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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 261: Get the fuck out of my way

The Sixth Prince turned dark upon hearing An Xue Yun’s confession.


He doesn’t know who that person is nor does he know about the relationship between the two of them. But, An Xue Yun’s words are an insult to his pride face.


Everybody knows he is after An Xue Yun’s hand in marriage. An Xue Yun saying that her heart belonged to someone else would have made him boiling with anger.


But, he chose to remain calm. Yulan Palace is a force outside the influence of the empires. Martial Goddess Tian Yin is also someone who is known for being very strong. Even the strongest of the Divine Sword Clan, Sword God Feng Yi will lose if they ever come into combat with each other. At least, you won’t anyone else in the Zhou Empire that can make an enemy of someone this strong.


As a disciple to Martial Goddess Tian Yin, she’s not someone he can mess with in any manner he chooses.


There’s even news that whoever can marry a disciple of the Lord of Yulan Palace shall get higher priority in the emperor’s consideration when he chooses his successor.


Zhou Yan awkwardly laughed.


“I wonder what kind of gallant man can earn the faithful attention of Young Miss Xue Yun, such a man would earn the ire of every man.”


The other clan member of the top noble families started discussing among themselves. They never thought An Xue Yun’s indirect rejection would be met with this kind of attitude from the Sixth Prince. Surely, only someone who came from Yulan Palace wouldn’t be fazed by the prince’s affection nor care for their face when turning the prince’s feelings down.


Lin Yin is seriously confused. She tried so damn hard to get the Sixth Prince to notice her. Once she marries into the imperial family, she’s going to be able to live a life devoid of worries. Why would An Xue Yun so foolishly turn down a glorious life like this?


Ye XingHe watched this debate from some distance away.


An Xue Yun is the most salient individual in this group of people. He kept his eyes on An Xue Yun, he wanted to talk with her but with so many people around her, he reckoned he should take a wait-and-see approach. It didn’t amuse him that the Sixth Prince tried to chat An Xue Yun up.


An Xue Yun’s defiant confession stirred him into action. He can no longer hold back his desire to appear in front of An Xue Yun so he stepped forward.


An Xue Yun couldn’t care less about the people gossiping around her. She stared into the distance in a daze. Suddenly, a familiar figure appeared in her line of sight. Isn’t that Ye XingHe who’s been running through her mind all day now?


Feeling sour, she turned her head the other way. She’s not mentally prepared to meet or talk with him right now.


He’s already an item with Xia Yu Ning.


Zhou Yan and Baili Qiu Ze noticed her look and they turned their heads in Ye XingHe’s direction.




Baili Qiu Ze remembers Ye XingHe. He’s the one who used Fading Star Explosion on him, sending him packing back to the capital the last time they met.


Zhou Yan sized Ye XingHe up with eagle-like eyes. From her words and actions, this person known as Ye XingHe meant very much to An Xue Yun.


Her distant look and attitude is probably because of Ye XingHe.


As a lofty prince, how can he tolerate his crush An Xue Yun pining after another man like this?


“Isn’t this the person who beat Lin Yin with a single palm strike?”


One of the noblemen recognized Ye XingHe.


Lin Yin turned green with frustration. Ye XingHe embarrassed her multiple times already. Too bad her cultivation is weaker than Ye XingHe, in fact, she’s lagging so far behind Ye XingHe it’s practically a joke to compare them.


A bunch of noblemen tried to bloc Ye XingHe, they glared at him.


“Name yourself.”


They didn’t let Ye XingHe get any closer to the Sixth Prince.


“What’s your name, my friend?”


Sixth Prince asked in a friendly tone but his eyes couldn’t be any colder.


“Ye XingHe!”


He replied without looking at anyone other than An Xue Yun. He wants to clear up the misunderstanding between them. More than anything, he wants to tell her that he’s never going to let her go again.


An Xue Yun averted her gaze while clenching her teeth. She’s very clear about the rules in Yu Lan Palace. She understands that she won’t be able to escape Yu Lan Palace’s supervision, it’s even harder for them to be together. She knows if she really wanted Ye XingHe’s happiness, she should just step down and let them get together, not getting in their way.


But, her mind and heart thought differently. Her pain stopped her from fully going through with her idea.


Baili Qiu Ze backpedaled away. After almost dying at Ye XingHe’s hand, he thought twice about challenging him. With the Sixth Prince here, he might not need to do anything after all.


The sixth prince reckons that although she’s in love with Ye XingHe, something must have happened to cause their relationships to become rocky. He couldn’t care what happened between the both of them but he wants to get his hands on An Xue Yun.


With Yulan Palace’s support, it would surely solidify his claim on the throne.


“Ye XingHe, this is not a place for you to be. Leave and I will pretend I didn’t see anything.”


Zhou Yan told him, it’s obvious he wants to pull out the imperial family’s authority on him.


Ye XingHe didn’t give him the time of day. He continued approaching while releasing a bit of his strength. With a loud crash, the two noblemen blocking him got sent flying, they spat out blood and collapsed.


Two sixth Heavenly Realm individuals just got knocked out for trying to go against his aura.


Ye XingHe strong aura made everyone flinch in surprise.


“I am here to take An Xue Yun away, unrelated individuals should get the fuck out of my way!”


Ye XingHe scanned over everyone here.


“I don’t give a damn who you people are, imperial, nobles, move or be moved.”


“Brazen and impudent in front of the Sixth Prince, get him!”


Other noblemen launched themselves at him.

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