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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 251: Blocked

A lot of geniuses will gather here in the capital to participate in the Battle of the Tower of Gods. There are also foreign geniuses from other empires that came here specifically to participate.


Ye XingHe can smell that all is not what it seems.


There has to be a reason why the emperor is going through all this trouble of hosting an event like this. It is as Sword Eminence Ming Yu said, with power and wealth, the next thing a man desires is immortality.


Maybe the tower of gods offered immortality?


Ye XingHe’s interest has been piqued, he wanted to go in the tower and see what it’s like inside.


“Yu Ning, you should not participate in this Battle of the Tower of Gods. There are too many people that can recognize you, I am not sure your disguise will fool them. As for me, since I am relatively unknown, I don’t think anyone will recognize me if I disguise myself.”


Ye XingHe said.


“But why must you join the Battle of the Tower of Gods?”


Xia Yu Ning is bewildered.


“The emperor takes this Battle of the Tower of Gods very seriously. If I want to find out about his plans, I would have to involve myself in this Battle of the Tower of Gods one way or the other. Moreover, the emperor exhibited tremendous effort to capture your father and Zhou Huan, he could have done that at any time but he chose to do so this close to the Battle of the Tower of Gods despite the rebellion your father has waged for months. This is all too much of a coincidence to ignore.”


Ye XingHe fell into contemplation.


“Okay, I will listen to you but you should be careful as well!”


Xia Yu Ning told him in a worried tone.


“I understand.”


Ye XingHe nodded.


Ye XingHe turned towards Vice-principal Xu.


“Master, have you heard of any news coming out Imperial Institute?”


“You mean from news pertinent to Imperial Institute?”


Vice-principal Xu shook his head.


“I don’t have any right now but give me a few days to poke around. The best course of action for you two is to train as hard as possible with what little time you have left.”


“Sorry to trouble master with this matter!”


Ye XingHe bowed in deference.


Inside Imperial Institute, people came in droves. With the Battle of the Tower of Gods approaching fast, countless talented geniuses from around the world gathered. Imperial Institute is ravingly rowdy. Battles also happened constantly inside the Imperial Institute. However, these outsiders didn’t want to stir up too much trouble so the battles are limited to harmless duels.


To avoid meeting familiar people, Xia Yu Ning stayed in the designated resting area without going out too much. Ye XingHe is the only one who snooped around.


Imperial Institute is built like its name, high in standards, the place is also very well maintained. He heard that Xiao Zhuo Yan and Hu Yan Zhuo are students of this institute. He wondered if his message was properly received by them.


Ye XingHe poked around Imperial Institute so he picked up some interesting chatters along the way.


“There are 2 goddesses in our institute. One of them is Qing Yao from the Green Mist family, that girl is like a fairy made human. The other one is Lin Xin Yan from the Mystic Note family. They are both super-geniuses with cultivations that puts them at the top 5 spots in Imperial Institute. But, I heard there’s going to be another goddess joining us.”


“Another goddess?! Who?”


“Oh, you haven’t heard? She’s a foreign student called An Xue Yun, her beauty does not pale in comparison to Qing Yao or Lin Xin Yan. Try not to gawk too much when you see her!”


“Surely you must be exaggerating? I must see her!”


Ye XingHe is intrigued, to think An Xue Yun is here in Imperial Institute. He made up his mind, he’s going to find An Xue Yun if it’s the last thing he does!


He walked past a group of people merrily chatting away.


A bunch of guys surrounded the girls as they tried hard to earn their attention. They aren’t exactly nation ruining beauties but they are pretty cute.


One of the ladies is the one known Lin Yin, the girl who left Blue Carp town for the capital.


After coming here, she devoted herself to cultivation and diligent training. She had a goal in mind, to go back and teach Ye XingHe a lesson. Like a fish in water, her training paid off and she reached the seventh Heavenly Realm in no time at all.


At the age of 16, her talent is simply astounding, few in the institute could rival her in this regards.


Lin Yin also attracted the attention of many successors of notable background. Young princes of the great Noble houses vied for her favor. They all wanted this talented and gorgeous lady as their bride.


Lin Yin’s confidence shot up when so many suitors came for her. As she said back in Blue Carp Town, she’s not going to die in obscurity, she’s going to soar like a phoenix again, even in the capital of geniuses.


Lin Yin completely cut off relations with her own family. To her, her family is just a liability. She had other goals in mind, she would like to marry the youngster from Divine Sword Clan known as Lin Yu. If that’s not possible, she had other options lined up, maybe she could marry someone from the Heavenly Eagle God Sect, heck, even a successor to one of the 8 Great Noble Houses will do.


She never forgot how Ye XingHe humiliated her.


This grudge is one that will be resolved with the passage of time. She didn’t think she would see Ye XingHe in a place like this. He’s disguised pretty well but she still recognized him after further examination.


Ye XingHe looked like a country bumpkin in his current attire.


Wrinkling her brow, she approached Ye XingHe.


The guys trying to her attention frowned when they saw this. They are all handsome men, no matter how hard they tried, Lin Yin paid little attention to them. Their internal alarms went off when they saw her approaching the young man.


Who is that guy? How did he attract the attention of someone cold like Lin Yin?


Ye XingHe kept glancing around looking for An Xue Yun. This place is too big, it won’t be easy to find her on his own.


When he saw Lin Yin walking towards him he knew it won’t end well. What rotten luck to be spotted by Lin Yin in a place like this. Ye XingHe turned around and he tried to leave.


Lin Yin is even more confident that this guy is Ye XingHe after noticing his behavior. She thought his attempt to exit is a sign of a guilty conscience. She blocked Ye XingHe’s exit in a hasty manner and she grinned at him.


“If it isn’t Young Master Ye from the Azure Feather family? I trust you have been well since last we met?”


Ye XingHe eyed her, this girl is beautiful but Ye XingHe can only feel animosity for her. He shrugged her off.


“Do I know you? You’re blocking the way, move.”




His every action rubbed her the wrong way. She glared at him although the person himself couldn’t care less about what she did. Gnashing her teeth, her seething anger threatened to ruin her calm expression.

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