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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 260: My heart belongs to someone else

An Xue Yun’s distant attitude made the sixth prince feel helpless.


As the sixth prince, he is one of the most likely princes to succeed the emperor and rule the Zhou empire. Beautiful girls would throw themselves into his arm if the chance arises. Even if they aren’t doing that, most would sing praises about him. He’s never met someone like An Xue Yun who couldn’t care less who he is.


This only motivated the Sixth Prince to try and make her fall for him.


Only he, Zhou Yan, can embrace a girl like An Xue Yun.


Aside from Zhou Yan and An Xue Yun, there are other people from the top noble families who tagged along. Naturally, Lin Yin is with them.


It’s a great honor to stroll around with a prince of the empire. Yet, An Xue Yun is caught up with her own melancholic thoughts that it’s basically driving Lin Yin nuts. She was always the focal point of the group when the top noble families got together for a stroll. An Xue Yun came and she was easily eclipsed by An Xue Yun.


Lin Yin can’t wrap her head around it. An Xue Yun is just a girl from a normal clan in Tian Zong City. How did she become someone from Yulan Palace?


Lin Yin felt that An Xue Yun is a contemptible woman. She reckons that she is using a fake identity to get Zhou Yan’s attention. Of course, she didn’t say anything because nobody would believe her.


A young man in white robes approached them. He’s someone who looks like he’s in his mid-20s, he looked rather average, probably too mature for his own age. There’s a sinister air around this man, suffice to say he is displeasing to most who laid eyes on him. He swept his cold eyes all over An Xue Yun and he did a fist-and-palm salute.


“Baili Qiu Ze of the Hundred Miles family, I pay my greetings to Lord Sixth Prince.”


Zhou Yan waved his hand.


“No need to stand on ceremonies, what are you doing here?”


The hundred miles family is very close to the ninth prince, Baili Qiu Ze’s presence here is a surprise for Zhou Yan.


An Xue Yun returned from her thoughts. She expressed extreme disgust with this man. She was engaged to Baili Qiu Ze by her father Ax Yuan Long. She has heard tales of how Baili Qiu Ze’s wife died in extreme injustice or weird accidents, not a surprise considering that this man is a manwhore who has dozens of concubines. An Xue Yun once swore that she would sooner kill herself than to be married off to Baili Qiu Ze.


Luckily for her, Yulan Palace stepped in and gave her a ray of hope at survival. If not for their intervention, she would have committed suicide a long time ago.


“If you will allow me, I am here to take my clan member back.”


The man replied with a cold tone.


Being a direct descendant of the third greatest noble family, one of the great eight Noble Houses, he has to think twice about offending someone like him.


“Oh, who is your clan member? I don’t think there’s someone like that among us.”


The Sixth Prince laughed heartily.


Baili Qiu Ze considered himself as the legitimate husband of An Xue Yun. He’s also heard about An Xue Yun taking a stroll with the Sixth Prince, he is practically mad at the thought of being cheated on by An Xue Yun with the Sixth Prince. He still replied in a respectful manner.


“Lord Sixth Prince might not be aware of this but the Eternal Heaven family has long engaged me with An Xue Yun, she’s my wife although we haven’t had an official marriage ceremony yet.”




Zhou Yan shut him down with a merciless tone. He glared at Baili Qiu Ze.


“Young Miss Xue Yun is a disciple of Yulan Palace’s Martial Goddess Tian Yin, I have heard no news of the Yulan palace ever arranging a marriage with the Hundred Miles family.”


Baili Qiu Ze frowned. He didn’t understand where this came from, it’s too much of a coincidence for her to suddenly become a disciple of the Lord of Yulan Palace.


“All I know is, An Xue Yun is an Eternal Heaven Family member and they have arranged a marriage between me and her. She went missing during her trip to the capital for the ceremony, surely that must have been orchestrated beforehand!”


Baili Qiu Ze replied with a formal tone.


“Haha, Baili Qiu Ze, weight your words carefully, you sound most insidious right now!”


Zhou Yan continued glaring at Baili Qiu Ze.


“How dare you slander Young Miss Xue Yun like this, what are you planning?”


“I am speaking nothing but the truth.”


Baili Qiu Ze hurriedly explained.


“This floozy woman is known for being intimate with the traitor from the Azure Feather family. I advise heavily against being mesmerized by her beauty!”


Zhou Yan and Baili Qiu Ze’s dispute started a gossiping session among their entourage.


“Young Miss Xue Yun, this man is clearly trying to give you trouble. Say the word, and I will personally see to it that he gets his just punishment.”


Zhou Yan pointed at Baili Qiu Ze with a cold light in his eyes.


Obviously loathing the guts on this guy, An Xue Yun explained.


“I was a clan member of the Eternal Heaven family, however, I have never acknowledged the marriage agreement between the two families. I have been inducted into Yulan Palace since then and I am a disciple of the Martial Goddess Tian Yin.”


The others gasped but they knew why she did that. She threw away her old identity to become a disciple of Martial Goddess Tian Yin. One of the objectives of doing that is clearly to rescind the marriage agreement.


Lin Yin pouted bitterly. She climbed up to her present state through trials and tribulations. She did her best to gain the favor of many nobles from the great noble families. She forged her own status in Imperial Institute. Where did An Xue Yun get her good luck from? She became a disciple of Martial Goddess Tian Yin and now she’s coveted by people of power unlike her.


“Baili Qiu Ze, now you’ve heard it from the person herself. Young Miss Xue Yun does not acknowledge the marriage agreement. As a disciple of Martial Goddess Tian Yin, what are you going to do about it?”


Zhou Yan is a bit angry that she has this kind of history behind her but he said nothing. He told Baili Qiu Ze off in a distant manner.


Baili Qiu Ze is obviously enraged. With the Sixth Prince and her own identity working against him, he didn’t think he can get away with starting trouble here.


The Ninth Prince who is his backer is currently involved in a political war for the throne of the emperor. It’s not wise for him to start anything here as it might reflect badly upon his master.


“I would like to hear the explanation about her intimate relations with a descendant of the Azure Feather family. I am sure the Sixth Prince is also curious about this, right?”


Baili Qiu Ze wanted to drag her reputation through the mud if he can’t have her.


He’s not going to let her marry into the imperial family without trying to ruin it for her.


“Young Miss Xue Yun…”


It would seem Zhou Yan wants to know as well.


“It’s true, my heart belongs to someone else. I am in love with Ye XingHe. My heart is very sure about this, I never strayed from my feelings as you have insinuated.”


An Xue Yun said without hesitation, her clear tone and volume would convince anyone who heard her sentence.

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