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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 262: Let’s go

Ye XingHe’s eyes flashed with an unsympathetic gleam. With a pal strike, he sent out a formless shockwave that gave free rides through the air for the noblemen caught in his attack.


Ye XingHe looks like he’s 15 or 16 in age. Two seventh Heavenly Realm and three sixth Heavenly Realm experts should be enough to take him down. Yet, they are confronted with a different reality.


Not one of them stood a chance against Ye XingHe. He easily dispatched them and made them take a dirt nap.


Is he, is he someone who has stepped into the eighth Heavenly Realm?


A teenager like him? An eighth Heavenly Realm practitioner? Comb the capital and you would still find no one with a talent like his.


Some of the noblemen woke up in pain as they started wailing in pain. The other onlookers are glad they didn’t jump the gun, otherwise, they might have joined the sand-eating brothers on the ground.


Lin Yin finally realized just how great is the gap between Ye XingHe and herself.


Ye XingHe is probably someone who can belittle the imperial with his current strength.


His frightening talent will definitely allow him to shoot across the sky like a meteor. He is someone who will go beyond the horizon and see a world she never will never see.


Lin Yin has mixed feelings about this, regret and jealousy took the lion share of the pie of mixed feelings.


Ye XingHe slowly approached Zhou Yan with steady and firm steps. His aura made him look like an indomitable mountain.


“Yo-you, how dare you?!”


Zhou Yan yelled at him.


“If you step forward one more time, you can forget about going out of the capital in one piece!”


Ye XingHe glanced at Zhou Yan. He has no time for the Sixth Prince, he is focusing on An Xue Yun right now.


He took another step and a flash of arctic light flashed and a sword qi shot out towards Ye XingHe’s chest.


The nobles here couldn’t react in time due to the velocity of the sword qi.


An Xue Yun called out to him in panic.


“Watch out, XingHe…”


Ye XingHe felt the sword qi coming for his chest and he sent a Heavenly Dragon Wave towards it.


The assailant never expected his sword qi to fail him. Ye XingHe’s Star power-infused punch came for him so he hurriedly took a defensive stance.




The shockwave sent Ye XingHe back by 3 steps and the assailants back by 6 steps.


Exhaling, he calmed his boiling blood and he eyed the assailant who is in tight black clothes. His face is masked and his blade is flimsy but agile-looking, perfect for assassinations.


Ye XingHe’s strength shocked the figure in black. He moved in front of Zhou Yan and he stared at him in an icy manner.


The other nobles are aware of the identity of this figure in black. However, they aren’t sure where this figure in black hid nor how he appeared.


“It’s the imperial family’s bodyguard, a Black Feather Sentry!’


A noble cried out in astonishment.


They are all afraid of this figure in black, rather they are terrified of the Black Feather corps in general.


The quick round between Ye XingHe and the figure in black went so fast nobody caught anything but afterimages. They aren’t too sure what transpired during that brief exchange of attacks.


The Black Feather Sentries are a covert and scary part of the military. It’s said that the Black Feather sentries are personally trained and cultivated by the imperial family. They are geniuses adopted from a batch of geniuses, they are then put through gruesome training. Each year, only twenty to thirty will make the cut.

Only ninth Heavenly Realm individuals are sent out for external operations. This means the figure in black is a ninth Heavenly Realm expert.


Black Feather Sentries are tasked exclusively with the protection of imperial family members. They are even allowed a certain degree of freedom in terms of carrying out their duties. Their indoctrination and gruesome training have instilled in them an undying loyalty to the imperial family.


This Black Feather Sentry must be the Sixth Prince’s personal bodyguard.


“Black Feather sentry, I command you to kill this person!”


Zhou Yan issued his command.


With a ninth Heavenly Realm expert as his bodyguard, he didn’t think Ye XingHe would stand a fighting chance against his black feather sentry.


The black feather guard stood still without taking any action. He is leering at Ye XingHe.


Ye XingHe also focused his attention on the sentry. If he didn’t react in time and summon his Frost Dragon Scale Armor, he might have been in serious peril.


Ye XingHe raised his guard and he channeled his Star power. He’s ready to take this black feather sentry anytime.


It’s a ninth Heavenly Realm opponent with speed as his forte, this will be a troubling opponent for him.


This black feather sentry is even more shocked than Ye XingHe. Ye XingHe is so young but his strength is unquestionable. Moreover, he blocked his lethal attack with an unknown method, he’s very befuddled right now


“I don’t want to kill, don’t force my hand.”


Ye XingHe swept his gaze across the sentry.


The sentry raised his head and he replied.


“My prime directive is the safety of imperial family members, I won’t attack if you don’t threaten the Sixth Prince’s safety.”


“What are you doing? I am telling you to kill him!”


Zhou Yan roared in anger.


The sentry replied in a calm manner.


“Sixth Prince, that order is too hard to carry out. My job is to protect your safety, this order will compromise my objective.”


The sentry is making it clear that he won’t be obeying the Sixth Prince’s irrational order.


“I am here to take An Xue Yun away, if he stops meddling, I won’t have to start killing.”


Ye XingHe walked towards An Xue Yun. Nobody thought twice about making way for Ye XingHe.


An Xue Yun’s heart is in disarray, tears started flowing down her cheeks. She wants to keep her dignity and leave quietly. Seeing Ye XingHe’s resolve weakened her own resolve, she’s at a loss of what to say.


Ye XingHe grabbed An Xue Yun’s jade-white hand and he beamed at her.


“Let’s go.”

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