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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 256: I want to learn too

“Another great day with great booze, keep them coming…”


The old man chugged more alcohol down.


Hu Yan Zhao felt awkward about introducing this old man to Ye XingHe & co.


“The old father is drunk, as usual.”


“I pay my greetings to this esteemed elder.”


Ye XingHe cupped his hands.


The old man glanced at Ye XingHe. But, for Ye XingHe, it’s like someone used a terrifying force to pressure him. He can barely hold on without being crushed under the pressure.


His energy permeated Ye XingHe’s every pore like tiny needles pricking into his body.


This scary energy also induced psychological fear in Ye XingHe’s mind, there are countless demons plaguing his mental state.


At this moment, something cried out to him. It’s the giant blue carp, the carp quelled and banished the demons threatening to overwhelm his mental fortress.


The old man sensed something and he retrieved his deep gaze, returning to his sloppy look.


As the pressure eased up, he heaved and panted, he’s already wet from sweating all over.


“What business do you people have here?”


The old man spoke with surprising clarity given his intoxicated look.


“Old father, my friends and I ran into some trouble and it is our wish that you grant us asylum.”


Hu Yan Zhuo said while smiling.


“We really could use your help.”


“There are a bunch of empty rooms behind the courtyard, you guys can stay there.”


The old man scanned Ye XingHesaid & co, focusing on Ye XingHe.


“We appreciate your help!”


Ye XingHe fist-and-palm saluted the old man. He is shocked because according to his guts, this man in front of him possesses a strength on par with Shang Guan Xuan.


If he is on guard against a man like this then it would only be rude to the benefactor who let them stay on his property, not that being on guard will stop this elder from killing him if he wanted to.


This old man is probably aware of his cultivation level.


“How did you get to your current cultivation level?”


The old man asked.


Ye XingHe saluted and he replied.


“Yes, it was my master over here who taught me the Star Martial God Technique, the insights gleaned from this technique allowed me to reach my current cultivation level.”


Ye XingHe pointed his attention towards Vice-principal Xu.


The old man examined Vice-principal Xu for a brief moment.


This made Vice-principal Xu a bit awkward. It’s true that Ye XingHe is his disciple but he never really taught a lot of stuff to Ye XingHe.


“Who taught the both of you the twin cultivation technique of the stars?”


The old man turned his attention back towards Ye XingHe and Xia Yu Ning.


“It’s a friend of mine.”


Ye XingHe explained.


Xiao Zhuo Yan asked in curiosity.


“Big bro Xing He, Big sis Yu Ning, what’s twin cultivation?”


Xia Yu Ning blushed when Xiao Zhuo Yan questioned her.


Hu Yan Zhuo is amused with this revelation, he grinned at the both of them.


“I see, so Yu Ning and Brother XingHe’s been doing some twin cultivation together, huh?”


Xia Yu Ning is practically boiling at this point, if she tried to explain herself then it would only make things worse for her.


“Big sis Yuning, Big bro XingHe, what’s the twin cultivation technique?!”


Xiao Zhuo Yan pouted. Her clan has taught her many techniques but they never mentioned anything called the twin cultivation technique.


“Xiao Zhuo Yan, it’s a cultivation technique a male and a female practice together.”


Hu Yan Zhuo chuckled.


“Xiao Zhuo Yan wants to do it too. I mean, Big bro and big sis got so strong because of this, right? If I practiced it, wouldn’t I get stronger too?”


Xiao Zhuo Yan said with all seriousness.


“Big Bro Hu Yan Zhuo, let’s practice the twin cultivation technique together!”


“No, I don’t think that’s possible. I definitely can’t do the twin cultivation technique with you.”


Hu Yan Zhuo shook his hands.


“Then, I will do it with Big Bro XingHe.”


Xiao Zhuo Yan chirped, it occurred as a natural thought to her.


“I don’t think you should, you see, the twin cultivation technique is for males and females who are infatuated with each other.”


Hu Yan Zhuo hurriedly tried to put out the fire.


Xiao Zhuo Yan thought about it and she relented in a helpless manner.




The elder had a softer gaze when he glanced over Xiao Zhuo Yan. No one noticed his brief moment of weakness.


Except for Ye XingHe, he noticed that this old man has a soft spot for Xiao Zhuo Yan.


“What’s the name of your friend, then?”


The elder asked.


Ye XingHe gave his reply after considering his words.


“Please forgive me, I am not at liberty to divulge the identity of my friend who has sworn me to secrecy.”


“Very well, I shall ask no further.”


The old man looked away after nodding.


Ye XingHe reckons that the old man must have guessed that Shang Guan Xuan has the same cultivation level as him.


They are both peak experts in this world, it’s not hard to imagine that they might have some history behind them, not that Ye XingHe wanted to pry into it anyway.


“Old father, we will be imposing on you then.”


Hu Yan Zhuo laughed.




The old man continued drinking his alcohol without minding Ye XingHe & co.


“White-bearded gramps, look as big sis Yu Ning and Big bro XingHe, they are both so strong! Teach us some technique so we can become top experts too, why don’t ya?!”


Xiao Zhuo Yan grumbled.


“Xiao Zhuo Yan, that’s not how you should behave!”


Hu Yan Zhuo stopped Xiao Zhuo Yan. He’s aware that many have tried to get the old man to teach them some techniques but the old man never gave these people the time of day. From this, it’s easy to surmise that this old man didn’t want to bother with teaching the younger generation.


Some other students tried to sneak in and learn his secrets. Not one has escaped the fate of being whooped and chased out of this courtyard. The old man is already doing them a favor by letting them come and go as they pleased in his courtyard.


“I can teach you, but!”


The old man said.


“Really? Thanks, white-beardy old man!’


Xiao Zhuo Yan jumped in excitement. She’s not sure who this old man is, but Hu Yan Zhuo’s attitude gave her the idea that this old man is probably very strong.


“The condition for you to learn my technique is that you have to get rid of your current cultivation, are you prepared for that?”


The old man looked intently at both Hu Yan Zhuo and Xiao Zhuo Yan.


Hu Yan Zhuo hesitated for a moment. He never thought the price for tutelage would be so great.


“Is it that strong?”


Xiao Zhuo Yan had a difficult look.


“Indeed, it is very strong.”


The old man replied.


“If the old man approves of me, I, Hu Yan Zhuo will relinquish my cultivation!”


Hu Yan Zhuo said after resolving himself.


“I want to learn too!”


Xiao Zhuo Yan joined in, she continued with a serious expression.


“I want to become strong just like Big Bro XingHe and Big Sis Yu Ning. You better not be hosting me!”


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