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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 248: Imperial Institute

“Years ago, the Northern Lord returned in a triumphant victory. The divine emperor felt threatened. He turned a blind eye when his eunuchs killed Lin Kuan in the prison. To get justice for his subordinate, the Northern Lord led his army upon the eunuchs but the emperor struck first by putting the Northern Lord under house arrest. He even went so far as to force her wife into suicide by dishonoring her. In the end, the Northern Lord deserted the capital.”


The subordinate presented his findings while being wary of stepping on Lin Hong’s toes.


He hated the Northern Lord all this time due to a misunderstanding. The real mastermind that instigated all this was the emperor himself.


Lin Hong grabbed tightly onto his armrest to stop himself from flying into a blind rage. Yet, his eyes still burn with vengeful flames. He will have the emperor for everything.


“If I may be so bold, there’s another matter I think warrants attention. We’ve received news that someone set the northern Lord’s mansion on fire and kidnapped the Northern Lord. As of now, the Northern Lord Xia Lie’s location remains unknown. Your brother, Ye XingHe left Azure Feather Family and is leading a group of individuals on a trip to the capital, we guess that they are going to rescue Xie Lie.”


Lin Hong looked at everyone in the hall. He ordered them.


“Listen up, gather all the practitioners who are eighth Heavenly Realm or above, we will depart in 3 days’ time in 20 groups. We will infiltrate the capital.”


It’s time he gave the emperor a visit.


He’s been absorbing a lot of power using his necromancer powers. His strength grew a lot and he had exceeded the ninth Heavenly Realm. Due to the feedback of the technique, he suffered agonizing pain every night. Now, he has no more than 5 years of life left in him.


If he didn’t take revenge on the emperor now, he would never get the chance again.


His hatred got Lin Hong through cultivating as a nether practitioner. He drew strength from his desire for vengeance. Now that he knew who he had to bring down, how can he sit without doing anything?


The experts of the Divine Sea Hall started mobilizing, they all headed towards the capital.


Two months passed, the news of Xia Lie’s capture leaked out despite the best attempts of the Northern Lord’s faction to suppress the news. The other armies who are rallying to rebel also chose a wait-and-see approach after hearing this news.


Each faction sent strong individuals to investigate Xia Lie’s whereabouts in the capital. Meanwhile, other factions wanted to save Xia Lie.


The hidden dragons of the Zhou empire started stirring.


They more or less know that the imperial family is the one behind Xia Lie’s capture. Lacking the official declaration from the imperial family, however, makes it look like Xia Lie just disappeared. With no further news, everyone had no clue where Xia Lie is being held at nor his condition right now.


The capital, a city with magnificent buildings and majestic structures.


The capital is divided into rings known as the imperial palace, inner regions,  outer regions, and 16 buffer cities. The imperial family members lived in the imperial palace. It is the most heavily guarded circle followed by the inner regions where the major nobles lived along with prominent sects and clans. The outer regions are home to rich businessmen, smaller nobles, and other middle-class individuals. Lastly, peasants lived in the 16 burgs.


If anything happens, the sixteen burgs are left to their own device. Meanwhile, a small amount of the military force is assigned to the outer regions. Most of the military force is focused on protecting the inner regions.


It’s not easy to get into the inner regions. One would need an official pass to do so. Even if someone manages to get their hands on an entry pass, if they raised an alarm, they would only get trapped in the inner region without inside assistance.


Outer regions, in a cafe.


“XingHe, we’ve been probing around for so many days but nobody has any idea where my father is currently being kept at.”


Xia Yu Ning said.


“We can’t even enter the inner region. What do we do now?”


She’s not sure if her father’s still alive or not. She’s worried sick for her father. There’s not much they can do, they came in disguise so they can’t use their original identities. Not to mention, they are planning on breaking out someone who went against the emperor. It’s not going to be easy for them to sneak into the inner region.


“Calm down, I am currently contacting Hu Yan Zhuo, I know he’s someone we can trust, he can bring us into the inner region.”


Ye XingHe told Xia Yu Ning. Now that they are at the capital, they have to rely on Hu Yan Zhuo.


A normal friend wouldn’t be able to help them much. Who would dare risk the extermination of their clan or family for their friends?


In any case, they saved Hu Yan Zuo so it’s time to test if Hu Yan Zhuo is trustworthy.


“Lately, a lot of individuals of power gathered in the capital. The battle of the godly towers is also very close. I feel like something big is going to happen with this many experts around.”


Ye XingHe mused. What is that emperor planning?


Vice-principal Xu came along as they finished up their talk. He said to Ye XingHe.


“XingHe, I just received an invite from the imperial institute, I can bring disciples along to prepare for the battle of the godly tower, are you up for it?”


“The Imperial Institute?”


Ye XingHe recognized that this institute is located in the inner region.


“Master, can we go in too?”


“Of course, I am the Vice-Principal of Tian Xin institute. I can bring along 10 people with me. But, they told me that we can only stay in the Imperial Institute, we can’t wander around.”


Vice-principal Xu knew why both Ye XingHe and Xia Yu Ning came. But, he’s adamant about helping them out.


Ye XingHe is his prized pupil, he is not wanting in both talent and cultivation, he’s already treating Ye XingHe like his own son.


“I can’t express how thankful I am!”


Ye XingHe is moved by Vice-principal Xu’s gesture. He felt guilty for not being able to repay Vice-principal Xu for all that he has done for him.


“Thank you very much, Vice-principal Xu!”


Xia Yu Ning is also very grateful.


“Then we head out at dawn, to the Imperial Institute! Before that, I think you two should rest up.”


He smiled at them.


Vice-principal Xu closed the door after he left.


“Let’s do some twin cultivation!”


Xia Yu Ning said while blushing very hard. She raised her head to look at Ye XingHe.


Stopping for just a moment, he nodded. He’s already used to doing it with her. He stripped down and he entered the bathtub.


Ye XingHe soaked in the water, he started running simulations after simulations of them saving Xia Lie. The water rippled after the sound of clothes hitting the floor came behind him. Xia Yu Ning entered the bathtub with him.


He could feel soft skin pressing up against him. What’s more surprising, however, is that Xia Yu Ning started hugging Ye XingHe, she wrapped her arms around his. But, he paid more attention to her bountiful hooters threatening to overwhelm his brain region in charge of tactile sensations.


“Xinghe, I am truly indebted to you. If you’re not here, I wouldn’t know how to go on.”


Xia Yu Ning started sobbing as streams of tears flowed down her cheeks.

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