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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 239: Escape from death

The howls of demonic beasts sounded closer each time he heard it.


Sword Eminence Ming Yu can hear them too, at this rate, she’s going to end up as demonic beasts’ defecation in this ravine. The notion of getting torn to shreds and eaten alive by demonic beasts caused her to cry even harder.


Like a pampered princess, she lived in the safety and protection of the Divine Sword clan. The fragility of her heart is made very apparent when she is staring into death’s eye.


“This is Karma bitch, you should have known that your evil deeds will come back to haunt you at your direst moment.”


Ye XingHe walked further away.


“Wait, please come back, I’m begging you, please save me, I will do anything you want, anything.”


Sword Eminence Ming Yu begged in tears.


In her birthday suit, she forgot about modesty. Ye XingHe snorted.


“Where’s your dignity, woman! You think you can use your beauty to get people to do what you want?! You’re mistaking me for someone who craves your figure and body. You might have the looks but boy, are you ugly on the inside, your death will make the world a better place.”


Sword Eminence Ming Yu continued begging for help.


“I admit I have done terrible things. However, I never directly killed or laid waste to other people. I have been in the Divine Sword Clan for a long time and I rarely go out. Please, don’t abandon me here!”


Ye XingHe continued walking.


His shrinking figure served only to magnify the dread and horror inside Sword Eminence Ming Yu. As darkness crept up on her, she can already imagine a gaping bloody maw and how she would end up inside them.


“Come back, please… I beg of you…”


Her voice weakened considerably. In the darkness, a pair of green eyes shone, she knew the beast had make a target out of her.


The beast slowly made its appearance out of the darkness. It’s a crimson blood demonic leopard, a demonic beast of the fifth heavenly realm


At the peak of her powers, she can delete this leopard from existence with a flick of the finger.


Right now, however, she can do nothing as the leopard approaching with its sharp fangs bared. A heart started racing with fear.


She can barely even move her finger, much less kill this demonic beast.


The leopard stopped 1 meter away from her, its length allowed it to sniff her bosom without any difficulty. It opened its giant mouth, ready to end her with a mighty bite to the neck.


This is it, this is how she’s going to die, eaten alive by a demonic beast. Her face paled, she kept crying as tears flowed down her cheeks. This isn’t how she thought she would die.


Sword Eminence Ming Yu’s heart is filled with regrets. Perhaps, it is as Ye XingHe said, she wronged too many people albeit indirectly. Her inaction and approval in regard to murder made her as guilty as one who directly murdered people. Not only that, during her stay in the Divine Sword clan, her plots and machinations caused the deaths of a lot of people.


Through her charms and seduction, she led many men to their deaths, with a touch of the hand and a few pinky swears here and there, she put a lot of males under her spell.


Now, the bill comes due. She’s going to pay for all she has done with her dear life.


Maybe, this truly is her karma, to die a dog’s death in this god damned place.


This leopard is like death’s very emissary, here to take her soul as redemption for all the poor souls she had taken.




Sword Eminence Ming Yu thought for sure she’s going to die. The next time she opened her eyes, she’s surprised to find Ye XingHe standing over the dead body of the leopard.


His eyes are still as frosty as ever, he didn’t understand why he came back. Something inside him compelled him to come back, maybe it’s because he couldn’t stomach letting a person die a shameful end, as food for demonic beasts.


“Once we get out of here, you will never speak a word of who saved you, you got that?! For people like you, I am wasting my breath just saving you!”


Ye XingHe spoke with disgust.


He looked down at her with disdain and utter abhorrence. Sword Eminence Ming Yu continued crying her eyes out.


It’s like she’s been made anew, coming this close to death changed her.


Although Ye XingHe looked at her with repugnance, she didn’t take it to heart. To her, this expression on her savior reflected the remaining warmth in humans.


Ye XingHe dragged her by her feet into a cave by the side of the ravine. Dumping her by the side of the cave walls, he sat down to start a fire. Using the meat he got from the demonic beast, he started grilling up some food.


The light from the flames flickered as it illuminated the cave.


Still shaken from being so close to death, she looked at Ye XingHe without saying a word. All the hate and vengeance she had from before all disappeared without a trace. She reflected upon the images that flashed in front of her when she almost died. It’s a collection that defined her, what she did, who she was.


Ye XingHe glanced at her.


“If you can walk, I want you to scram. If I sense you trying to recover your strength to the third heavenly realm and above, you can bet that I am going to deck you until kingdom comes!”


His harsh words caused a stinging pain inside her heart, tears started appearing at the corners of her eyes.


“Don’t give me that look, I know who you are. I am still cursing myself for saving a person like you!”


Ye XingHe frowned with a snort.


Sword Eminence Ming Yu opened her mouth, she wanted to say something but she dismissed the idea.


She’s at a loss of words.


She understands just how vile she looked in his mind. A shameless, poisonous vixen of a woman. The worst part about this is that she agreed with him. Being so close to death made her realize just how awful she is when she’s alive. Deep remorse has been cut into her heart.


Slowly, she recovered her power, soon she could move her right hand.


Something slapped her hand in a powerful manner. Her hand feels like it’s on fire.


“You put that hand down or I will kill you!”


Ye XingHe stared at her with unyielding eyes. A sharp stone is close to where her right hand is.


Ye XingHe assumed she’s going to pick the stone up to use as a weapon against him so he pulled a vine out of the cave wall to whip her.




Sword Eminence Ming Yu felt very anguished, she had no intention whatsoever to harm him. She might look very pitiful but he knows better than to let his guard down around her.


“If you can move, get the hell out of here. Don’t force my hand!”



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