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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 263: Black Feather sentry

Ye XingHe’s firm but warm hand made An Xue Yun subconsciously advance towards Ye XingHe. She followed after Ye XingHe.


How she wished she could just throw everything to the wind and elope with Ye XingHe.


The Sixth Prince almost blew his top. The woman he wanted is about to be taken by this man in front of him. Not to mention, the male is someone who is younger than him.


He is a prince of this empire, and he demands respect!


If his woman was taken from him like this, where will he find his lost face? Everybody will be laughing about this for the rest of his life. He won’t be able to raise his head at any event involving princes and the greater nobles anymore.


The Sixth Prince roared and golden scales started forming on his skin. He also had horns coming out of his head.


The other nobles gasped in shock. They didn’t know the weak-looking prince actually had such astonishing strength. They assumed he’s a sixth Heavenly Realm individual, looks like he went through a lot of trouble to hide his cultivation level.


The Sixth Prince forgot about hiding his strength. To show his full power here, this means he is really angry right now.


The Sixth Prince swept a kick at Ye XingHe.


He has the golden dragon bloodline. Once he morphs, his strength will increase several folds so this kick had a frightening amount of power in it.


Ye XingHe stood between An Xue Yun and the Sixth Prince. He channeled star power and he unleashed another Heavenly Dragon Wave. His muscles flexed and a dangerous vibe started spreading out with him as the center.


A large wind blew outwards, threatening to blow anyone who couldn’t stand it to kingdom come.


Ye XingHe used almost all of his strength on this one.




Ye XingHe yelled in anger.


The black feather sentry standing beside the Sixth Prince couldn’t react in time as his palm met with the Sixth Prince’s foot.


They thought the Sixth Prince would be able to defeat Ye XingHe.


But, they were met with the sight of the Sixth Prince being sent flying while vomiting blood. Ye XingHe easily smacked the Sixth Prince away like a fly.


The black feather sentry caught the Sixth Prince before he fell to the ground.


“Kill him!”


Sixth Prince ordered before passing out.


Ye XingHe didn’t appear apologetic at all.


“He’s got it coming, it’s his own fault for trying to pull a sneak attack on me.”


Ye XingHe’s attack is strong enough to knock the Sixth Prince out but not enough to kill him. He made sure to hold back enough that the Sixth Prince will probably recover, albeit, it’s going to take him months to get his cultivation back.


An Xue Yun’s heart raced when she saw Ye XingHe beating the Sixth Prince up for her sake. She urged him to run in a worried tone.


“XingHe, you better escape now. You’ve hurt an imperial prince, there is still time for you to leave the capital.”


Ye XingHe is touched that An Xue Yun cared enough to worry more about his safety than her own. He confidently told her to not worry.


“It’s fine, they can’t do anything to me.”


Ye XingHe sounded very sure about it so An Xue Yun decided to do as he said.


The black feather sentry raised his head.


“If you didn’t whack the Sixth Prince up, I would have watched. As a criminal who assaulted the prince, you’ve left me no choice. We, members of the Black Feather Sentries place the safety of imperial family members above our own lives.”


Ye XingHe examined the black feather sentry. He knows that the sentry is a worthy foe but he felt no trepidation at the thought of fighting him. Quite the contrary, he’s excited about finding such a foe.


“If you must then words will no longer be needed.”


Ye XingHe unleashed his aura.


The nobles started running away because they don’t want to be caught up in this fight.


They didn’t know from where this Ye XingHe person popped up. He beat up a bunch of nobles, made the Sixth Prince taste iron in his mouth and he even challenged a guardian with imperial authority. He’s too brutal and arrogant for his own good, didn’t he know this is the capital he is wreaking havoc in?


Does Ye XingHe know about the consequences of going against the imperial family?


Lin Yin looked at Ye XingHe again and again. She’s been shocked and surprised throughout the day. At 16, he’s already someone who apparently made it to the ninth Heavenly Realm. This talent is basically heaven-defying, it’s unfair of him just to be alive.


Lin Yin thought she’s a top caliber genius who busted her ass to climb up the social and political ladder. She got cocky and today she learned a valuable lesson known as modesty. After comparing herself to Ye XingHe, the gap in strength inculcated in her the scenario she had always failed to imagine: She will never be able to catch up to him.


As a woman, she’s infinitely jealous of An Xue Yun. She earned the favor of the Sixth Prince. Not only that, but she’s also got a super-strong man who basically wasted an imperial prince for her. Now, he’s taking on a black feather sentry for her.


“You’re strong but you’re too young to take the black feather corps on.”


The black feather sentry spun his blade and he sent a stab at Ye XingHe’s head.


After failing the first time, the sentry decided to aim for his weak point.


The sentry’s speed is no joke.


“So quick!”


Ye XingHe used heavenly spirit wave and heavenly spirit eyes to attack.


Ye XingHe released golden rays of light from his eyes. These rays are infused with soul intent and he sent it towards the sentry’s mind.


Suffering a mental attack, his vision blurred. Shocked by this novel attack, his speed slowed down.


Losing his speed, his accuracy also fell. Ye XingHe used his heavenly eyes to see through the sentry’s attack. Dodging the sentry’s attack by stepping towards the side, he counter-attacked with his Frost Dragon Halberd.




The black feather sentry felt the attack coming, he instinctively raised his flimsy blade to block the attack.




Under the tremendous force, the sentry can feel his organs being assaulted from the vibrations and he started spitting blood while heaving hard.

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