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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 266: Weird affair

“Senior is too respectful.”


An Xue Yun addressed Ying Yue.


“Saintess, respected elders, please, enter our humble abode.”


Ying Yue gestured for them to follow him.


Under his guide, they entered the Sky Falcon God Sect’s main hall. Aside from Ying Yue, there are no other clansmen here.


“Ying Yue, is there any news regarding the Zhou empire? What’s the latest movement?”


Yue Su asked.


“Reporting to the elder, we have done what we can, pulled the strings we have and we got close to the Ninth Prince. The only news we got is that the emperor hadn’t been managing the affairs of the empire himself for the past 5 years. He delegated all the administrative affairs to his princes, specifically, he’s letting the Second Prince, Sixth Prince, and Ninth Prince handle the management of the empire. These 3 princes have their own factions and they have a firm hold on the imperial court, they also garnered the loyalty of other lesser princes. I met the emperor once with the grace of the Ninth Prince, however, he was hidden behind a beaded screen so I can’t say it’s him for sure.”


Ying Yue replied.


Yue Su wrinkled her eyebrows.


“Is there anything out of the ordinary in the capital?”


“Abnormal, you mean? I don’t think so.”


Ying Yue shook his head after pondering for a while. He’s not sure why Yulan Palace is investigating Zhou empire, considering his meager position in the Yulan Palace, there are a lot of things he’s being kept in the dark about.


An Xue Yun didn’t understand the situation so she stayed quiet and listened to the conversation intently.


“The Northern Lord Xia Lie and the crown prince’s son, Zhou Huan, they were both captured by the imperial family, do you any idea where they are being kept at?”


Yue Su asked.


Xia Lie and Zhou Huan’s name raised An Xue Yun’s ears. She paid more attention to this conversation.


“After the two of them were captured, I tried gathering information from every place I could think of. I have solid clues that these two are being held inside the imperial palace but I don’t know the exact location.”


Ying Yue asked back.


“Are they important individuals?”


“Continue investigating their locations and notify at the earliest opportunity if you’ve got something new.”


Yue Su said a moment later.




Ying Yue nodded and he suddenly recalled something.


“Ye Su, I have heard something that might be interesting. The imperial palace built a new garden. This garden is oddly secured, not many are allowed inside this garden. This applies to important figures like lords, empress, Sword God Feng Yi, and even the crown princes.”


“Oh? That is odd indeed.”


Yue Su mused in silence.


“I will investigate that garden with two other people. The saintess should stay with Elder Xing Xiu. I will have to trouble you to prepare their accommodations.”


“Understood, Elder Yue Su.”


Xing Xiu bowed.


Inside the Imperial Institute, Ye XingHe stored An Xue Yun’s handkerchief away. He scanned the room and he could still sniff out the faint scent An Xue Yun left.


He fondly recalled the short time he spent with An Xue Yun, he would never give them up for anything in this world.


Ye XingHe cleaned up the room and living room. Noticing the blood in the bed-chamber, he stopped for a bit. He sighed and he exited the courtyard.


Ye XingHe soundly defeated the Sixth Prince and he even made the Black Feather sentry retreat out of fear. This piece of news spread like wildfire inside the Imperial Institute.


There’s a rumor that he’s a disciple hailing from Tian Xing Academy. This raised the profile of Tian Xing Academy.


The students in the Imperial Institute are haughty and conceited like no other. This is largely due to the fact that they have a lot of geniuses in the institute. In terms of strength and talent, there is almost nobody who can exceed them.


Yet, a sixteen-year-old student from a normal academy has been found to be someone who is in the ninth Heavenly Realm. He singlehandedly stomped their pride with his power. His power is so overwhelming that no other person dared to raise a voice in his presence. Nobody had the suicidal thoughts to fight him either.


That’s a ninth Heavenly Realm practitioner, an individual who stood at the top of all the humans.


He can even start a big clan with his own power if he so chooses.


Any clan that can move mountains and split the seas are already feeling very blessed if they have at least 5 ninth Heavenly Realm individuals in their sects. The most shocking point is that Ye XingHe is only sixteen-years-old. Never have anyone heard about someone so talented they reached the ninth Heavenly Realm at such a tender age.


The greater sects are all busy trying to dig out any information on Ye XingHe’s background. Slowly, his background and identity spread amongst the people.


Ye XingHe belonged to the Azure feather family and he is heading the number one faction in Tian Zong City. However, his faction is already sitting on the same level as anyone of the greater factions.


Most importantly, Ye XingHe is a rebel who is deemed a traitor to the imperial family. He wiped out 200,000 men belonging to the Dragon Chariot Army outside of Tian Zong City. To think a rebel would have the guts to set foot in the capital like this. It’s simply unfathomable! If that’s not enough, he even assaulted a crown prince and he beat up his black feather bodyguard a punk too.


News like these roiled the great noble families and other large factions.


They are all in agreement that this is just the prelude to something bigger. If an enemy of the state can step so brazenly into the capital, there must be some kind of plan in place to deal with him.


Logically speaking, the imperial family should have arrested Ye XingHe but strangely enough not only is there no arrest warrant out on Ye XingHe nobody in the imperial family mentioned the topic of the Sixth prince being roughed up. They are apparently more concerned with making sure the Battle of the Tower of Gods runs smoothly. They even said that anyone can join, even rebels who are trying to overthrow the imperial family.


This just sounds like the imperial family isn’t taking Ye XingHe seriously, or maybe, they have some other plans for him?


Zhou Empire is dealing with an uprising but since the northern lord has been captured, the rebels aren’t making any big moves as of now. The other rebellious lords are also adopting a wait-and-see approach. For now, the Zhou Empire is peaceful, the imperial family is also not aggressively purging the rebels. They are suppressing the rebels by sending the divine envoys to other vassal lords and the Azure feather family.


The imperial family’s real intention is inscrutable to the others.


As time passed, the Battle of the Tower of Gods drew near. Aside from Ye XingHe, anyone who is anyone started congregating in the capital. A lot of geniuses started appearing from all over the empire to attend this event. No doubt, Ye XingHe, the person who clobbered the Sixth Prince is the most prominent of them all.


Bashing a prince and suffering no repercussions, he’s probably the first one in history to pull of this stunt.


Ye XingHe walked along a small pebble road in Imperial Institute, the other students all stayed out of his path. They gossiped and pointed fingers but no one disturbed his peace.


He detected an aura from within the trees. Perceiving this sudden appearance of aura, he raised his brows and he gave chase to the receding aura.

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