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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 244: I hope we meet again

A large melee occurred between the figures in black and Xia Lie’s party.


“These people are all Ninth Heavenly Realms, run, my liege!”


Fan Tian Gang urged.


Xia Lie frowned, these people are all brothers who have been through hell and back with him, they go way back, how can he abandon them like this.


Before he can react, a figure streak across the hall and appeared by his side. The figure slammed his fist against Xia Lie’s chest.




He got sent away like a puppet with its strings cut. This enemy is so powerful that even with his peak Ninth Heavenly Realm strength, he still got sent flying with little effort. When did the imperial family get their hands on such a powerful practitioner?


“I’m Huo Yan, one of the seven godly envoys serving the great and powerful emperor. The emperor dictates that the Northern Lord Xia Lie presents himself in the capital.”


Huo Yan said.


Slammed against the wall, Xia Lie vomited blood from his injuries.


“My liege!”


Fan Tian Gang wanted to guard Xia Lie but 3 ninth Heavenly Realm individuals blocked him.


Envoy Huo Yan picked up Xia Lie and he disappeared after leaping into the night sky.


The ninth Heavenly Realm experts retreated into the darkness as well.


“Pursue them!”


Fan Tian Gang roared. He led his men outside.


They never found Xia Lie or the figures in black. They had been abruptly attacked and their lord taken into custody. Fan Tian Gang took over temporary command of the Northern Lord’s faction. He hid the news of Xia Lie’s capture so as to not invoke more chaos.


Fan Tian Gang didn’t know what the hell is a godly envoy. That Yan Huo actually subdued his liege who had peak ninth Heavenly Realm power, quite easily, for that matter.


The Northern Lord’s fate would be a grim one if he is really sent to the capital. Fan Tian Gang ordered his men to put the few cities en route to the capital in lockdown, hopefully, this would be able to smoke the intruders out. However, this measure would probably be ineffective since the targets are people who are at least at the ninth Heavenly Realm or above.


The Northern Lord’s mansion continued operating as usual but it is a fact that the faction has lost its core.


A relay station situated between Mystic Note Town and Ancestral Sky Town.


Princess Hong Ye and Xia Yu Ning have been living here for the past few days but they still haven’t seen Ye XingHe.


Xia Yu Ning is totally flipping out right now. She’s worried and anxious about Ye XingHe’s safety. If Ye XingHe died, she swore to follow him in death.


Seeing her anguished expression, Princess Hong Ye tried to assuage her.


“Yu Ning, fret not. I believe that the heavens will smile upon Young Master Ye’s good deeds.”


Princess Hong Ye remembered that Shang Guan Xuan disappeared as well. She prayed that no harm comes to Shang Guan Xuan as well.


The two of them had their own worries to deal with.


As usual, they put on male clothes and they waited patiently in the hotel’s lobby, always wary of anyone who came in.


A waiter came over and he looked at Princess Hong Ye and Xia Yu Ning. These two young masters had been lodging here for quite a few days, he wonders just who is it that they are waiting for. These two young masters looked too handsome, surely their identities must not be simple.


“What can I get for the two young masters today?”


The waiter asked.


“Any meal will do.”


Xia Yu Ning dismissed the waiter with an impatient tone.


“Very well then, please wait.”


Suddenly, they spotted two horses on the horizon.


Xia Yu Ning got up and she confirmed the first rider as Ye XingHe. She lit up in joy.


“It’s XingHe, he’s back!”


When they saw the second rider, their expressions darkened.


“Why is she here?”


Xia Yu Ning is puzzled, why is Ye XingHe traveling with Sword Eminence Ming Yu.


“Is Young Master Ye forced to cooperate with her? Yu Ning, we better tread carefully.”


Princess Hong Ye said with raised eyebrows.


“Impossible, Ye XingHe would never sell people out just because he’s coerced.”


Xia Yu Ning said in a steadfast manner.


After placing the horses in the stable beside the hotel, Ye XingHe jumped down.


Xia Yu Ning is so happy she’s on the verge of tears. She opened her arms wide and she glomped Ye XingHe, she held on tightly as if she would never let go.


Ye XingHe chuckled, Xia Yu Ning’s feminine smell tickled his nose, her warmth felt so familiar and amiable. After returning from the ravine, it’s like he’s been reincarnated.


Sword Eminence Ming Yu felt sour when she saw how familiar the two are with each other. The two of them looked very well together, like a pair matched in heaven. Meanwhile, she might be a great individual but that doesn’t change the fact that she’s someone who is close to the age of 30, to them, she would look too old to stand by Ye XingHe’s side as a partner.


Sword Eminence Ming Yu sighed in pain. She recalled how tumultuous her teenage years were. Setbacks and betrayals that made her see her own sect as a despicable one. 


How nice it would be if I had met you when I was 16….


Now that her youth is a distant past, she can only accept her destiny, a destiny of pain and suffering.


She envied and admired Xia Yu Ning. But, this is fate. She gazed at Ye XingHe’s back and she silently thanked him.


No matter what, this is all thanks to you, Ye XingHe.


Princess Hong Ye remained wary of Sword Eminence Ming Yu. She didn’t understand her docile nature, she’s out for their lives just a few days ago. Now, she escorted Ye XingHe back as if she’s turned over a new leaf.


The waiter arrived with the dishes, when he saw Xia Yu Ning and Ye XingHe hugging, he jumped in surprise. Every day, we stray further away from god, to think he would witness the scene of two dudes hugging each other like lovers.


Sword Eminence Ming Yu gave them a radiant smile.


“I have finished my duty of bringing him safely back, it’s time I go.”


A hint of sadness leaked from her smile.


She’s going to return to the cold place called the Divine Sword Clan. Just the thought of it chilled her heart and evoked a sense of loneliness in herself.


Her beauty could make cities fall into ruins, yet she never found her fated one. 


I wanted to marry a noble man who could fight just as well as he is refined in personality, now, look at me.


She thought too highly of herself. She thought the world revolved around her until the world lashed her with harsh lessons. To survive, she needed to learn how to be cruel, how to be even meaner than her opponent.


In front of Princess Hongye and Xia Yu Ning, she didn’t want to let them see her cry.


Sword Eminence Ming Yu took another deep look at Ye XingHe and she cupped her hands with honest respect.


“Farewell, if fate would have it, I hope to see you again in the future!”


She got on her horse, turned the horse the other way, and she whipped the horse.

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