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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 245: Stray dog

The horse stirred up the dust along the road as it ran.


Sword Eminence Ming Yu can’t hold back the tears anymore, she cried like a little girl.


Farewell, Ye XingHe. Through fate’s machination, it seems we aren’t meant to be this lifetime, maybe in another life. How I wish I met you back when I was sixteen.


Sword Eminence Ming Yu sped away too suddenly, Ye XingHe wanted to tell her something but he only managed to say “Hope to see you again.”


Xia Yu Ning glanced at Sword Eminence Ming Yu’s direction and she asked him in confusion.


“Ye XingHe, why did you come here with that detestable woman? More like, why did she escort you, did you coerce her into doing that?”


Xia Yu Ning is very bewildered, to say the least.


“It’s a long story.”


Ye XingHe thought about it and he sighed.


Princess Hong Ye looked at the direction in which Sword Eminence Ming Yu fled. She commented with pursed lips.


“The way she’s running, it’s like she’s a dog without a master.”


Ye XingHe felt a bit sad when he thought about it. It’s probably because he spent a few days with her and he got to see more of her that nobody saw.


“That woman, she wasn’t as bad as I thought.”


Ye XingHe mused out loud. That’s about as concise as he can get, he couldn’t find any words to further describe her.


Xia Yu Ning is still puzzled but she knew that Ye XingHe didn’t have a thing with Sword Eminence Ming Yu. She’s a bad woman and definitely not his type.


“Alright, let’s be on our way.”


Ye XingHe said.


The three of them rode on horses and they made their way back towards TianZong City. Bai Ya also came to greet them soon after they left the relay station. He whined when Ye XingHe petted him, he brought along a bunch of demonic wolves ranging around the Seventh and Eighth Heavenly Realm.


In order to avoid gaining unwanted attention, Xia Yu Ning made Bai Ya law low in the forests near the relay station. It didn’t take long for Bai Ya to gather a few more subordinates.


Ye XingHe can’t help but smile when he saw Bai Ya.


The three of them rode into the sunset on wolves.


“Greetings, Esteemed envoy.”


Sword Eminence Ming Yu got down on one knee.


The envoy looked at Sword Eminence Ming Yu with a cold glance. He also glanced at Lin Yu who looked like someone beat him up real good. His frosty tone had a hint of anger in it.


“Trashes, do you two realize the gravity of losing the Heavenly Violet Gauze Robe and the Frost Dragon Scale Armor?”


“If I may be so impudent as to rebut, the enemy is too sly, a moment’s carelessness led to their escapes.”


Sword Eminence Ming Yu replied in a respectful tone.


The envoy looked haggard, Sword Eminence Ming Yu is honestly surprised that someone roughed up this envoy who is ranked number 2 among the 7 envoys serving the divine emperor. His name is Lei Yuan, a practitioner of the rare art that manipulated lightning, to think he would return in such a wounded state.


Just who in the world clobbered this envoy?


“A moment’s carelessness or was it an intentional slip-up on your end?”


Lei Yun grabbed a chin in a furious manner. He roared at her.


“Look me in the eyes, when you address me!”


Sword Eminence Ming Yu looked at this person. She tried using her charms on him before but now she felt disgusted and defiled for trying to seduce him. He grabbed her chin so hard it’s like he’s trying to break her jaw.


“Esteemed envoy, their strength exceeded our imagination. They also used supreme treasures to escape, given the situation, there was little we could do to prevent that.”


Sword Eminence Ming Yu ground her teeth when she continued.


“Esteemed envoy also had a hard time after underestimating them, isn’t that right?”


“Ming Yu, to think you have the galls to talk back to me!”


Lei Yun looked like someone made him eat dirt, he pinched so hard that Sword Eminence Ming Yu’s chin started bruising.


“Esteemed envoy, this lowly one wouldn’t dare!”


Sword Eminence Ming Yu panicked, she had to endure the pain.




Lei Yun slapped Sword Eminence Ming Yu, a red slap mark appeared on her jade white cheek.


“I am going to give you 3 days. You will capture them failing which, I think you already know the consequences.”


Lei Yun snorted and he turned around to leave. Sword Eminence Ming Yu is a prominent member of the Divine Sword Clan so he can’t do with her as he pleased unless he’s ready to face the music.


Sword Eminence Ming Yu glanced at Lei Yun with a hateful glare. When he finally left, her fingers were pale from Sword Eminence Ming Yu clenching her fists too hard. Such humiliation!


If she had the power, she would rip Lei Yun into ribbons.


“Aunty, why did you let that rascal run away?!”


Lin Yu grumbled with a frown.


Sword Eminence Ming Yu took a glimpse at Lin Yu. She had just been slapped by Lei Yun and now not only did this nephew not ask about her well-being, but he’s also busy complaining about how she didn’t capture Ye XingHe. She recalled that Lin Yu’s father is the one who sold her out for his own benefit.


“If you’re that capable, you should go catch him yourself!”


Sword Eminence Ming Yu left him with that cold sentence.


Lin Yu’s eyes flashed with a cold glint. He chased after Sword Eminence Ming Yu with a forced smile.


“Aunty, Lei Yun might act all high and mighty but I reckon he is already mystified by your appearance.”


His flattering only served to make Sword Eminence Ming Yu more disgusted.


Divine Sword Clan is like a pit of vipers. A shit hole that stank up to high heaven. She adapted to the environment because she rarely left the clan. Recently, she started waking up from the illusion that everyone’s like that outside of the clan. Other people lived a completely different life compared to her. For instance, Xia Yu Ning who is deeply cared for by Ye XingHe.


She didn’t want to return. That place only evokes bad memories for her.


The experts around Xuan Yin (Mystic Note) town retreated. They searched high and low for Xia Yu Ning, Ye XingHe, and Princess Hong Ye but Sword Eminence Ming Yu never told anyone that Ye XingHe had already left long before they started searching.


Back at Azure Feather Family…


Ye XingHe, Xia Yu Ning, and Princess Hong Ye stepped into the family compound and a group of people led by Ye Jun approached.


“Xing He, I am so useless, I am so sorry!”


Ye Jun sighed.


“Patriarch, what is wrong?”


Ye XingHe asked.


“3 days ago, Azure Feather Family suffered a minor fire, in the process of putting out the fire, we found out that Zhou Huan went missing.”


Ye Jun blamed himself for this.


“Zhou Huan went missing?”


Ye XingHe frowned. The fire must have something to do with Zhou Huan’s disappearance. They used the fire as a distraction to abduct Zhou Huan. He’s the son of the crown prince, this abduction must have been the work of the experts sent by the emperor.”


“This is all because of my oversight!”


Ye Jun grumbled.

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