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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 259: Sixth prince

Even the Divine Sword Clan can’t offend the master of this courtyard.


“Elder, we have investigated and there’s a crazy old bum living here who would chase students out when they sneaked into the courtyard. Should we enter and catch them?”


The follower asked for Lin Zhong’s opinion.


“Are you stupid? Why would the Imperial Institute build a grand place like this and let a bum live for free?”


Lin Zhong insulted him.


“Forgive me for my mistake, but just who is this old man?”


The followed asked.


“I am not too sure who he is but I do know that our patriarch once visited and he got hurt from the ensuing encounter.”


Lin Zhong said in a grim manner.


The other followers can’t help but gasp in shock. The patriarch of the Divine Sword Clan is a very important figure in the Zhou Empire. A person of such stature got whooped?


“Alright, here’s what we are going to do. You guys stand guard here, if anyone comes out, send someone to inform me immediately. I don’t think they can stay cooped up in this courtyard forever.”


Lin Zhong snorted.


“Your will be done, elder.”


They took turns staking out the street outside the courtyard for the whole night.


When the night went, Ye XingHe and Xia Yu Ning came out of their rooms yawning. After cultivating most of last night, they have experienced a significant increase in their cultivation levels.


Hu Yan Zhuo and Xiao Zhuo Yan arrived.


“Brother XingHe, we have discovered a bunch of people skulking outside this courtyard. If you’re going out, make sure to be wary of them.”


Hu Yan Zhuo warned Ye XingHe.


Ye XingHe turned stern. Given their timing and number, it’s highly likely these people know who they are. They didn’t come in because they are vigilant of Elder Wu Xiang. It’s assuring knowing that their safety is guaranteed in this courtyard but it’s troubling if they are restricted from moving around.


“You two should train with Elder Wu Xiang, I will think of something.”


Ye XingHe had a determined look. He’s going to be as high-profile as possible from today onwards.


Ye XingHe knows that this is going to be dangerous and he honestly can’t say if he will come out of this in one piece but people are counting on him and the martial dao is not for the weak of heart. He can only press on even if the odds are stacked against him.


Ye XingHe has spent a lot of time thinking about An Xue Yun, Xia Yu Ning, Lin Hong, and Shang Guan Xuan.


He is no fool, he understands clearly that he’s still weak compared to the apex individuals in this world. But, he firmly believes that if he never gave up and he held on to his convictions, he will be able to change anything that stands in his way.


“Yu Ning, you should stay in this courtyard with the others, I will be going outside on a little trip.”


Ye XingHe smiled at Xia Yu Ning.


“Please watch yourself out there.”


Xia Yu Ning is worried about him.


“I know, relax.”


Ye XingHe laughed.


“I have the golden pardon plate, they can’t do jack to me!”


“Big bro XingHe, we will be waiting for you!”


Xiao Zhuo Yan said.


Ye XingHe bade farewell to everyone and he went outside the courtyard.


The experts camping outside is not very amused.


“What the heck, if they kept hiding inside then does that mean we have to keep standing on guard here?’


One seventh Heavenly Realm expert grumbled.


“Shh, watch your volume. If the Elder catches wind of what you said, your death will be a painful one.”


His friend tried to shush him up.


They kept their eyes on the exits of this courtyard.


“This courtyard is so big. If they climbed the wall and escaped then it’s going to be impossible for us to catch them!”


“Who cares what you think? The elder issued an order, it’s not a request, mind you.”


A blurry figure shot past while they are busying talking.


“Someone came out!”


“Chase that individual down!”


A few experts pursued the figure.




There are a lot of different plants and trees in the Imperial Institute, if one took a leisurely stroll, they would have a good time watching all the beautiful sceneries this institute has to offer.


An Xue Yun, draped in a white silk dress, surrounded herself with the plant life while looking like a flower fairy straight out of a storybook. Yet, her beauty was adversely affected by her apparent upset mood.


An Xue Yun has been sent here on a secret mission. She thought Martial Goddess Tian Yin operated outside of the influence of the great empires, free of mortal concerns and political disputes. The truth has never been harder to swallow, it would seem she’s still affected by mortal concerns.


She rushed towards the capital after finding out that Ye XingHe is in the capital. However, she is hurt by what she saw upon reunion.


“Maybe Ye XingHe thought I was dead since I disappeared without a trace. It’s understandable that he got together with Xia Yu Ning after that, it’s not like he’s cheating on me.”


An Xue Yun is still filled with frustration and sadness even if she tried to console herself.


She wants to forget all about this troubling matter but Ye XingHe’s figure always came up in her mind.


All this time, other than her younger sister, Xue Yan, Ye XingHe is the one she could never forget. He’s one of her emotional pillar of support during her stay at the Yulan Palace. She trained hard in order to come out and meet Ye XingHe.


She thought their reunion would be a happy and blissful one, not the painful one she got.


“XingHe and Yu Ning fit each other so well, what am I in comparison?”


An Xue Yun’s heart continued aching.


She kept walking on that stony path with a hint of melancholy in her expression. She made the scene here the most beautiful scenery in the whole of the Imperial Institute.


“Young Miss Xue Yun, what is it that plagues you so? Maybe this subordinate can help you clear up your worries?”


An elegant noble smiled at her.


An Xue Yun who was busy in her own thoughts finally returned to reality.


“I am very sorry, Lord Sixth Prince, what was that?”


The sixth prince is a bit frustrated. He asked her to take a stroll with him many times only for her to finally accept after the nth time. But, An Xue Yun isn’t even trying to talk with him. She’s moving like a walking corpse. However, he can’t get angry when a fairy-like beauty like An Xue Yun is with him.


Just a glance at An Xue Yun and her beauty is enough to make his heart race. Her identity as someone from the Yulan Palace also enticed him very much.


“I was wondering what is bedeviling Young Miss Xue Yun? If you are willing to share, of course.”


The sixth prince put on his best gentleman act and he chuckled.




An Xue Yun sighed and she continued traversing her thoughts while ignoring her surroundings.

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