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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 247: A lead

Fan Tian Gang lifted his head, he smashed his head against the floor.


“Milady, my liege would be furious if he found out I came here. But, I believe you have the right to know regardless. My liege… he’s been captured by the emperor. I implore milady to come back and lead the Northern Lord’s faction in my liege’s absence.”


Fan Tian Gang’s words surprised Xia Yu Ning.


“Spit it out, what happened?”


Xia Lie got captured?


Ye XingHe is astounded by how swiftly the imperial family struck. They captured Zhou Huan and Xia Lie so easily despite heavy defenses in both compounds.


As expected of the imperial family, their might is not to be underestimated.


“The Northern Lord’s mansion caught fire and a bunch of figures in black sneaked in and subdued my liege.”


Fan Tian Gang continued blaming himself.


“I failed as a guard!”


Xia Yu Ning is panicking after hearing the news of her father’s capture. She looked at Ye XingHe anxiously.


“XingHe, what should we do? My father, he’s…”


Xia Yu Ning started sobbing.


Princess Hong Ye consoled  Xia Yu Ning.


“Yu Ning, you must stay calm, they didn’t kill your father on the spot, this means that they wanted him alive for some reason. Right now, we need to come up with a plan to rescue your father!”




Xia Yu Ning nodded.


Ye XingHe asked Fan Tian Gang.


“General Fan, what is the Ex-mayor Xia doing?”


“The great elder is currently going around gathering information on my liege’s whereabouts.”


Fan Tian Gang replied.


“General FAn, I am afraid your liege has been sent to the capital. More probing on our end will only waste time and power.”


Ye XingHe continued.


“I have an idea, I am going to sneak into the capital with Yu Ning in disguise, we will rescue the Lord. As for maintaining the Northern Lord’s faction, I want you to request Great Elder Xia’s help in keeping the status quo.”


Xia Lie is Xia Yu Ning’s father. No matter how dangerous it is, he must save him.


Fan Tian Gang asked Ye XingHe.


“Young Master Ye, your journey to the capital will be filled with danger, should we arrange for experts to come along with you two?”


“Too many personnel will only increase the risk of being exposed.”


Ye XingHe shook his head.


“Be at ease, I will see to it that the young lady’s safety remains the top priority.”


Fan Tian Gang acquiesced.


“If that’s the case, I wish Young Master Ye all the best.”


After sending Fan Tian Gang & co away, Azure Feather Family started getting busy in preparation for Ye XingHe & co’s departure to the capital.


“Princess Hong Ye, I am afraid you will have to stay behind this time. Your identity is a troublesome one.”


Ye XingHe said in a blatant manner.


Princess Hong Ye frowned.


“Yu Ning’s family is very close to my family, family members help each other when they are in trouble, how can I sit idly by?”


“Please, if Princess Hong Ye followed us, you will be of more trouble than help.”


Ye XingHe bitterly smiled.


Princess Hong Ye is frustrated. Ye XingHe’s words rubbed her the wrong way but she can’t deny the truth in his words. With her two ninth heavenly realm guards dead, her power is insufficient to help them.


“I will send some people to escort Princess Hong Ye back to Xiwu empire.”


Ye XingHe said.


Princess Hong Ye shook her head.


“I only request that you send a group of seven and eighth Heavenly Realm experts to Lulin town. We have Xiwu experts stationed there. Your resources should be focused on your trip to the capital. I will arrange for more experts to aid you when I get back.”


Ye XingHe cupped his hands.


“I thank the venerable princess in advance.”


“Yu Ning, don’t be too sad. The Lord is an honorable man, the heavens will surely smile upon his fate.”


Princess Hong Ye assured Xia Yu Ning.




Xia Yu Ning wiped away her tears as she nodded.


She has to toughen up if they are going to save her father.


Ye XingHe arranged for a bunch of people to escort Princess Hong Ye.


Ye XingHe has a faint feeling that all this has got something to do with the battle of the tower of gods. Ye XingHe thought about it and he sent a few people to invite Vice-principal Xu on his trip to the capital. The vice-principal always wanted him to participate in the battle of the godly tower, the battle royale should be happening soon so it coincided with his trip to the capital.


Besides, Ye XingHe, Xia Yu Ning, and Vice-principal Xu, he also brought along Wei Tuo brothers. With 3 ninth Heavenly Realm practitioners at his side, he should be able to pull off more stunts.


He left Bai Ya and his demonic wolves comrade back in Blue Carp Town. Bai Ya is too conspicuous for this operation.


“Elder patriarch, if a lady or young master by the name of Shang Guan Xuan comes along, please tell him or her that we are heading towards the capital.”


Ye XingHe instructed Ye Jun.


“A young lady or young master?”


Ye Jun is puzzled.


“She’s a lady but she can also cross-dress.”


Ye XingHe explained.


“I see.”


Ye Jun nodded with a smile.


After making their preparations, Ye XingHe & co disguised themselves before heading out.


Yunhai peaks, Divine Sea Hall Branch.


A bunch of builds shrouded in the mist and clouds of the peaks appeared from time to time.


In grey robes, the person sat on his solemn throne. His expression is shielded from view by his hood, his cold aura caused people around him to instinctively look away.


It’s Lin Hong.


To the two sides of the hall stood 10 experts. These 10 experts avoided Lin Hong’s sight. Lin Hong’s cultivation soared with leaps and bounds to a shocking degree. Now that the original lord of Divine Sea Hall, the Spirit Lord is gone, he took command of Divine Sea Hall, cleansing the sect of individuals who are loyal to the previous lord.


Lin Hong’s savage methods ensured his smooth ascension to the spirit lord’s throne. His shocking strength also played a significant factor.


They all feared and respected Lin Hong. They personally know people who died horribly for trying to go against Lin Hong.


Only Lin Hong knows just how much he paid to ascend the throne as Sect master.


“Sect master, we have got leads on Lin Kuan’s case file.”


A figure in black scale armor respectfully reported.


“Speak up.”


Lin Hong let him go on.


His father’s death had always haunted him. After ascending the throne, he set his men out to investigate the truth about his father’s death. Finally, a modicum of news.

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