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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 253: Qing Yao

As someone who has been loved and praised all her life, Lin Yin is as stuck up as they come. It would appear that Ye XingHe is in the seventh Heavenly Realm as well. However, she absolutely believes that she can beat Ye XingHe up.


Her slap contained a surprising amount of energy. Ye XingHe channeled the star power within him and he slapped back with his left palm.




They blocked each other’s slap but Lin Yin got sent tumbling back a few dozen steps while Ye XingHe remained like a statue in his original spot.


It’s clear who won this bout.


Lin Yin’s right palm is numb, just like her whole arm. She gasped in disbelief, to think his cultivation reached such a terrifyingly high level in just a short span of time. Her charged slap of an angry seventh Heavenly Realm practitioner failed to do anything at all. In fact, she’s the one who’s lucky she got out of that situation with just a numb arm.


She’s very frustrated, she wants to have a throw down with Ye XingHe but that would go against the rule of this academy. They weren’t supposed to have unauthorized duels.


She was very proud of her own talent and cultivation. She learned something new today: Ye XingHe’s training speed is much faster than her.


The other students are also pointing and gawking at Ye XingHe. They are familiar with Lin Yin’s strength, she’s someone who had the talent and grit to reach the seventh Heavenly Realm at such a tender age. She’s so good that the great noble houses set their eyes on her. But, she was soundly defeated by someone similar in age.


What is the story behind this youngster?


Ye XingHe gave Qing Yang a good kick in the back, sending him flying into the distance.


He scanned the group and he said.


“Is there anyone else who would like to try? Please do it all at once.”


Qing Yang struggled to get up from the ground.


Ye XingHe didn’t want to rock the boat so soon after coming to Imperial Institute. But, Lin Yin already recognized him so he can’t help it.


He needs to finish this as soon as possible and disappear before it spirals out of control.


No one took the bait, however, their faces are strangely red. They are all geniuses in their own families, they never thought a day would come where a random outsider handed their butts to them so hard they couldn’t muster the courage to resist.


It’s like Ye XingHe said, these people are cocky as a proud peacock in front of weaker individuals. But when push comes to shove, they all chickened out.


Ye XingHe didn’t have the time to waste on people like them.


Ye XingHe turned towards the exit.


Lin Yin clenched her jaws, her expression is ghastly right now. She can’t wrap her head around it. How is his cultivation speed so fast? She’s already considered fast in terms of training speed but she’s still nowhere near Ye XingHe.


His deprecating words kept echoing in her head, she’s so pissed but what’s worse is that she can’t do anything about her feelings.


It’s not because they are weak, it’s just Ye XingHe who is too strong and talented. He’s so strong that it’s almost preposterous to think there are people like him in this world.


Ye XingHe’s scuffle with these people attracted some onlookers. How can they resist when a young man of unknown origin shows such terrifying levels of talent at a young age of roughly 16-17?


After Ye XingHe left, the onlookers gathered.


A star martial artist is busy healing Qing Yang, it wouldn’t be funny if this left some sort of trauma that weakened his potential. A graceful young lady approached them. She’s the kind of lithe beauty that would catch the eyes of people no matter where she went.


Lin Yin maybe nice to see but she’s got nothing on this young lady.


This elegant lady is the number one genius of the Green Mist Family, Qing Yao.


“What happened here?”


Qing Yao frowned.


“Sis, you need to get justice for me!”


Qing Yang whined. He just got schooled in front of a lot of people. It’s going to take an eternity to pick all the face he lost. Qing Yang told her about what had transpired.


Qing Yao raised an eyebrow, she’s no stranger to her relative’s strength. He’s a peak sixth Heavenly Realm expert at the age of 16. More importantly, Lin Yin is a genius who reached the seventh Heavenly Realm at the age of 16, that didn’t stop the youngster from thrashing them like they are just punks from the streets.


She’s curious about the background of this youngster.


“What’s the name of that youngster?”


She asked Lin Yin. She came from the same place as Ye XingHe so she should know more about this youngster.


“He’s Ye XingHe!”


Lin Yin replied respectfully. However, she’s still very upset inside.


In terms of talents, they are roughly the same. It’s just that they were born to different families. She reckoned that if she was raised in Green Mist, her cultivation wouldn’t lose to Qing Yao. She felt inferior and depressed every time she saw Qing Yao.


Qing Yao twitched her eyebrows. A light of understanding flashed in her eyes.


She investigated Lin Yin before and she more or less guessed the reason for Ye XingHe’s appearance in the capital. 


What a brave fellow, to come to the capital under such circumstances.


“I understand, you guys head back, I will finish up the matters here.”


Qing Yao nodded.


The Imperial Institute students gathered here also dispersed.


After being exposed by Lin Yin, Ye XingHe took more effort to conceal his steps. He continued probing around the Imperial Institute.


After making himself familiar with the layout, he started planning escape routes in case things go sideways.


Finishing his survey of the place, he plotted a detailed map and he returned to his courtyard. A few familiar figures entered his line of sight. It’s Hu Yan Zhuo and Xiao Zhuo Yan.


Xiao Zhuo Yan lit up the moment she saw Ye XingHe returning. She rushed over and she hugged Ye XingHe.


“Brother Xinghe, you’re back, I miss you so much!”


“Xiao Zhuo Yan, where’s the loyalty, did you forget that the moment you see Brother Xing He? It’s nice to know that you can toss me aside so easily!”


Xia Yu Ning pouted with an annoyed tone. But, her smiling expression shows that she said that in good humor.


Ye XingHe rubbed Xiao Zhuo Yan’s head. He greeted Hu Yan Zhuo.


“Brother Hu Yan, it’s been too long.”


“Indeed, it has been too long.”


He didn’t expect them to come over personally after sending the messages. Ye XingHe and Xia Yu Ning are deemed as traitors to the imperial court. If anyone found out, it would land both Hu Yan Zhuo and Xiao Zhuo Yan in hot water.


“I’ve heard about what happened. I also sent out a few of my men to look for esteemed uncle. But, my efforts have largely been fruitless as I still don’t know where he is.”


Hu Yan Zhuo reported to both Ye XingHe and Xia Yu Ning.

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