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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 252: Of Strawbags and idiots

The other Imperial Institute students gathered, led by a youth known as Qing Yang. He’s the direct descendant of the Green Mist family, one of the eight Great Noble Houses.


Qing Yang has been chasing after Lin Yin’s affection for a long time now. He’s one of the more excellent suitors, at least that’s what he likes to believe. Lin Yin’s on-and-off attitude with him is starting to irk him.


However, he’s okay with this because she’s both beautiful and talented. It’s only natural that a lot of people wanted her hand in marriage.


Since Lin Yin doesn’t seem to have a partner yet, he reckons he still stands a fighting chance. Lin Yin is cold and distant, she rarely approached anyone. This is the first time he’s seen her approach anyone on her own.


His gaze fell upon the youth known as Ye XingHe. Ye XingHe isn’t a guy with looks that can kill any woman with a passionate gaze but he’s not too far from that level. His modest clothes aren’t doing much to increase his charm points, there are dudes who dressed better just a stone throw away in Imperial Institute.


“Lady Lin, who might this be?”


Qing Yang asked with an affable smile.


“He’s someone from my old place.”


Lin Yin rarely spoke about her origins. She’s embarrassed by her own clan and background, she felt inferior for being born to such a humble family. She never told anyone she’s from Tian Zong city.


“Old acquaintances?”


Qing Yang raised an eyebrow. His eyes had a cold glint. He looked down at Ye XingHe with a pompous attitude.


“I wonder how I might address this gentleman?”


Ye XingHe might be a potential suitor. To think anyone would chase all the way to the capital. But, Lin Yin isn’t a girl this bumpkin can touch even in his dreams. This probably explained why Lin Yin is so annoyed with Ye XingHe.


“I grow weary of this nonsense.”


Ye XingHe didn’t want to waste another minute of his life with these people. He tried to move away from them.


These brats grew up in the safe and pampering environment of this institute. They are just as entitled as Lin Yu. He reckons that these people probably can’t handle a real crisis when it happens, they would just run back home to their mommy or daddy.


Wait, does Qing Yang think I am his love rival? 


A woman like Lin Yin, a second he looks at her is another second he wasted. Even if she’s in her birthday suit he would not give her the time of day.


Only poor bastards like Qing Yang would like women like Lin Yin. He’s also insecure, he is treating Lin Yin like a priceless treasure.




Lin Yin blocked Ye XingHe’s path. She coldly leered at Ye XingHe. She’s always been the jewel in everyone’s eye, her ego cannot handle someone who is indifferent to her talent and looks. He even went so far as to publicly humiliate her. Of course, she’s not going to let him get away just like this.


“What, woman? If you’ve got something to say then be done with it!”


Ye XingHe is counting all the time he wasted on her.


It’s not hard for the others to see that it’s Lin Yin who can’t stop pestering Ye XingHe instead of the other way around.


From the bad air around them, they looked more like enemies than lovers.


Qing Yang smiled in satisfaction. Since Ye XingHe had bad blood with Lin Yin, it’s his opportunity to get in his goddess’ good books.


“You rascal, this is the Imperial Institute so you better check that attitude of yours!”


Qing Yang also took the liberty of blocking Ye XingHe from leaving. He looked at Lin Yin.


“Lady Lin, this rascal is in need of some tutelage. Please step aside, I want to educate him on manners when talking to people.”


Lin Yin crossed her arms and she backed off. She did this after glancing between Ye XingHe and Qing Yang. Now that she finally has him in her hands, she’s going to make sure she paid him for all the humiliation he inflicted on her. This will end only after she utterly destroys his confidence and make him lose all his honor and face.


Now that Qing Yang volunteered to help, she’s saved from the hassle of doing it herself.


Ye XingHe examined Qing Yang, he’s at the sixth Heavenly Realm. Since Ye XingHe hid his abilities, it’s impossible for him to detect his true power. If Qing Yang knew about Ye XingHe’s eighth Heavenly Realm power, would this fool still be so cocky?


“You rascal, let’s have a nice talk somewhere quiet, shall we?”


Qing Yang placed his hand on Ye XingHe’s shoulder.


Ye XingHe grabbed his arm and he lightly pinched him. He easily pinned his own arm behind Qin Yang without breaking a sweat.




Qing Yang howled in pain.


He wanted to escape his grip but his grip felt like he had the strength of an ogre. The more he struggled the more he realized that he’s not getting out of this.


Ye XingHe didn’t waste his energy. Judging by how easily he subdued Qing Yang, it’s not hard to guess that despite lacking any aura, he’s probably very strong. They gasped in astonishment.


Qing Yang is a peak sixth Heavenly Realm practitioner, Ye XingHe’s age is about the same as Lin Yin.


Impossible, is he a seventh Heavenly Realm expert just like Lin Yin?


Ye XingHe glanced at Lin Yin and her gang. He snorted.


“Just a bunch of young masters and ladies who are pleased with their tiny amount of cultivation. I bet you haven’t fought with your life on the line before. What a bunch of idiots.”


“Bastard, what did you just say?”


The Imperial Institute students growled at him.


Ye XingHe tightened his hold on Qing Yang’s wrist.




The guy cried out in pain.


Although Qing Yang isn’t the strongest, he is still considered above-average in the Imperial Institute. Are they seriously thinking about taking on someone who man-handled Qing Yang like he’s a toddler? They don’t feel so brave now.


“I am talking about you guys. If you guys want to gang up on me, I am always ready to dispense some much-needed lessons.”


Ye XingHe then turned towards Lin Yin.


“Lin Yin, you might think you’re some hot young stuff. All I see is someone who didn’t learn her lesson the last time she got a sound spanking. Coming to the capital failed to fix that attitude of yours. Associating with people like them and reveling in their hollow praises. Fitting, since you’re just pretty on the outside, you’re just as hollow as these idiots right here.”




Lin Yin swung her arms down at Ye XingHe, she wanted to give this guy a big old slap on the cheek.


Ye XingHe words pierced her heart like spears.


“I am going to show you who’s the real fool here!”


Lin Yin is very confident of her own strength. This slap had real power behind them, her slap actually created a slight gale. Her target, Ye XingHe’s fat face.

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