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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 242: Zhou Huan’s identity

“Sword Eminence Ming Yu, your antics are ineffective, try it on someone else.”


Ye XingHe looked at Sword Eminence Ming Yu with composure. She’s very beautiful and alluring but so what? An Xue Yun, Shang Guan Xuan, and Xia Yu Ning are all just as beautiful as her if not more so. But, in Ye XingHe’s eyes, those 3 are all far superior to Sword Eminence Ming Yu.


Not even when I’m like this huh?


Sword Eminence Ming Yu dimmed down.


If he got done in by her charms that would just make Ye XingHe a man who is easily compromised. But, since it didn’t work, Sword Eminence Ming Yu didn’t know of any other methods to get him to trust her.


This is the first time in her life when she feels like a total loser.


Sword Eminence Ming Yu removed the clothes of the deceased figure in black. She dressed up but due to her curvy figure, the large-sized clothes barely concealed her figure.


“I will escort you out of here in 3 days’ time.”


Sword Eminence Ming Yu sighed. Maybe this is for the best, they will each go on their own paths, this might be the last time they see each other. However, this episode in her life will be her most unforgettable episode.


Ye XingHe nodded and he resumed cultivating. He’s still wary of Sword Eminence Ming Yu but seeing as she killed the figure in black, he believed that she’s not going to harm him for now. If she did want to kill him, a word to the figure in black and she could have easily finished Ye XingHe off.


The cave returned to its silent and calm state.


Sword Eminence Ming Yu cultivated awhile before looking at Ye XingHe who is also cultivating. The site where Ye XingHe whipped her is still aching. She’s experiencing a weird sensation, never had anyone been so harsh on disciplining her.


He was so harsh to her but she just can’t get Ye XingHe’s figure out of her head.


Ye XingHe felt someone looking at him so he opened his eyes only for Sword Eminence Ming Yu to look down while blushing. He frowned and he asked her.


“Sword Eminence Ming Yu, do you know someone called Zhou Huan?”


Ye XingHe asked her. She’s a prominent member of the Divine Sword Clan so she probably knows something that he doesn’t.


“Zhou Huan? The son of the crown prince?”


Sword Eminence Ming Yu flinched in surprise.


“He’s the grandson of the emperor?”


Ye XingHe mused.


“I get it now!”


Sword Eminence Ming Yu is astonished.


“I heard about the attack on Azure Feather Clan, the main aggressor is the Dragon Charior Army. Thinking back, why would a large army such as the Dragon Chariot Army assault a small clan like the Azure Feather Clan. I’ve also heard the news about imperial family hiring experts to deal with Azure Feather Clan.”


Sword Eminence Ming Yu is shocked at this revelation.


“What is going on here?”


“Zhou Huan is at Azure Feather Family isn’t he?”


Sword Eminence Ming Yu asked after connecting the dots.




Ye XingHe nodded.


“The emperor has been in power for more than 60 years. 10 years ago, he handed most of the governing affairs to his son, the crown prince. For some reason, the emperor changed drastically 3 years ago. He accused his son of abuse of power, executing him. The crown prince is known for being a right and just ruler. Without even giving him a chance to defend himself, he killed his own son. Then, he sent his close aides to search the Crown Prince’s abode, the crown prince’s wife took her own life before they can get to him. Meanwhile, the crown prince’s son went missing. The emperor has been sending flocks of experts and personnel to look for Zhou Huan all these years.”


Ye XingHe’s heart went cold. Even a viscious tiger would not eat its own cubs. This emperor must have gone crazy to execute the crown prince. As if that’s not enough, he’s even going after his own grandson, this is probably the tyranny that the northern Lord is fighting against.


The emperor’s pursuit of Zhou Huan, is it really just tying loose ends or could there be another reason?


Ye XingHe recalled the black stela he saw inside Zhou Huan’s dantian. Something tells him that it’s related to the white stela he has inside of him. This would mean that there’s a huge secret hidden in Zhou Huan.


What is the connection here?


Zhou Huan descended from the imperial family, he’s just a commoner. The steles must not have something to do with blood inheritance then.


He’s not sure how he’s going to solve this mystery.


“The emperor is heartless to his family member and woefully ignorant of the peasants’ woes. It’s only fitting that he’s surrounded by cold and calculating officials. To think he would kill his own son. The voices of the people are rising up, with the rebellion led by the Northern Lord, I think this empire’s luck has run out.”


Sword Eminence Ming Yu said in a tone of contempt.


“Where does the Divine Sword Clan stand on this matter?”


Ye XingHe looked at her.


“The Divine Sword Clan has always been the sword of the emperor. We killed whoever the emperor told us to kill. We do not directly involve ourselves in political upheavals, reformation and the war for the throne. There’s even a rumor that says whoever can kill the emperor will have the allegiance of the Divine Sword Clan.”


Sword Eminence Ming Yu said.


“That’s just wait-and-see with more steps, outstanding move on the part of Divine Sword Clan.”


Ye XingHe laughed. By claiming that the Divine Sword Clan is just carrying out orders, they can excuse themselves from any and all liabilities. Factions planning to take on the clan will only suffer loses with nothing to gain. Even if the political situation changed and the ruling empire is toppled, the Divine Sword Clan can just work with the next emperor and prosper from it.


“And, you would be right about that. Divine Sword Clan members will do anything for their own benefits.”


Sword Eminence Ming Yu said snidely.  She remembered how she was almost sacrificed when she’s sixteen. That minister was as fat as a pig, the thought of almost being violated by that minister disgusts her to this day. She took her revenge on that minister when she’s nineteen years old. In the cover of night, she plunged a dagger into that fat pig’s chest, nobody even linked the murder to her.


Ye XingHe didn’t peg her as someone who would talk so badly of her own clan.


“Don’t look at me like that, I’m different. I still have a place in my heart for people I treasure, including my mother and my adopted daughter.”


Sword Eminence Ming Yu pouted.


“You can look down on me all you want but don’t lump me in with the other clan members.”


Ye XingHe didn’t say anything. Maybe she is truly different from the other Divine Sword Clan members?


If only she didn’t try to kill him he would have an easier time believing her.


Perhaps, she wasn’t born evil and this fall from the cliff shocked her enough for her to realize the error in her ways?


“I don’t know what the emperor is planning but something tells me the emperor’s plot involves the heaven-piercing godly towers, especially the one in the capital.”


Sword Eminence Ming Yu said.


“The godly towers?”


Ye XingHe recalled the twelve towers that stretched into the sky. Nobody knew when the towers were constructed nor does anyone know why they were built. Legend has it that anyone who makes it to the top will be able to uncover the path to immortality.


The veracity of this legend was never confirmed by anyone.

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