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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 243: Fire

“Why are you so sure?”


Ye XingHe asked.


“He has everything in the world, riches, fame, power, what he lacks is the time to enjoy them. For him to kill his own son, immortality is probably the only thing that would motivate someone to commit filicide.”


Sword Eminence Ming Yu said with a cold smile.


“It would also explain why he kept hosting battle for the tower of gods.”


“What is this battle all about really?”


“The battle for the tower of gods is an event organized in every school, only the most talented ones are allowed to join this battle. Specifically, only the top 10 students who have gone through a period of roughly 3 months to 3 years’ preparation can enter the godly tower.”


“What’s inside?”


Ye XingHe kept asking. He didn’t come across much information regarding the tower.


“From what I’ve heard, the tower is filled with tons of treasures. From floor 1 to floor 5, a lot of experts claimed that they have seen and taken a lot of treasures. However, due to the extreme peril the tower poses to challengers, a lot of people who made it into floor 6 never came back.”


Sword Eminence Ming Yu continued.


“To live forever in perpetual youth, that is what many dream of. But, I wonder just how many people died for this pipedream.”


“What has filicide got to do with entering the tower?”


Ye XingHe couldn’t grasp the idea.


“I am not too sure about this but I do know one thing, the crown prince refused the emperor when he wanted to try something with Zhou Huan, that got the emperor really angry and led to where we are today.”


So it has something to do with Zhou Huan?


He has an idea why he needed Zhou Huan but it’s just speculation at this point.


It looks like he has to enter the tower to uncover the secret of the tower. He’s more worried about the experts the emperor is gathering to assault Azure Feather clan.


With the resources at the emperor’s disposal, he can hire as many experts as there are clouds in the sky. Azure Feather clan will be in trouble if he ignores this issue.


What if he’s too late? 


“I need to return now!”


Ye XingHe said in a grim tone.


“You have not recovered your power yet, I am afraid you won’t be of much use going back now. I should mention that the other envoys have set traps for you. If you go out, chances are slim that you will make it back in one piece.”


“Who is this envoy you speak of?”


“This envoy is a servant of the emperor, he went beyond the ninth heavenly realm, I think he’s at Deity realm or above in terms of cultivation. I say this after I saw him defeating 3 experts at the pinnacle of the ninth heavenly realm.”


Sword Eminence Ming Yu said. She tried to use her charms on the envoy in order to earn his fealty but this envoy placed no importance on satisfying his lust.


“An envoy of the emperor with the power to defeat 3 pinnacle ninth heavenly realm practitioners?”


Ye XingHe’s heart jumped at the thought of this troublesome individual. Maybe he’s like Shang Guan Xuan, an expert who has transcended the Ninth Heavenly Realm.”


He wondered if Shang Guan Xuan knew about this envoy.


Sword Eminence Ming Yu is cautioning Ye XingHe against attracting the wrath of this envoy.


He needs to regain his power faster, otherwise, there would be no home for him to return to.


At the moment, the Azure Feather Family…


The color of fire lit up the night sky, the whole Azure Feather Family is in chaos.


“Quickly! Put out the fires!”


The Azure Feather Family members are all busy getting buckets of water to put out the fires.


Ye Jun is busy searching for the culprit with a bunch of experts in tow.


“Listen up, this fire happened in the most abnormal time and manner. This is most likely an attack by our enemies, stay on guard.” 


He cupped his hands before addressing the experts with him.


“Be at ease, even if experts of Ninth Heavenly Realm came, us brothers will send them packing.”


Wei Tuo said.


The fire raged on until it burned down 10 residences. With help from everyone, the fire was contained and put out without much issue.


Aside from the fires, no murder or looting took place. Still assessing the situation, Ye Xingyun came running in a panic.


“Uncle, bad news.”


Ye Jun asked immediately.


“What happened?!”


“Zhou Huan’s gone!”


Ye XingYun anxiously replied.


“He’s gone?!”


Ye Jun slapped his leg, why didn’t he thought about this when the fire broke out? Since the fire was started intentionally, he should have considered that this is a ruse to divert attention from Zhou Huan’s abduction. Ye XingHe fought the Dragon Chariot army in order to protect Zhou Huan, clearly, he must have been important to the imperial family.


“Search, I order you guys to search the whole place. We must find him. The others are to search for him outside of Blue Carp Town!”


Ye Jun commanded.


With over ten thousand personnel mobilized, they failed to find Zhou Huan no matter how hard they searched.


Ye Jun felt very guilty for letting Zhou Huan get abducted.


His life could be in danger. He’s just a kid, if something happened to him, Ye Jun wouldn’t know what to think of himself.


Ye Jun issued the orders for spies placed in nearby cities to be on the lookout for any trace of Zhou Huan. Ye XingHe is still away, he placed him in charge and this happens. He felt very ashamed of himself for this, he didn’t know how he can face Ye XingHe at this rate.


In the same day, the Northern Lord’s mansion went up in flames. The fire is on another scale compared to the one in Azure Feather Family. The night was dyed in a grim shade of red from the fires.


The Northern Lord observed the fires assaulting his dominion with a light frown. This fire started in a very suspicious manner.


“My lord, the mansion is in disarray, I reckon intruders will come in here for you. Let me escort you to the inner courtyard.”


Fan Tian Gang said with a knee to the ground.


“Very well.”


He was about to leave with Fan Tian Gang and his other bodyguards when…


Shoo shoo shoo


Figures in black scaled the walls and surrounded them in their room.


“Enemies, protect the liege at all costs!”


Fan Tian Gang rallied his comrades after drawing his weapon. They got into a defensive formation with Xia Lie at the center.


In the loft of this tower, there are only 20 guards including Fan Tian Gang. They are all practitioners at the Eighth Heavenly Realm or above. Each of them would happily die for the Northern Lord Xia Lie.


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