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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 255: State of understanding

Vice-principal Xu is also intrigued. Although he doesn’t come to the Imperial Institute very often, he’s still rather knowledgeable about the affairs of the Imperial Institute. He’s not a stranger yet he has heard no such tales of this old man.


What is his true identity?


Hu Yan Zhuo and Xiao Zhuo Yan led Ye XingHe & co into the spacious courtyard of the old man.


The garden is very well maintained and picturesque. The quaint narrow bridge and the slow-moving stream made this garden look like a tiny piece of heaven. Even the flora blossoming here seemed to compete with each other to see who can shine the brightest.


As they proceeded along a scenic path, they walked around an artificial hill. Behind the hill is a tiny lake with crystal clear water. In the center of the pond lies several pavilions. In one of them, an old man is currently enjoying his alcohol.


He is dressed like a hobo, in fact, if you compare him to real beggars, they might even dress better than this old man. Like a good-for-nothing, he is passed out drunk in the pavilion with empty alcohol bottles strewn around him.


“Good booze good booze!”


The old man mumbled out loud.


“Sloppy though it appears, it is actually divine. Divine it might not be, yet, it’s one for the gods to know. Mold nothingness into form and turn dao into the source. Cultivating to become a god through returning to the void, let heaven and earth acknowledge the will through intent, let your thoughts clear up the fog of ignorance. Spring comes and goes, the flowers they bloom and wilt. The years they fly by until everything looks empty in form, the heroes they all fall to dust, understand clearly the divine idea and reach the path of an eternal…”


The ramblings of this old man sounded like a poem or a song but one thing’s for sure, it’s more than that, just thinking about the contents already has everyone mystified.


Ye XingHe stood at attention, he examined the old man and to his astonishment, it’s like the old man has become one with the heaven and earth around him, indistinguishable from his environment.


The others had no clues what they meant but Ye XingHe recognized his ramblings as the chants contained within the Star Martial God Technique. Some of his mumblings are even deeper than the chants he is currently cultivating with.


As he listened and pondered upon his findings, he can feel a door in his soul slowly opening from being enlightened.


The stars, the heaven, and the earth, all the objects contained within this universe, it’s like he can see them all interacting in an endless shift of forms and shapes.


Ye XingHe’s senses sharpened. He can feel everything around him with such vivid details, he can hear the grass breathing, he can see the veins of life connecting the stones and the trees in this garden.


“Xinghe, this is the old man I talked to you about…”


Hu Yan Zhuo smiled. He looked back at Ye XingHe only to find him staring with a vacant look. He’s entered a state of mystic understanding, Ye XingHe affected the area around him.


Hu Yan Zhuo recognized this state, it’s a state of heightened awareness, Ye XingHe is currently within the flow.


His talent is really a thing to behold, his cultivation broke past the eighth Heavenly Realm in the short span of time they didn’t see each other. Now, Ye XingHe exhibited a frightening absorption ability in regards to comprehending the martial dao.


Hu Yan Zhuo is feeling a bit depressed. He came here with Xiao Zhuo Yan many times, he can recite the words of this old man due to how many times he’s heard of it. But, he never entered the state of heightened awareness. It only took Ye XingHe his first meeting to produce this effect.


Is this the gap between mortals and geniuses? 


Hu Yan Zhuo bitterly laughed.


Vice-principal Xu is beyond astounded. Ye XingHe is, without a doubt, the most talented student he has ever taught. In fact, he’s taught him so little that he feels rather embarrassed that Ye XingHe is still treating him like a master. Ye XingHe already grasped a lot of subjects on his own before he ever had any chance to impart them. The lessons he taught him are also rather inferior to what he already knows.


He had no idea what the old man is raving about but seeing as Ye XingHe entered a state of increased comprehension, this meeting might have been ordained.


Xia Yu Ning frowned lightly. She didn’t benefit from this informal sermon. However, a sense of crisis rose up within her. Ye XingHe’s cultivation is shooting through the roof, never showing any signs of slowing down. She’s getting a faint feeling that she’s not going to be able to catch up soon.


Will a day come where she will be so outstripped by Ye XingHe that she will never catch up?


Ye XingHe closed his eyes, all around him,  he can feel the limitless power of the stars. It was right here with him and around him all along. Widening his mental horizon, he embraced everything around him and he merged with them.


The essence of heaven and earth moved and in turn was moved by Ye XingHe. He stood there, an eternity seemed like the blink of an eye to him.


His cultivation reached the peak of the eighth Heavenly Realm, a small push would break down the wall stopping him from entering the ninth Heavenly Realm.


To get one’s cultivation to this level in such a short span of time. Looking into the books of histories, one would not find another instance of this. His existence is so rare that not a single individual like him could be found in hundreds or even through millennia.


Feeling that something’s happening, the old man who was busy drowning in alcohol opened his eyes. His eyes flashed for just a moment, nobody noticed this, of course.


After dozens of minutes, Ye XingHe opened his eyes to find everyone staring at him.


“What’s the matter?”


Ye XingHe asked in confusion. He entered a transcendental daze so he lost track of his surroundings.




Hu Yan Zhuo bitterly laughed.


Xia Yu Ning grinned widely. She’s pretty proud of herself for bagging a husband like this. She’s also very proud that her man is destined for greatness.


Vice-principal Xu is also very proud of his stellar student. As his master, he’s genuinely happy that his talented student stepped forward in cultivation.


Hu Yan Zhuo and Xiao Zhuo Yan led them to the center of the pavilion.


They told short tales about the old man. They told them about how this old man has a volatile temperament. Every time someone came to visit, the old man would chase them away in anger. He only appeared docile and at peace when Hu Yan Zhuo and Xiao Zhuo Yan came to visit.


“White-bearded gramps, we’ve come to visit!”


Xiao Zhuo Yan said tongue-in-cheek.




The white-bearded old man glanced at everyone before taking out another bottle of alcohol.


At first sight, this old man looked no different than a drunk hobo. With no power or aura to speak of, his dilapidated appearance would not be able to convince anyone that he’s an expert.


Ye XingHe has a faint feeling that this old man chose to conceal his true power. He can feel dread just being close to this old man. In front of this old man, his existence paled in comparison. His apparent weakness is a mask that hid his true power, that’s the general feeling he got from this old man.


“Old father, Xiao Zhuo Yan and I have come to visit. We’ve brought a few friends of ours.”


Hu Yan Zhuo smiled after greeting the old man. He squatted down by the old man’s side.

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