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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 257: The Deva Realm

“Since the two of you want to learn the lesson shall begin tomorrow, I will teach you a new technique.”


The old man said with an indiscernible glint in his eyes.


A technique that can only be learned by throwing away one’s current cultivation.


If Ye XingHe recalls correctly, to go beyond the ninth Heavenly Realm, one must shed the exterior and return to the origin, starting anew.


So this old man is really someone who broke past the ninth Heavenly Realm. His technique must also be an incredible one.


He can slaughter anyone here with ease so he has no reason to harm Hu Yan Zhuo and Xiao Zhuo Yan by lying to them.


“Thank you, old father!”


Hu Yan Zhuo is very elated to become the disciple of this great practitioner.


“Thank you, White-bearded gramps.”


Xiao Zhuo Yan chuckled in glee.


“To take in Hu Yan Zhuo and Xiao Zhuo Yan as your disciples, please grace us with your name.”


Ye XingHe said.


“Wu Xiang (Formless).”


The old man replied.


Wu Xiang, is that supposed to be his nickname? Maybe, that’s his real name.


Ye XingHe made a mental note to asks Shang Guan Xuan about this old man the next she sees her.


“You people don’t look like the residents of the capital, why are you people in the capital?”


The old man asked after taking another swig of wine.


Ye XingHe replied.


“We came all the way to the capital to search for the father of my dear friend here.”


Ye XingHe pointed towards Xia Yu Ning.


“Her father was caught and we have no clues as to where he is being kept. Secondly, we wish to participate in the Battle of the Tower of Gods.”


“Battle of the Tower of Gods?”


Wu Xiang raised an eyebrow. He looks like he had an idea about this.


As Ye XingHe expected, this old man known as Wu Xiang knew about the Battle of the Tower of Gods.


“Hu Yan Zhuo advised you people to take refuge in my courtyard, I am guessing something happened that required a drastic move like this. For that, I think it’s better if I give this to you. It will get you off the hook even if you rumble the earth and turn the skies.”


Wu Xiang threw a plate at Ye XingHe.


Grabbing hold of it, Ye XingHe examined it. It’s a plate with “Pardon” written on it. There’s also the imperial insignia of the Zhou family on it.


It’s a Golden Pardon Plate that can save anyone from one capital punishment.


Ye XingHe is flabbergasted. This isn’t something you can run across. What is the connection between Elder Wu Xiang and the imperial family? Why is he in possession of such a grand item?


Ye XingHe carefully analyzed Wu Xiang’s words. He said this thing would allow them to make as much chaos as possible and get away with it without repercussions. Is he expecting them to do something to that effect?


Then again, why is someone of such great power wasting away in alcohol in a secluded courtyard like this? Even the Great Zhou Empire wouldn’t be able to offend him without dire consequences for someone of his strength.


Ye XingHe believes that there is a deep link between this old man and the imperial family.


“Much obliged, elder.”


Ye XingHe thanked the old man.


Wu Xiang glanced at them one more time before he closed his eyes.


Ye XingHe & co waited for a bit, just in case he had more to say to them.


“Old father, I will be assigning their residence now, we excuse ourselves from your presence.”


Hu Yan Zhuo said.




The old man replied without opening his eyes.


Ye XingHe & co proceeded to the back of the courtyard.


When Ye XingHe & co exited the place, the old man opened his eyes. A flash of brilliance was present in his eyes along with a strange glow of red light. Then, Wu Xiang continued chugging his booze down.


Without a peep of discernible aura, he looked like a normal human.


Hu Yan Zhuo led Ye XingHe & co towards the backyard.


“Old father is a man of mysterious origins. I am guessing that he is dejected from something that happened in the past and he is trying to drink those memories away. A lot of students would come here only to get beaten up and sent packing by the old man. Strangely enough, when Xiao Zhuo Yan came, the old man took a liking to her and we slowly got to know each other through Xiao Zhuo Yan.”


Hu Yan Zhuo explained.


“I see.”


Ye XingHe nodded.


He examined Xiao Zhuo Yan. This young girl is an innocent and pure kid, she probably melted Wu Xiang’s cold and hard heart.


“Big bro XingHe, is the whitebeard grandpa really strong? Is he a ninth Heavenly Realm expert?”


Xiao Zhuo Yan asked.


“If only, I reckon he is leagues above your normal ninth Heavenly Realm individual.”


Ye XingHe shook his head, calling the old man a ninth Heavenly Realm expert would be an insult of the highest caliber.


Hu Yan Zhuo gasped in shock.


“You mean he’s in the Deva Realm?”


He knew the old man is strong but he never guessed he is that strong.


“Deva Realm?”


Ye XingHe asked back.


“Oh, you didn’t know? According to legends, anyone who has surpassed the ninth Heavenly Realm is said to be in the Deva Realm. We used to have a lot of Deva Realm experts in the past. However, they all disappeared from the history books for some reason. To think he is actually a Deva Realm individual.”


Hu Yan Zhuo exclaimed.


“The humans have gone for a century without seeing the birth of a single Deva Realm individual.”


Up till this point, Ye XingHe has seen at least two, Shang Guan Xuan and this elder known as Wu Xiang.


“Deva Realm individuals are known to live for centuries, I wonder if that’s true.”


Hu Yan Zhuo said.


The Wei Tuo brothers who followed Ye XingHe & co rubbed their heads in puzzlement. Was that old man a Deva Realm expert? They got a faint feeling but they couldn’t be sure.


“Well, we do have one famous deva realm individual. The palace lord of the Yu Lan Palace, Martial Goddess Tian Yin is a probably a deva.”


Xia Yu Ning added.


“But I thought the rumors said she’s only a peak ninth Heavenly Realm individual?”


Hu Yan Zhuo asked in confusion.


“That has to be a fabrication. My dad once told me of how the Martial Goddess soundly defeated multiple peak ninth Heavenly Realm experts with a single round of attack. From this, my dad hypothesized that she has achieved the Deva Realm.”


Xia Yu Ning continued.


“Martial Goddess Tian Yin is also a deva realm expert, huh?”


If humans have so many Deva Realm individuals, why are they all laying low and hiding their identities?

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