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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 249: Who else have you laid your hands on?


Ye XingHe is trying his hardest to resist her advance.


She deserted her position as successor to the Northern Lord’s position and she was there through his trials and tribulations as a trusted comrade. She has done so much for him. Ye XingHe liked Xia Yu Ning’s straight-shooting attitude. He also admired her strength and fortitude. Can he really keep hurting her by rejecting her?


However, another figure appeared in his mind. It’s the figure of An Xue Yun whos kindness and warmth knew no bounds.


He wondered how is she doing right now.


Anxiety and worry crept into his mind when he started thinking about An Xue Yun. He regrets not being able to fulfill his promise to her.


He didn’t want to let down any of these two girls.


Ye XingHe embraced her and he patted her back.


“Yu Ning, mark my words, I will save your father for sure!”


Ye XingHe assured her.




Xia Yu Ning kept sobbing.


The room slowly turned quiet, they can hear each other’s breathing.


Suddenly, a figure appeared by the window.


“Who’s there?!”


Ye XingHe yelled. He immediately shielded Xia Yu Ning from view. When he had a good look of the figure, he fell speechless. The figure is none other than An Xue Yun!


An Xue Yun looks like she had turned into a fairy, her white silky veil only made her more appealing. It’s like she’s a goddess who descended from the mountains.


“Xue Yun, you’re fine, I can’t believe it!”


Ye XingHe’s eyes started turning red.


He’s been worried sick about An Xue Yun. He sent a lot of people out to search for news of An Xue Yun, he never thought he would meet her in a place like this.


He promised to save An Xue Yun but he never got to fulfill his promise when she disappeared without a trace. He didn’t even know if she was still alive.


When she got taken away, she was brought to Yu Lan Palace presided over by none other than the martial goddess Tian Yin herself. There, she found out about her ancestry. Apparently, her mother is the younger sister of the martial goddess. Her mother betrayed her sect by deserting the Yu Lan palace. Out of love for her husband, she threw away her identity as an important member of the Yu Lan palace. In the end, she died in obscurity, far from her own home.


After being rescued, she spent almost every day thinking about Ye XingHe. She came to the capital because she had business here. After poking around, she found out that Ye XingHe stayed in this hotel.


She never thought that their reunion would turn out like this. It would seem like Xia Yu Ning and Ye XingHe got together.


Since the scene is rather stimulating, An Xue Yun turned her head the other direction.


“Xue Yun, I can…”


Ye XingHe didn’t know how to explain the situation to her.


“I already know.”


An Xue Yun turned her back towards the two of them. A sad glint flashed in her eyes.


“I came here to warn you two, the imerpial family is already on to you two but they are not doing anything for some reason.”


“Xue Yun, you’re my best friend so I…”


Xia Yu Ning felt guilty about this. Was she to blame for falling in love with the same person her best friend loved? She knew she should give up on him but she just couldn’t.


A drop of tear rolled down An Xue Yun’s cheek.


An Xue Yun forced herself to smile.


“You don’t need to say anything, I get it.”


An Xue Yun started heading for the exit.


“An Xue Yun, you stand right there, are you going to run away like this?”


Xia Yu Ning yelled at her.


“Running? I am not running from anything!”


An Xue Yun shook her head in denial. She used all her mental strength to sound as calm as possible.


“I have to thank you two no matter what. After entering the Yu Lan Palace, I found my true self. I found my dream. It is to live independently like Martial Goddess Tian Yin uninhibited by social norms, love or feelings. I came here to say goodbye to you two in addition to giving you two a warning. After this disturbance in the capital dies down, I am going back to Yu Lan Palace to cultivate in seclusion.”


Ye XingHe’s head started aching. He knew she’s not going to believe him no matter what he said. Staring at her back, his heart started hurting like somebody is tearing it to pieces.


“Yu Ning, I heard about your father. I am going to get the people at Yu Lan Palace to investigate about your father’s whereabouts. If I come across any clue, I will immediately send people over to inform you.”


An Xue Yun continued walking towards the exit.


“Xue Yun, where can we find you?”


Ye XingHe asked her. Today’s not the right day, he’s going to wait for An Xue Yun to calm down and then properly explain it to her.


“There is no need for you two to find me, I will find you if I need to.”


An Xue Yun took flight and she disppeared into the night.


Her white figure flew through the night sky.


An Xue Yun looked back and she sighed.


She can’t exactly put her finger on it but this throbbing pain inside her is hurting so much she can’t stop the tears from coming out.


With Yu Ning by your side, I would just be messing things up if I entered the picture.


The night ended just like that.


When dawn came, Ye XingHe and Xia Yu Ning already packed up their stuff. With Wei Tuo brothers escorting them, they followed Vice-principal Xu as they made their way towards the Imperial Institute.


Ye XingHe looked like he didn’t get a good rest. Noticing his depression, Xia Yu Ning hesitated before she tried to coax him.


“XingHe, I know you’re worried but An Xue Yun won’t do anything stupid. I will make sure to properly explain it to her the next time we meet.”


Xia Yu Ning’s heart throbbed in pain.


Ye XingHe shoo his head.


“No, this is all my fault. You two are blameless in this. It’s because I just can’t make up my mind. By failing to choose between An Xue Yun and you, I have caused immeasurable anguish for you two. I kept thinking about preposterous notions like having multiple wives. I know this is only to be expected of simps but I can’t break myself out of this bind.”


“You already have Xue Yun and I, you’re telling me you want more? Speak, who do you have on your mind? Is it that vixen Shang Guan Xuan?”


Xia Yu Ning stood with arms akimbo as she questioned him with a glare.


Ye XingHe is flabbergasted by her.


Wait, how did Shang Guan Xuan enter this discussion?


“Ugh, I knew it. Men are just the worst. You should take a page from a loyal man like my father, I bet you won’t find a single man like him anywhere in the world. I know it’s normal for people of power to have more than 1 wife but if you think I am going to do nothing when you try to pull your moves on girls other than Xue Yun and I then you’ve got another thing coming, specifically, for your groin, I will end you and your Johnny. So, you better watch yourself.”


Ye XingHe heard her words loud and clear. The message got transmitted in chills throughout his body, especially the place where the sun don’t shine.


Come now, let’s not get violent.

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