ‘waiting in the corner while His Majesty giving his greetings’ didn’t make Verse feel any sense of discomfort. When the king gives the New Year greeting, it is customary for aristocrats to stand beside him.

However, to Jolt and Tatsumi’s intimacy, the one who was the most surprised is none other than Calcedonia.

Jolt’s sudden appearance at Savaiv Church. When she saw him walked in the church leisurely, She doubt her eyes.

Furthermore -“Hello, Calsey, long time no see. By the way, where’s Tatsumi? Are you not together?”- For him to be friendly with Tatsumi, her surprise became even bigger.

Later on she heard about Jolt’s encounter with Tatsumi,


“Personally, I want to see the horse jousting competition.”

“If so, won’t the qualifiers be held on the afternoon of the second day? On the third day… the main event is on late afternoon, so there is a qualifier before that.”

“I see. Well then, maybe I should go see it? Will Calsey go with me?”

“Yes, of course I will go!”

Being glad to be sight-seeing with Tatsumi, Calcedonia responded with a big smile.

This was usual for Verse and Neez, but not quite so for Jolt. This was the first time he saw Calcedonia with a big smile so far.

“Wow, I’ve been hearing stories, but when I see it, Calsey will give such an expression towards Tatsumi. Really, I was surprised.”

“No, Jolt. As we told you, Calcedonia is always like that when it comes to Tatsumi.”

“Yeah, I heard it from both Verse and Neez, but… I wasn’t convinced until I see it for myself. It’s as if you know the former Calsey.”

“We only know about the former Calcedonia from the rumors. It was just before her engagement with Tatsumi that I got to know her, and at that time she already behaved like this.”

“But the current Calsey is better than the previous one, right? Then again, Tatsumi can do amazing things himself.”

“Uh, um, Jolt? Um, the thing that I told to you about before…”

After all, it is embarrassing to say that it is a thing of the past. Calcedonia’s looked at Tatsumi who was beside her as his cheeks reddens.

Tatsumi nodded to Calcedonia with an “it’s fine” gesture.

A smile returned at Calcedonia’s face. Then, by casually shifting her bottom to shift her sitting position, she bring her body closer to Tatsumi.

“Ah, yes, Calsey. Can you please not call me with ‘Lord’? Since Tatsumi and Verse have already stopped using it, so you can also stop using it. Will you?”

“Well, er, but…”

“If you think it is hard to stop, how about call me ‘Jolty’ like you used to? Remember that you used to call me that when we were introduced by our grandparents and got to know each other?”

“Well, that was when we were still young… um, well… are you okay with that…?”

“Yes, it’s fine, it’s fine.”

Jolt smiled happily.

“Um, excuse me! If, if possible, I would like Calcedonia to call me ‘Schero’! Better yet, I would like you to look at me with your cold eyes and step on me with high-heeled shoes!”

Until then, Schero who looked at Calcedonia and Jolt’s interactions with envious eyes, opened his mouth.

Of course, it was ignored.


Tatsumi’s leisurely break time was abruptly stopped when one of the priests showed up at the courtyard.

From the priest’s clothes and holy symbol, he knew that he was a high priest.

“Senior Priest Yamagata.”

The high priest who appeared called to Tatsumi with a gentle smile with a calm, low voice.


Tatsumi whose name was called quickly stand up. No, not only Tatsumi but both Calcedonia and Verse also stood up.

Only Jolt, who wasn’t a priest, was sitting on a chair with a cool expression.

“Patriarch Chrysoprase requested your presence. Please head to his office immediately.”

“I understand.”

Tatsumi answered immediately with a calm but strong voice.

After giving Giuseppe’s message, the high priest left the courtyard with his back facing Tatsumi, smiling.

“Well, then. Break time’s over. Let’s get back to work.”

Verse said while stretching out.

Both Calcedonia and the Neez brothers went back to their respective work after break time.

“Well, everyone. Do your best at work.”

Alone, Jolt casually encouraged Tatsumi.

“What are you going to do now Jolt?”

“Me? I don’t want to interfere with Tatsumi’s work, so I think I will head straight back home.”

Jolt glanced quickly to the direction of his house – the royal palace.

“But, why kind of request that Grandfather called for Husband?”

“Well, uh, um, well, I guess you can understand?”

Tatsumi responded to Calcedonia who was tilting her head with vague words.

“Well, I will head to Giuseppe’s office now.”

“Yes. Well, see you at the house later.”

Calcedonia waved merrily at Tatsumi who was heading to Giuseppe’s office. Verse and Neez went back to their respective post and Jolt also left the temple.


“How about it, son-in-law? Have you get used to being Calsey’s man?”

When Tatsumi entered Giuseppes’s office, the Savaiv sect’s Patriarch asked him with a merry face.

“Yes. It’s okay… I think. I haven’t said anything at home.”

“Is that so, good. I will be secretly counting on you for a little bit more.”

Giuseppe smile mischievously while planning something. Tatsumi can only laugh bitterly at his teacher’s mischief.

“And, by the way… are the preparations ready?”

“Well, that fox woman cooperates with us happily. It seems that things at their end are already finished, and we only need to wait for the actual event. How about your costume?”

“I was also taught by Giuseppe and finished preparing my costume at the store. Of course, I didn’t say anything to Calsey.”

Giuseppe nodded satisfyingly when Tatsumi answered.

“At last, the festival is coming soon. I’m looking forward to this year’s festival.”

“To be honest, I am not. I am so nervous I’m about to stop breathing.”

“Ho ho ho. If this keeps up, it seems you will be dead on that day.”

Giuseppe laughed happily. However, he unexpectedly changed his expression,

“I’m sorry, son-in-law. It may be annoying to go with my whim, but think of it as a long-awaited dying old-timer’s request.”

“Oh, a dying old-timer’s… Isn’t Giuseppe still fine?”

“Isn’t that so? I’ve already lived for quite some time. And the God’s calling slowly approaches us old people, and this is a good proof of happiness.”

“… ‘My grandparents die, my parents die, my children die,’ is it?”

“Hmm? What does that mean?”

“My hometown… This is something I heard long ago in some local folks tale or somewhere in Japan… Although the details are a bit vague, the main point is that the death of an elderly is inevitable and it is a proof that everyone has a complete life in a disease-free environment.”

“Hmm, I see… that is quite a deep story. Let me hear more about the story when we have the opportunity someday.”

Giuseppe who heard Tatsumi’s story nodded repeatedly with interest.

“By the way… I haven’t told Calsey about this, but how about my other acquaintances?”

“Hmm, recently son-in-law seems to have acquire some friends, so I’d like to have their point of view. I don’t want son-in-law’s acquaintance to know, but can you find the ones who can keep a secret without giving it away?”

“Yes. I will keep it confidential to those who can’t keep a secret.”

If you hear from the exchange between the two person, it seems that he is quite skillful, but with Tatsumi’s somewhat embarrassed appearance that it is easy to presume that it is not just mere skill.

In this way, Giuseppe’s so-called “Skillful Maneuvering” was spread to Tatsumi’s acquaintances – except for those who are loose-mouthed – and quietly show excitement.


And so.

Finally, the day of the New Year Festival that was held to announce that a new year has arrived.

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