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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 240: Can I take him out?

This is the first time in her life she felt so wronged by someone.


Yet, she can’t rebuke him because she truly was a malicious woman. Even in death, her sins wouldn’t be washed away.


Sword Eminence Ming Yu kowtowed before Ye XingHe, a loud thud could be heard when she slammed her head down on the floor. While feeling sorry for herself she continued.


“Please hit me, I deserve this!”


Ye XingHe frowned at her, he can’t tell if she’s being real or just acting. Will she bite him like an ungrateful viper?


“Yeah, I am going to whip you! Do you know how I almost lost my friends to you, you think I won’t hit you?”


Ye XingHe snorted and he whipped her good, right on her back.


With her clothes torn, the vine landed on her back, making a scotching red mark on her porcelain white back.




A pained moan leaked out from her.




He continued whipping her, he scolded her.


“This is on your stupid nephew, that no-good brat Ling Yu, no wonder he’s in your Divine Sword clan1”




And the third whip landed.


“This is for all those innocent clans and individuals who died in the hands of you assholes from the Divine Sword clan!”


Sword Eminence Ming Yu started sobbing as she curled up in a ball.


“I have dirtied my hands saving you!”


Ye XingHe and his comrades almost die in her hands, of course, he’s very pissed at her. He’s also very angered by Ling Yu and the other assholes from Divine Sword clan.


She took the whips and she stayed silent and compliant. He told her off in a low voice.


“Fuck off, I don’t want to see you ever again!”


“Please, don’t chase me out tonight. I promise I will leave in the morning. I know I am getting off light considering my heinous acts. Please know that you have given me a new life, mark my words, I will repay your favor!”


Sword Eminence Ming Yu begged at his feet.


An expert at the ninth heavenly realm, begging her master for mercy like a slave.


Ye XingHe is still on guard, if she’s acting then she’s got the chops for it. Maybe, almost dying has changed her for the better?


“Let the heavens be the witness, I admit here that I am a truly wicked person, I want to live so bad death mortifies me, I lived for my own benefit at the expense of others. But, I implore you, please, I am not so wicked as to be someone who can’t be redeemed. Fate willed you to spare me. I am fully aware that I have done bad things. From today onwards, I will no longer be involved in heinous deeds!”


Sword Eminence Ming Yu barely managed to make coherent sentences considering how much she is sobbing right now.


Ye XingHe decided to not pursue this matter anymore, he didn’t have the energy nor time to waste on her.


All he wants is for this girl to be gone. The sooner she gets lost, the fewer chances she would get to have her revenge.


He continued grilling and cultivating. This battle extracted a heavy toll on him, he’s going to need at least a few days to return to peak condition.


She raised her head in a feeble manner. Hugging her knees, she hid her woman parts from view, she also made sure to stay away from any objects that can be construed as a weapon lest Ye XingHe misunderstands again.


She’s been hurt real bad this time around. It’s going to take at least a week to get back to the fifth heavenly realm power. In order for her to return to her original power, she’s going to need at least 3 months.


In this cave, she’s hoping that someone would lend a reliable shoulder she can lean on. She’s now only a fragment of her erstwhile strong self.


The meat started giving off a really appetizing smell.


Ye XingHe grabbed the skewers and he started chowing down. He ate the divine fruit but the wounds he suffered made him very hungry for sustenance. He need all the nutrients he can get to restore his strength.


Having grown accustomed to good food, she realized a bit too late that food is a precious commodity during chaotic times. The best food in the world couldn’t entice her before this, now, even if he gave her a bun, she would still accept it with a grateful attitude, she would do so many stuff for that skewer.


Ye XingHe looked in her direction.


Sword Eminence Ming Yu immediately lowered her head. She wouldn’t dare ask him for some, she knows she’s probably not getting any even if she begged.


Ye XingHe thought about it and he grabbed a stick of skewered meat. Looking at it, he tossed it over to Sword Eminence Ming Yu.


She’s touched. From the bottom of her heart, a geyser of intense emotions gushed forth. Her tears rolled down her cheeks and dripped down onto the floor. To think Ye XingHe would share his food with her.


To her, this skewer meant more than any gold or treasure she can get her hands on, she’s that hungry.


Eating and crying at the same time, she didn’t know why she felt so joyful and sad at the same time but she relished the great umami taste in her mouth.


Just hours before, she almost killed him and his loved ones. Yet, the victim of a murder attempt chose to spare her, save her, and even shared his meat with her murderous self.


Compared to him, what would her past self do? Just thinking about it caused her to curse herself for being so unworthy of life.


Looking at the pathetic-looking Sword Eminence Ming Yu eating meat skewer caused Ye XingHe to question himself. Did he really do the right thing? He’s not so sure anymore.


A day passed, Ye XingHe is back in the sixth heavenly realm but he still needed more time to recover. He wondered how Sword Eminence Ming Yu is doing. It’s currently very close to night, the last rays of sunshine are dissipating across the land.


Meditating, he sensed a disturbance to the branches hiding the cave entrance from view. A figure in black barged into the cave.


Ye XingHe prepared himself for combat.


The figure in black laid eyes on Sword Eminence Ming Yu and he cried out in joy.


“Sword Eminence Ming Yu, I have finally found you!”


His eyes darted around Sword Eminence Ming Yu’s bare body. The guy narrowed his eyes with lust.


Sure, Sword Eminence Ming Yu looked very hot with clothes on and even hotter without them, any guy would be tempted by the sight of her in her birthday suit.


“Sword Eminence Ming Yu, shall I take care of this nuisance?”


The figure in black stood between Sword Eminence Ming Yu and Ye XingHe. His posture and eyes suggested that he’s not afraid of killing him.

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