My Pet Is a Holy Maiden 72 – The True Objective of the Test –Teaser

“I see…a spotted lynx…”

After he finished listening to him, Morganeich looked at Tatsumi again.

“For you to be able to challenge the spotted lynx…you’ve gone a long way.”

“N-No, that…I’m still way beneath you…”

Certainly, in this year, Tatsumi has been training hard. However, his strength couldn’t even compare to the Freedom Knight in front of him. It’s not as if Morganeich was fooling around in the time that Tatsumi was training.

“Speaking of which, you’ve fought the spotted lynx too, haven’t you?”

“Yeah. I fought that demonic monster before.”

“Then… did you beat it on your first try?”

“I was crushed utterly on my first try too… No, it isn’t just us. Most beast-hunters lost on their first try.”

Before the time that he was recognized as a full-fledged beast-hunter, Morganeich had done the same test.

Similarly to Tatsumi’s party, Morganeich, along with Calcedonia who he had already at that time, challenged the spotted lynx, yet completely couldn’t do anything.

The two of them fell into a slump, just like Tatsumi right now, as one would expect.

“But, the next time… I won.”

It was only two words that Morganeich said, “I won.” Yet, those two words were overflowing with confidence.

“H-How in the world… How did you beat that demonic monster!!?”

Tatsumi subconsciously leaned forwards as he asked that question. To such a visibly excited person, Morganeich stifled his smile and looked at him seriously.

Morganeich entirely understood Tatsumi’s feelings. Tatsumi was still fixated on finding a way to beat the monster. It’s no wonder that he’s all over the place.

Surely, his seniors had the same feelings towards his past self as he is having now towards Tatsumi.

Thinking that, he unintentionally let out a smile. Of course, he was smiling about his past self and not Tatsumi.

“Don’t panic, Tatsumi. In all honesty, there’s a small ‘tradition’ among beast-hunters. It was that in regards to the spotted lynx, us seniors couldn’t help, in any way, the people who were challenging it.”

It wasn’t known who made it, but it was an unspoken rule among the senior beast-hunters.

He continued, “It’s like a coming-of-age-ordeal, you know? No matter where you go, you’ll never get any real advice.”


Discouragement was clear on Tatsumi’s face.

If he were to hear of how Morganeich won over the spotted lynx, it’d be a breach of etiquette, wouldn’t it?

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