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My Pet Is a Holy Maiden 68 – Like a Dream (April Fools)

On the last day of the New Year’s Festival. The sun had sunk completely.

Although it was the last day of the Festival as well, the town was still lively.

Various households were making merry with the neighborhood people gathered in them; in bars, the gathered customers clamoured about and drank with each other.

Tatsumi and Calcedonia were slowly walking towards their home in the streets of such a lively town.

Calcedonia’s left arm was draped around Tatsumi’s right without letting go. On the ring finger of that arm, the ring she had gotten from Tatsumi earlier that day, gleamed like a flickering fire.

Of course, Tatsumi’s left hand had the same shine. Also, the two were wearing earrings of the same set on their ears which had been on the opposite side until yesterday.

They had put them on each other when they had finally gotten engaged, it was a result of their consultation to have not just rings but also to keep wearing these earrings.

They walked without exchanging any words─no, there was no need to exchange any words.

The lamps flickered in the night breeze. The bustling sounds flew on that night breeze.

However, Tatsumi and Calcedonia’s minds were mainly occupied by each other’s body heat.

Calcedonia and Tatsumi officially became a married couple.




The two of them merrily pranced back to their house.

As newlyweds, they had one job to do–and boy were they both eager to do it.

They couldn’t wait.

Once they reached the door, Tatsumi opened it for Calcedonia, and they both entered.

Tatsumi, very horny, dragged Calcedonia, who was blushing, to the bedroom.

At the bedroom, Tatsumi quickly pushed Calcedonia down and ripped off his wife’s clothes, and he grabbed at Calsey’s crotch area, fondling the large, hard stick protruding from there.

Yes, Calsey is male. As he reincarnated into a male baby, he had no choice but to go to the foreign country of Tielando to become a ladyboy to make Tatsumi a horny bitch for him.

Tatsumi, with love in his eyes, started rubbing his wife’s majestic member and hurriedly went in for a french kiss.

Calsey accepted, and they make disgustingly wet sounds of kissing. Calsey, still in the kiss hugged Tatsumi and rubbed her fake breasts against his chest while feeling good from the handjob.




Sticky white stuff burst like fireworks from Calsey’s amazing richard.

Tatsumi was still horny however. So he took off his pants and used [Instant Lubification] of the [Sex] System of mahou.

He opened his ketsu no ana wide and sat on top of Calcedonia’s huge throbbing big black caulk.


It hurt at first, but that pain quickly became pleasure.


Calsey screamed as she got up, pushed Tatsumi down, and did it doggy style.

She thrusted once more into Tatsumi’s pigu hole and came.

Tatsumi panted.

But soon, he came down from his euphoric high and a gleam came to his eye.


He’s fucking Japanese after all.

Using the powaaaa of the [Tentacle Testicle] mahou of the [Heaven (pleasure)] system, he pomf’d Calsey through her three holes: mouth, ass, and penis.

The penis hole was a bloody mess, but it just felt too good!!!!!


They fucked for another hour.

It was the happiest day of their life.

Happy Easter!

(The 2nd bot text is the actual chapter :P)

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