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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 258: Trouble

Ye XingHe & co assumed that the peak of the ninth Heavenly Realm is the strongest anyone can ever get. The Deva realm is more like apocryphal stories to them.


According to some stories, a monster king once fought its way into the human capital. It fought against over 360 ninth Heavenly Realm experts of the Zhou Empire and it killed 67 of them, heavily wounding more than 800 eighth Heavenly Realm’s practitioners. The final guardian of the empire, Yan Xu sent the assailant running towards the trees and forests after an epic fight.


This story is something Ye XingHe still remembers. The monster king in the legends is probably very strong. The ninth Heavenly Realm experts on the humans’ side could do nothing against it.


He wondered why the Human Deva Realm experts didn’t participate in that battle.


Filled with doubts, he thinks that this is because the story is probably different from what really happened.


Ye XingHe & co started living in the extra rooms in the backyard after Hu Yan Zhuo led them there.


“XingHe, are you still thinking about why the old father gave you the plate?”


Hu Yan Zhuo asked.


“I can understand that Elder Wu Xiang wants us to stir up some trouble. I am just clueless about his motive.”


Ye XingHe shook his head.


Hu Yan Zhuo thought for a bit and he asked Ye XingHe.


“XingHe, what are you going to do from now on?”


“I am going to do as the elder expects.”


“Why? If we are hiding our identity, shouldn’t we lay low? If they catch us, wouldn’t it be dangerous?”


Xia Yu Ning said anxiously.


If the imperial family found out about them, they are probably going to be coming down on them really hard.


“Yu Ning, your father is being hidden by the imperial family. We currently have no way of finding out about his whereabouts. Not to mention, the capital is so big and we can’t enter the imperial palace. With this golden pardon plate in my hand, I can be really high profile, you guys should use the commotion as a diversion to investigate your father’s location.”


Ye XingHe explained.


“Is it really usable though?”


Xia Yu Ning is not sure about whether or not she should let Ye XingHe take all this risk.


“I can vouch for the authenticity of that golden pardon plate. It can save Ye XingHe’s life once.”


Hu Yan Zhuo said.


“He’s right, with little alternatives available to us, if someone can make trouble and trip them up, we might be able to find some clues.”


“Okay then.”


Xia Yu Ning hesitated and she acquiesced.


“You guys rest up. We will plot out the plan tomorrow. Meanwhile, I should make a trip back home and collect the reports from my subordinates. If they found out where the Lord is being kept then we don’t need to waste so much time doing this.”


Hu Yan Zhuo said.


“Nn, I also need to make a trip back to my clan.”


Xiao Zhuo Yan nodded.


They are both going to have to reset their cultivation and train with Elder Wu Xiang, it’s only wise that they put their affairs into order before that.


After escorting Hu Yan Zhuo and Xiao Zhuo Yan, the rest of them returned to their room to rest.


Ye XingHe continued doing twin cultivation with Xia Yu Ning. After meeting Elder Wu Xiang, he felt like he can make a breakthrough. This is his chance to make drastic improvements to his cultivation level.


Soon, he reached peak eighth Heavenly Realm cultivation but it didn’t stop there. His strength kept increasing further and further.


His Star Power churned and turned in his body, forming a massive vortex in his dantian. The energy seeped into Xia Yu Ning’s body, made a round, and returned to Ye XingHe, reinforcing both of them at the same time.


Before he started doing this twin cultivation, the star power circulated his body in a loop, each complete loop will increase his strength. But, after starting twin cultivation, a new loop was formed where the star martial energy circulated between Ye XingHe and Xia Yu Ning.


It geometrically increased the speed of cultivation.


Elder Wu Xiang probably spotted this so he asked for the name of his master.




Xia Yu Ning moaned in pain. She locked her brows due to the pain she is going through.


Ye XingHe’s star martial power was tolerable before today. She could easily course that energy throughout her body with little trouble. Today, it’s different, the star power coming from Ye XingHe is like a giant tidal wave that assaulted her every direction.


It’s threatening to stretch her veins out.


The huge force expanded her dantian and it raised her cultivation level tremendously.


The essence of this twin cultivation is a mutually beneficial augmentation of one’s cultivation level. Ye XingHe raised his cultivation level and Xia Yu Ning benefitted from it as well.


Ye XingHe can feel his dantian expanding as his star power grew at an explosive rate.


Ye XingHe opened his eyes, in his eyes, stellar light flashed.


His meridians suffused with pure star power. Waving his arm, he formed shapeless disruptions in the local space.


He has yet to step into the ninth Heavenly Realm but he felt like he can take on an early stage ninth Heavenly Realm individual without much trouble.


He felt very grateful towards Elder Wu Xiang, the enlightenment he gave him allowed him to achieve such a great improvement in his strength.


At the age of sixteen, he possessed the strength at the cusp between the eighth and ninth Heavenly Realm. This growth is unheard of in the realm of humans.


Lin Yu with his cultivation level is a genius in the capital. Lin Yin who made tremendous progress attracted the attention of the top noble houses. If word got out about his current cultivation, it’s going to shake the empire.


While they are busy cultivating, a group of individuals appeared outside the courtyard.


The one leading this group is the guide who was known as Lin Zhong. He brought a bunch of seventh and eighth Heavenly Realm practitioners with him.


“According to our intel, the rebels and traitors have entered this courtyard.”


One of the followers reported.


“Are you sure?”


Lin Zhong said with a cold glint in his eyes.


“Yes, they never exited ever since entering this courtyard.”


The followed replied.


“Then we have got trouble on our hands.”


Lin Zhong wrinkled his eyebrows. Knowing the lord of this courtyard, he shivered at the thought of mindlessly entering it. But, after going through the trouble of recruiting a group of people to help him and obtaining information on Ye XingHe & co, how can he give up now? It’s going to taste so bad if he gave up now.

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