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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 250: Battle of the tower of gods

Vice-principal Xu grinned when he saw the two young lovebirds bickering with each other.


Ye XingHe and Xia Yu Ning complemented each other well, they’d make the perfect couple.


The Wei Tuo brothers followed behind the three of them. The three of the brothers are very robust in stature.


They still attracted attention despite trying to lay low. Ye XingHe had a feeling somebody is following them but he can’t pinpoint their location despite looking back from time to time.


It is as An Xue Yun said, the imperial family is already onto them. However, Ye XingHe is puzzled as to why they aren’t doing anything against them yet. With their power and influence, it should be rather easy for the imperial family to capture them.


Maybe they had another plot lined up for them?


They came all the way to the capital to save Xia Yu Ning’s father. They won’t give up this easily.


Led by Vice-principal Xu, they entered the inner region through a security checkpoint. The first thing they noted is the tight security in place here, almost everywhere they looked, a guard is patrolling or standing guard. Another notable feature of this region is the prevalence of large mansions and complexes built here. Each of the buildings looked grander than the last.


“Aside from the Eight Great Houses, the Divine Sword Clan, there are also vassals and other aristocrats living here.”


Xia Yu Ning whispered.


Ye XingHe nodded. They walked on the stone road with a few opulent carriages passing by now and then. There are attendants and guards following the carriages from behind. It’s rare to see people traveling on foot like Ye XingHe.


After walking for about an hour, a large building that made other buildings look small in comparison finally appeared in their line of sight. This building had another similarly impressive buildings adjacent to it, making it look like the imperial palace.


“That’s the imperial palace?! It has to be, only people that rich can live in homes that huge!”


Wei Tuo exclaimed. This trip really opened his eyes, he had never been to such a fancy region before.


“That’s not the palace, it’s the Imperial Institute, trust me when I say the imperial palace is even larger in area and grander in design.”


That’s just the Imperial Institute, not the imperial, you say? Wei Tuo and his brother all can’t help but imagine how the real thing looked like.


If what she said is true, then they can’t even begin to fathom what the real thing looks like.


After entering the school gates, they immediately encountered their guide.


“Hello, Vice-principal Xu, I have been assigned to guide you and your company around the institute, my name’s Lin Zhong.”


Lin Zhong bowed in deference. He gave them a friendly smile.


“Counselor Lin Zhong didn’t have to come all the way to greet us. We thank you deeply for your diligence.”


Vice-principal Xu waved to Ye XingHe and Xia Yu Ning.


“This is my disciples, Xin Yun and Yu Yan, pay your respects to counselor Lin Zhong, he’s a disciple of the Divine Sword Clan.”


Using aliases, the two of them greeted the guide.


“Pleasure to meet you, Counselor Lin Zhong.”


Ye XingHe and Xia Yu Ning cupped their fists with their palms.


So Lin Zhong hailed from the Divine Sword Clan.




Lin Zhong didn’t give them too much attention. Since they are disciples from a normal institute, he only paid the amount of respect due considering Vice-principal Xu’s status. If he’s not here, he can’t even be bothered with talking to them.


However, the Wei Tuo brothers got his attention. These 3 are forces not to be trifled with.


“Ah, yes, these three brothers are servants of my two disciples.”


Vice-principal Xu smiled.


Lin Zhong revised his attitude, he assumed the brothers were teachers who tagged along with Vice-principal Xu. he never pegged the brothers as servants for the two disciples. Looks like these two came from an extraordinary background.


“Please, after you.”


Lin Zhong bowed down and he gestured for them to follow him.


He led them into the Imperial Institute’s courtyard.


“Many talented students and teachers gathered here from all over our great Zhou empire. They will all be preparing to take part in the Battle of the Tower of Gods. You might find it enlightening to exchange ideas and tips with each other.”


Lin Zhong said with a smile that failed to hide the savage glint in his eyes. Exchanging tips and pointers are euphemisms for fighting.


With so many students here in the capital, it’s inevitable that scuffles will break out here and there. There are also people who used this to obtain information on others that they can use to their advantage in the Battle of the Tower of Gods.


“The current Battle of the Tower of Gods has more participants than before, several times more numerous, in fact. Tae your Tian Xin institute for example, now multiply that by thousands of times. There you have it, now that you’re here in Imperial Institute, it is a crucial point to keep in mind that the institute’s rules should be abided at all times. North of this courtyard is the Imperial Institute student’s area of activity, I highly advise against stepping foot in that area unless you’re looking for trouble.”


Lin Zhong kept his friendly smile on.


With talented students running around during the past Battle of the Tower of Gods, some of them got cocky and had conflicts with the students of the Imperial Institute. Naturally, they got trashed in the end, some of them got wrecked so hard he actually felt sorry for them.


“I thank Counselor Lin Zhong for the generous advice.”


Ye XingHe bowed with respect, at least, he tried to make it sound as genuine as possible.


“We will take Counselor Lin Zhong’s words seriously and we will not step foot in that area.”


Lin Zhong thought of himself as superior to Ye XingHe after listening to his sycophantic replies.


“Very well, I’m sure you’re all tired. Rest up, I will excuse myself now.”


Lin Zhong bade them farewell.


“XingHe, are you sure about this? You’re hiding your identity, if you participate, I think there’s a high chance your cover will be blown, please reconsider.”


Vice-principal Xu said with consternation.


“Master, I feel that there’s something fishy going on with the timing of this Battle of the Tower of Gods. Could you please explain what this event is all about?”


Ye XingHe asked.


“The Battle of the Tower of Gods is an event organized by the emperor. It is held once every four years. The event this time would mark the sixth time it has been conducted. This event is only limited to those who are at or below the age of 25. Participants will be met with trying tests and equally rewarding bounty if they overcome them. The top 10 participants will be heavily rewarded in addition to being summoned to meet the emperor himself with a high chance of being taken in for further nurture and development.”


“What of the past champions, what are they doing now?”


Ye XingHe asked.


“According to rumors, these champions are all nurtured by the emperor in secret. I have heard tales about how the seven divine envoys under the direct command of the emperor came from past champions. The families that these geniuses belonged to also benefitted greatly from the emperor’s favor.”


Vice-principal Xu replied.


Ye XingHe waxed thoughtful.


The seven divine envoys? I wonder what they are like?


“The talented champions are also permitted to enter the tower of gods. After entering, most will not return alive. Those that do return, however, made incredible progress in their cultivations to become people of great power and strength.”


Vice-principal Xu said.

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