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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 265: Sky falcon God Sect sect-master

Ye XingHe didn’t even raise his guard against An Xue Yun. He never noticed the fishy sandalwood before it’s too late.


An Xue Yun slowly disrobed, revealing her smooth shoulders shining with an alluring luster. Biting down on her lips, Ye XingHe’s figure reflected in her moist eyes.


Before Ye XingHe can do or say anything, she pounced on An Xue Yun and she planted a deep kiss on Ye XingHe’s lips.


Stunned, he felt his body slowly turning hot. This infectious carnal flame threatened to consume both of them. He returned her embrace and he is hugging her so tightly that it’s like he wants to merge with An Xue Yun.


Turning into a beast, he nibbled her shoulder.




An Xue Yun moaned the slight pain is a reminder that she’s still alive.


Ye XingHe didn’t know what is happening to him. His desires are starting to take over the conscious control of his body.


An Xue Yun started weeping as tears fell on Ye XingHe’s shoulders. She’s an emotional mess right now. But, she knows one thing is for sure, she wants to give everything she has to this man in front of her.


Outside the courtyard, all is well. The trees stood still as they have always done, the flowers bloomed spectacularly as well.


The sun started sinking beyond the horizon as the moon crept higher into the sky.


The silent night went by in a peaceful manner.


After an unknown time, Ye XingHe woke up from his stupor. He opened his eyes and found his surroundings to be empty.




His head is still hurting from what transpired yesterday. He does recall doing a lot of indecent stuff with An Xue Yun. Looking around, he can still see the criminal evidence the both of them left behind after the messy bashing of the flesh.


He remembered An Xue Yun’s pristine body and the sight of her clenching her teeth as he plunged into her. He’s still feeling bad for being so rough with her.


“Xue Yun!”


He yelled, nobody replied.


An ominous feeling rose up within him.


“Xue Yun!”


He cried out in panic. Still, she didn’t reply to his call.


Ye XingHe got up, he got dressed and he looked around the room. The beautiful woman who was here yesterday was no longer in sight, she cleared out the room while he’s still out cold. He can still smell a faint lingering smell of An Xue Yun in this room as if to tease him.


A deep crippling sadness grabbed a hold of him. He hadn’t the slightest clue why An Xue Yun did this to him, why did she leave him behind?


Emotionally thrashed. He stood up and he went to the living room. He saw that someone had left a handkerchief on the table in the living room. On it was a message written with beautiful handwriting.


“XingHe, I am going now. Take care of yourself, I wish that in the future where these days will look like a distant past, you will still remember that there’s someone who will always love you no matter what, An Xue Yun.”


The handkerchief’s handwriting started turning bad near the end of the message. Ye XingHe reckons that An Xue Yun is weighed down by her anxiety as she wrote this.


Ye XingHe didn’t understand this, they finally saw each other after being separated for so long. Why does An Xue Yun have to go?


Maybe An Xue Yun has her own worries?


Thinking about what had transpired last night, Ye XingHe clenched tightly onto the handkerchief. No matter what, Ye XingHe will always remember the woman who had walked into his life like this.


Is it because of Yulan Palace?


Thinking about the mysterious Yulan Palace, a resolute light flashed in his eyes. He’s going to find An Xue Yun and he’s going to bring her back with him or die trying. If Yulan Palace has to be demolished for them to be together then so be it.




Outside Imperial Institute, the headquarters of Sky Falcon God Sect.


An exquisite beauty was accompanied by a bunch of old women as they walked towards the headquarters.


The lady walked with an elegant stride, she combined style and grace seamlessly. However, if one looked closer, something’s a bit fishy about the way she’s moving. There are also love-marks on her shoulders, thighs, and her secret garden, granted, they were concealed by her clothing so no one would be able to notice it.


After last night’s roofie crazy gland-to-gland combat, her face flushed whenever she recalled the stuff they did together.


“Saintess, what’s wrong?”


One of the old women asked. She’s Yue Xiu, an elder from Yulan Palace.


“I am okay, it’s just a minor wound.”


An Xue Yun shook her head.




Ye Xiu continued walking without pursuing the matter.


“Xue Yun, was it worth it?”


Another elder, Xin Xiu asked her. She sighed in a tired manner. She’s the elder who has the best relationship with An Xue Yun shook her head. She saw the An Xue Yun greasing her loaf pan with some Ye XingHe elementium when she returned to the courtyard yesterday. She chose to help An Xue Yun by feigning ignorance.


An Xue Yun lowered her head in silence. As a saintess chose personally by Martial Goddess Tian Yin, if word ever got out about the nasty stuff she did, she would be executed as per the clan’s rule.


Was it worth it? Who knows.


An Xue Yun knows that Yulan Palace can be a cruel and merciless place. It had influence far beyond anyone can imagine. Maybe it’s her destiny to not be a part of Ye XingHe’s life. Perhaps, it won’t even take long for Ye XingHe to forget about her.


Her action was a result of the selfishness she kept inside her heart. She knows that it’s impossible for things to turn out well with Ye XingHe but she wants to leave an image of herself in Ye XingHe’s heart. Even if, after decades, Ye XingHe only briefly recalled their memories together, that much would be satisfying for her.


That’s why she gave herself to Ye XingHe despite her brain warning against doing so.


She let Ye XingHe decorate her interior so they will always share this memory inside their hearts. She inscribed herself into his heart.


Inside the cold and emotionless halls of the palace, this warm memory of her intimate exchange with Ye XingHe will carry her through it, she is sure in this regard. Even if, they never meet again this memory will be the ward she uses to ward off the loneliness that seeks to control her.


An Xue Yun’s heart was swept clear of doubts, she raised her head and she revealed a placid smile like no other.


“Aunt Xin Xiu, I don’t know if it was worth it. I do know I regret nothing and nothing shall change that sentiment.”


Xin Xiu is momentarily stunned by her dazzling smile. She sighed and she said no more.


As they proceeded, a bunch of people hurriedly approached them. A middle-aged man in white robes greeted them. His robe is emblazoned with the insignia of the Sky Falcon God Sect. If a noble from the capital is here, they would have recognized this middle-aged person as Ying Yue, the sect-master of Sky Falcon God Sect, one of the top experts in the Zhou empire, a celebrity among the nobles, a part of the pillar of strengths supporting Zhou empire.


“Sky Falcon God Sect Sect-master, Ying Yue extends his greetings to the saintess.”


Ying Yue bowed with a 90 degrees angle.


Not even a prince will get such a respectful bow from Ying Yue. A lot of people would be shocked if they saw this scene. Even if An Xue Yun is the disciple of the lord of Yulan Palace, he didn’t have to be so formal with the greetings.

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