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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 264: A problem

The black sentry feels very gloomy. He’s supposed to be stronger but he’s suffering at Ye XingHe’s hands.


He’s not trained to handle Ye XingHe’s weird fighting style. he’s never experienced being attacked through the soul. Moreover, he also used a mystical weapon on him which he didn’t predict.


He’s not very wary of Ye XingHe. If he wasn’t careful he would have died in the fight just now. It’s not hard to think that Ye XingHe is still hiding multiple techniques.


Ye XingHe stepped forward and he pressured the black feather sentry with his aura.


His aura shouldn’t have posed a problem for the black feather sentry but Ye XingHe’s heavenly spirit wave exploited the weakness in the sentry’s soul and he can now pressure to intimidate the sentry.


Furthermore, the sentry is already hurt and disoriented from the soul attack. If he used his secret technique, there’s still a high chance he will lose against Ye XingHe.


“Wait wait, I have lost this fight. Let me take the prince and I will be on my way!”


The sentry waved his hands in a panic.


His prime directive is the safety of imperial family members, that is, the safety of the Sixth Prince. If he died in the fight, he won’t be able to guarantee the Sixth Prince’s safety. The rational decision under immense uncertainty would be to choose this course of action, to surrender and preserve the Sixth Prince’s safety.


Ye XingHe knows that this sentry is still hiding some cards up his sleeves. If they fought for real, the sentries will resist with all his might. He’s not here to kill the prince, letting the sentry go might be the smart thing to do.


“Get lost.”


Ye XingHe told him off.


The sentry picked Sixth Prince up and he flew away.


The nobles started seeing Ye XingHe in a new light, they are not filled with terror at this walking abomination in front of them.


He went so far as to beat up the Sixth Prince and his bodyguard, a black feather sentry. In their minds, Ye XingHe has to be at least in the ninth Heavenly Realm. A youngster who has achieved a stage of immense cultivation. Wait a few years and he’s going to become a true monster.


The black feather sentry retreated so what can the nobles possibly do against Ye XingHe. If they even approach him, it’s going to be their funeral for sure.


Ye XingHe turned around and he flashed a brilliant smile at An Xue Yun.


“Let’s go.”


He pulled her along by her hand and they went on their way.


Ye XingHe started thinking that he was right. Only with enough strength can one protect those that matter to one’s self. Finally, he’s holding hands with An Xue Yun. He never wants to let go of her again, not after this much-awaited reunion. There are so many things he wants to talk about with her.


It’s his own fault for being weak. When he tried to catch up to her, An Xue Yun was already abducted by strangers.


If he had ninth Heavenly Realm strength, he would have stormed the Eternal Heaven family and broke An Xue Yun out of her confinement. Then, he might have prevented the things that would transpire after that.


Looking at Ye XingHe’s firm hands, she raised her head to gaze at Ye XingHe’s face without conscious thought. If only she can keep running away hand in hand with Ye XingHe like this. But, the Yulan Palace’s rule of no-romance has got her in a bind.


It’s like fate is making fun of her, bringing them ever so close only to tear them apart time after time.


She wants to break free of all these cosmic shackles binding her. It would be a happy end for her if she can fly away to somewhere far far away with Ye XingHe. Her rational side is telling her that she has to stop doing this if she truly wants Ye XingHe and his family to remain unharmed.


An Xue Yun admired Xia Yu Ning greatly in this respect. Not only did she envy her background, but she also deeply respected her go-getter personality, she’s not afraid to show when she’s hurting or to let the other person know she loves them greatly. She’s someone who can risk it all for the one she loved, even if that meant going against the will of the heavens and the mandate of the earthly ones. In short, An Xue Yun wished she can be as flamboyant as Xia Yu Ning. It’s just not that simple.


XingHe, forgive me.


An Xue Yun whispered in her heart.


Ye XingHe and An Xue Yun walked further and further away from the nobles. Slowly, they made their way into a dense forest.


“If we go any further, we will arrive at the courtyard I am currently staying at. Do you want to go there with me?”


An Xue Yun smiled.


“Xue Yun, why are you in the Imperial Institute? Someone abducted you by the time I found what remained of your carriage. Where have you been? How have you been?”


Ye XingHe shot out all the questions he wanted to ask. The misunderstanding last time has caused their reunion to end in an abrupt manner.


An Xue Yun laughed.


“That’s in the past, XingHe.”




Ye XingHe looked at An Xue Yun’s tranquil smile but he’s still panicking inside.


After traversing a small woodland path, they arrived at a quiet courtyard.


“I am currently in Yulan Palace. My days have been better compared to how it was back home. Martial Goddess Tian Yin sent me here to investigate the imperial family.”


An Xue Yun explained.


“The Zhou Imperial family, why?


Why would Martial Goddess Tian Yin do an investigation on the Zhou Imperial family? Yulan Palace is a faction that is outside the control of the great empire. They stayed neutral regardless of the wars between the different empires.


“I am not too sure. She also sent a bunch of elders from the Yulan Palace who are the individuals who are going to do all the investigative work. I was sent to give pretense to our presence in the capital.”


An Xue Yun continued explaining.


Inside her room, there are a lot of antique chairs and tables. The room invoked a peaceful feeling in the inhabitants. It totally fits with An Xue Yun’s personality, graceful, elegant, and modest like a winter lotus.


Sandalwood burned silently in the background, filling the room with a nice scent. The smell caused his spirit to unwove and his heart to become still.


Depression insidiously crept into Ye XingHe’s heart when he thought about the sufferings An Xue Yun must have experienced all these time. His heart throbbed in pain.


“Xue Yun, come with me. Let’s forget about the Yulan Palace, the imperial family, to hell with them.”


Ye XingHe said.


“You and I both know that’s impossible. If we eloped, what will become of your clan? What will become of Yu Ning’s father?”


An Xue Yun’s intently gazed at Ye XingHe with a warm and solemn gaze. She wants to carve everything about Ye XingHe into her heart.


“I will solve all of them myself.”


Ye XingHe said in a positive tone.


An Xue Yun shook her head.


“You’re wrong. You know not of the greatness of the Yulan Palace. If I come with you, I don’t think I can bear to watch the consequences that will fall upon you.”




Ye XingHe started getting flustered. Why? Why is there always an external force that presents itself whenever they are getting together? Fate’s stocks and chains are starting to drain Ye XingHe of his defiant energy.


“Say no more, I already know what your heart wishes to express, more than I want to understand even.”


An Xue Yun’s heart started palpitating painfully.


“Xue Yun…”


Ye XingHe stood up but a sudden sense of dizziness assaulted him. His vision started to blur.


This sandalwood, something’s wrong about it…

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