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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 241: Have you been honest before?

Ye XingHe stood ready, a fight can break out at any moment so he needs to be wary of this potential foe.


He just returned to the Sixth heavenly realm in terms of strength but he’s not afraid of this intruder.


It’s not his first fight and he’s going to make sure it’s not his last.


Sword Eminence Ming Yu stood up, she strutted over to the intruder like she’s walking on a catwalk.


“With me here, you dare presume that you would get a chance to do that? This boy is my newest subordinate, he is under my purview.”


The figure in black placed his hands together in reverence.


“Sword Eminence Ming Yu’s wisdom and strength is beyond me.”


“Do you want to become one of my subordinates too?”


Sword Eminence Ming Yu used her exquisite fingers to lift the chin of the figure in black.


The figure is obviously tempted, he gulped and agreed.


“Of course, this lowly one would bravely go into sea of flames and risk annihilation for Sword Eminence Ming Yu’s sake.”


“Do you want to count the floral marks in bed with me?”


She caressed his chest with her other hand.


It’s like the guy is zapped by her lethal charms. The guy panicked and he replied hastily.


“Yes, please!”


A split-second later, he shook his head in denial.


“No no no, this lowly one wouldn’t dare!”


Sword Eminence Ming Yu is currently scantily dressed. With her womanly parts flashing from time to time, the sight of her caused his sanity to go down bit by bit.


This woman knew how to work her charms, not a lot of males can resist her when she’s serious about seducing someone.


Ye XingHe is confused, is she really going to let him go?


After being touched by Sword Eminence Ming Yu, the figure in black lost his composure and guard, he’s completely defenseless. Sword Eminence Ming Yu used a blade she took out from somewhere and she slit the throat of the figure in black just like that.


The figure in black realized too late, blood gushed forth from the wound and he collapsed to the floor, he’s still wondering why Sword Eminence Ming Yu slit his throat. Never did the thought of falling into a honey trap occur in his mind.


Ye XingHe raised his guard immediately. He didn’t think she would still have concealed weapons on her. A drop of cold sweat dripped down the side of his head.


This woman is too dangerous.


“Why did you kill him? I thought he’s one of your guys.”


Ye XingHe’s vigilant attitude saddened Sword Eminence Ming Yu.


“He’s not one of my Divine Sword clansmen, he is affiliated with the royal families. If we follow him, he’s going to see through your cover and you would be in a very grave situation, death is the least of your worries.”


Sword Eminence Ming Yu explained.


“Why did you save me?”


Ye XingHe can’t believe how fast she turned good, it’s very suspicious to him.


Sword Eminence Ming Yu lowered her head, she started tearing up.


“I know you will find it hard to believe me. I understand that I am just a wicked and brazen woman in your eyes but I am someone who still remembers how to return good deeds with good intention. I owed an obligation to you, considering all things that happened.”


“I pulled you down with me when we fought near the cliff!”


Ye XingHe scanned her, the blade she had is now gone.


“That fall caused me to realize a lot of stuff. Ye XingHe, will you please let me be with you? I know I am older than you and I might not interest you but if you let me follow you, I don’t mind being a slave at your beck and call.”


She raised her head and she looked into Ye XingHe’s eyes.


“I might look like I am a loose woman but that’s just an act I use to protect myself. In this world where the stronger one speaks louder, as a woman, I am left with little choice: Either I stick to a strong person or I survive with my own strengths and wits. I grow weary and tired of all these people who sing praises around me. None seemed like a reliable partner, they are all after something, never have I seen someone with integrity and a heart as big as yourself.”


Ye XingHe analyzed her words. He can’t tell truth from lies, this could be dangerous. The figure in black got done in because he lost himself in her words.


“Sword Eminence Ming Yu, surely you jest.”


Ye XingHe laughed.


“I am serious!”


She growled at him.


“Enough, Sword Eminence Ming Yu, save your theatrics for someone else.”


He didn’t take her seriously.


Sword Eminence Ming Yu sighed in a lonely and tired manner.


“I see, I guess I have told one too many lies, now, even my truthful words fall on deaf ears.”


Ye XingHe replied.


“That is to be expected, you reap what you sow, ask yourself, were you ever so upfront?”


Sword Eminence Ming Yu wanted to cry, she truly didn’t want to return to her clan. That clan is always plotting against people on the inside or outside. It’s common for clan members to screw another person over for their own selfish gains.


She can still remember very vividly how her own brother drugged her when she’s sixteen. He drugged her and stripped her naked to be sent to a minister of the imperial family to earn the minister’s favor. Luckily for her, she was saved after she slit her wrist, preserving her innocence.


She learned a very harsh and cruel lesson. When you can’t even trust your own family member, you can only trust yourself to prevent being sacrificed like a lamb.


She employed a lot of methods to organize her own force, she used her looks in some cases and she used heinous plots in other cases, all to maintain her foothold in the clan. Although she has not done the deed with another male yet she still got dangerously close to going over the line. To others, she is a flirty woman who wouldn’t think twice about using vicious methods to get what she wants. Like a Jimsonweed, she’s as pretty as she is poisonous.


Is it really her fault that she’s like this? If so, she wants to sue the world for molding her into such an existence.


She’s just a weak woman who didn’t want to die a premature death. She refused to bow down to the powers that be so she has to harden up or be broken.


Ye XingHe’s words cut her pretty deep, coming from someone like him, his words rent her heart.


She let her tattered clothes fall off, exposing her nubile figure in front of Ye XingHe. She slowly approached him, showing that she had nothing to hide.


“Am I not pretty?”


Sword Eminence Ming Yu looked into his eyes.

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