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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 238: Just a woman

The two of them fell heavily, they can hear the wind blowing past them as they fell.


Sword Eminence Ming Yu kept dealing blows after blow on Ye XingHe. Most of the damage was blocked by his Frost Dragon Scale Armor but he can still feel a bit of the impact.


Her techniques are as lethal as they are skilled.


He used up all his Star power so he decided to stake it all by holding on to Ming Yu, making sure she can’t get away while blocking her attacks.




Ye XingHe is practically stripping her of her clothes but he still held on like an annoying octopus.


This infuriated Sword Eminence Ming Yu, this guy is planning on dragging her down with him. She decided to forget shaking him off, preserving some of her clothes, she grabbed a nearby branch but the branch snapped due to the velocity they were falling at.


Sword Eminence Ming Yu used her Flame power to cloak herself in order to diminish the impact when she hits the ground.


Meanwhile, Ye XingHe shielded his head and curled up into a ball.




The two of them crashed heavily into the ground, making two large craters.


Ye XingHe can feel intense pain from all over his body, it’s like someone used a sledgehammer on all his organs and bones. He passed out from the pain just like Sword Eminence Ming Yu. She’s a Ninth Heavenly Realm master but this damage is too much for her.


Luckily for them, the soil they landed on allowed them to get away with relatively less damage compared to if the ground is made of rocks. The two of them would die from the impact alone.


The sky darkened as time went on. Soon, the shivering cries of demonic beasts could be heard.


It’s like he’s buried in the cold darkness, fear slowly gripped him, threatening to rip him apart.


Extensive damage on his bones, body, and meridians.


He felt like he’s soaking in a river of stars. A blue carp jumped out of the river before diving into this sea of star. A torrential amount of star power suffused him. His bones healed, his meridians came back stronger than ever, the star power had tremendous healing qualities. The star power residing within his Dantiang (Qi Core) is full of this star power. After refining them for a long time, the star power is very dense and potent.


An unknown amount of time passed, Ye XingHe opened his eyes. Panting like he’s just woken up from a nightmare, he felt rigidity in his movements. In pain, he got up after putting strength into his arms and legs. Sword Eminence Ming Yu is still in her crater, he’s not sure if she’s dead.


What a vile woman, good riddance.


Still struggling to stay on his feet, he saw that he was lying in a pool of blood. He didn’t think he would still be alive after losing that much blood.


Holy crap, luckily I didn’t die.


If not for the Frost Dragon Scaled Armor, Ye XingHe would have died so hard not even Shen Long can bring him back.


Now, Shang Guan Xuan saved him once more.


Sitting down, he began cultivating in order to get his cultivation level back in top condition. He’s hurting all over but he’s gaining his powers sure enough.


About two hours later, he heard the howls of demonic beasts echoing throughout the ravine.


He looked around to confirm if there is any immediate danger. He reckoned that if they stayed here, sooner or later, the demonic beasts would descend them. The bad feeling he’s getting from the air around him only solidified his resolve to get the hell out of this place.


Sword Eminence Ming Yu moaned in pain, her body twitched.


She’s still alive?


Ye XingHe is surprised.


He grabbed a nearby stone and he raised it over his head, intending to smash it down and end her pursuit once and for all.


At this moment, he hesitated.


She’s as defenseless as a lamb right now, should he kill her and deny her the possibility of coming back with a vengeance?


Sword Eminence Ming Yu opened her eyes, anyone would be terrified of the sight of a man holding a stone up high, ready to smash a person’s skull, Sword Eminence Ming Yu isn’t any different, she’s pissing her pants in terror.


Grievously wounded as she is, if Ye XingHe wanted to end here right now, she can do nothing but accept her fate. It isn’t wrong to say that Ye XingHe owned her life right now.


“P-please, I beg of you, don’t kill me!”


Sword Eminence Ming Yu pleaded for her life. Unlike her badass personality when she’s strutting around with ninth heavenly realm attitude, she’s mortified by what lies beyond death.


Clothes torn to shreds, bloodied and battered, she’s truly like lamb at the slaughterhouse.


This is different from a fight, she can’t even defend herself, if at all possible he didn’t want to kill a woman who is so weak.


But, she’s so evil!




He slammed the rock down. Dust flew and Sword Eminence Ming Yu survived. He missed on purpose.


With a cold glint in his eyes, he told her.


“Today, you live. But, you got yourself into this situation, you get yourself out. If I ever see you again, so help me god if you’re still flaunting your powers and bullying people, I will send you to the afterlife faster than you can say daddy, harder, you got that?!”


Sword Eminence Ming Yu already accepted she’s going to die when Ye XingHe slammed that rock down. She opened her eyes only to find her enemy showing her mercy at death’s door. The last line of defense in her heart fell and she started bawling her eyes out.


To think the great and mighty Sword Eminence Ming Yu would cry like a little girl. With her cultivation as a ninth heavenly realm pro, it’s easy to forget she’s still a human woman. Her strong and unyielding front belied her weak interior, now he’s got the front row seat to her true self.


Ye XingHe stood up in a shaky manner. He wobbled away, the night is coming and he should take his leave. Sword Eminence Ming Yu’s luck is going to be put to the test, whether or not she lives, it’s in fate’s hand now.

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