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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 254: Mysterious old man

“Hu Yan Zhuo, thank you.”


Xia Yu Ning thanked Hu Yan Zhuo in an emotional tone.


“We are already friends who go way back, this much should be expected instead of being thanked for.”


Hu Yan Zhuo laughed.


“Oh, me, me. I also pulled some strings to get my men to investigate the whereabouts of the Lord. Sister Yu Ning, why are you only thanking brother Hu Yan, what about me?”


Xiao Zhuo Yan grumbled.


“Oh, how can I forget about our Xiao Zhuo Yan?”


She rubbed her head while giggling.




She fiddled with her braids, she’s probably very happy for the acknowledgment she received.


“Xinghe, I think you two should change locations soon. Even if you’re planning to participate in the Battle of the Tower of Gods it’s best you don’t stay here for long. It’s very easy for people to target you if you’re here. I know another secure location which is still inside the Imperial Institute.”


Hu Yan Zhuo smiled.


“We are wanted fugitives, you two should keep your hands clean of us or it might not bode well for you or your families. We wanted your help to get us into the inner region, now that we are here, it would be too dangerous if we keep implicating you two with our operations.”


Ye XingHe said with a grim tone.


Hu Yan Zhuo flinched. He continued nonchalantly.


“Brother Xinghe, if you keep talking like that then you’re looking down on me, Hu Yan Zhuo. You saved our lives back in the maze of Heavenly Plume Palace. If I can’t even risk my lives for someone who didn’t think twice about saving my life then I can’t even look myself in the mirror anymore.”


Xia Yu Ning chuckled. Out of the friends she gathered from the capital, it would seem only Hu Yan Zhuo and Xiao Zhuo Yan are friends indeed.


They shared information with each other, mostly from their own observations or trusted sources.


“The Dragon Chariot Army and the Imperial Army have surrounded the Northern Lord’s Border Protection Army. I find it weird that the two armies didn’t move when the commander of their enemy army is captured. I would have used this chance to bring the rebellion to an end.”


Hu Yan Zhuo said.


Ye XingHe concurred.


“That’s a very confusing matter for me as well.”


“I also noticed another weird point regarding the Battle of the Tower of Gods this time. In the past, each academy and institute only gets 3 recommendations, yet, this year, not only did they bring forth the date of the Battle of the Tower of Gods, but they also increased the number of participants by loosening the restriction on number of participants.”


“How is that odd?”


Xiao Zhuo Yan asked in bewilderment.


“It is weird, especially considering the fact that a lot of regional lords are planning on overthrowing the empire through a rebellion. Moreover, Divine Sea Hall and the Northern Border Protection Army wiped about 200 – 300 thousand off of the Dragon Chariot Army. Normally, this would be considered a national crisis. Not only did they take the Northern Lord without doing anything, but they are also overly concerned with hosting the Battle of the Tower of Gods rather than stopping the rebellion. This smell very fishy to me.”


Hu Yan Zhuo said.


Ye XingHe continued for him.


“There are a lot of dubious points here but I am afraid we won’t know any better no matter how much we try and guess.”


“This whole thing is too suspicious!”


Xia Yu Ning frowned.


“All this just to live longer? There has to be more to this, without his empire, he wouldn’t be able to enjoy his lengthened lifespan anyway, right?!”


They still couldn’t figure this out.


“I know someone who might know a thing or two about this.”


Hu Yan Zhuo smiled in a cheeky manner.


Night drew closer but Imperial Institute is still nowhere near peaceful.


Aside from the Green Mist family, there are other forces who found out about Ye XingHe’s identity. He’s a wanted criminal, if they turn him in there will be bountiful rewards.


Ling Zhong brought a bunch of experts with him. They approached the courtyard Ye XingHe & co are staying at.


There are a bunch of ninth Heavenly Realm experts he gathered with much effort from the Divine Sword Clan with him. This must go well.


They surrounded the courtyard.


“Heed my orders, we will rush in all at once and capture them!”


Ling Zhong continued with a low tone.


“Charge in!’


Ling Zhong kicked open the main door and they rushed in.


“Elder Ling, there is no one here, they have already left!”


“How can this be?!”


Ling Zhong is furious. He didn’t expect them to be so vigilant, it’s like they knew he’s coming.


“Pursue them, comb Imperial Institute, comb the whole inner region if you have to! I want them found!”


“Yes, sir!”


The experts spread out to find Ye XingHe & co.


Ye XingHe and Xia Yu Ning wanted to stay a few more days but after the events that transpired during the day, Ye XingHe assumed that people will catch on sooner or later. Now that Hu Yan Zhuo offered another place for them to stay at, they immediately moved out of this hiding place.


In a courtyard south of Imperial Institute.


This place is pretty desolate but the calm running water and the gentle-looking bridge would calm anyone’s heart.


A bunch of figures appeared here.


“I need you guys to mind your manners when you’re talking to this elderly person. He isn’t as simple as he looks.”


Hu Yan Zhuo smiled.


“Brother Hu Yan, how is the white beard grampy a complex fellow? Aside from chugging booze, he’s not that special.”


Xiao Zhuo Yan blurted out.


“He’s just an old drunkard.”


Ye XingHe and Xia Yu Ning felt curious about this old man the two of them speak of.


“Xiao Zhuo Yan, that’s because you have less experience.”


Hu Yan Zhuo pursed his lips.


“Have you ever seen the old man exhibit his strength?”




Xiao Zhuo Yan shook her head.


“That’s right. With no apparent cultivation level to speak of, he’s neither a tutor or someone of position. However, he is staying in a rather luxurious place with people who would send him food and booze every day. In such a quiet corner of the Imperial Institute, why would someone other than the headmaster get such luxurious treatment? I mean, even the decors in his home is better than the headmaster’s. Surely, his identity must be a profound one. Why would people stay away from this place?”


Hu Yan Zhuo continued.


“This is probably the safest place for Ye XingHe and Yu Ning to stay at.”


Vice-principal Xu and the Wei Tuo brothers followed closely behind them. They looked around, intrigued by their surroundings.


Ye XingHe also reckoned that this old man is not as simple as he might sound.


“I don’t know if this old man will welcome us.”


Ye XingHe wondered, they are seeking refuge, after all.

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