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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 268:



Sword Eminence Ming Yu nodded. Although Ye XingHe went overboard in some areas. Viewing from a wider perspective, he is still organized when he is setting out to complete his mission. He’s not a brainless maniac who tries in vain to bash his muscle against an iron board otherwise Azure Feather Family would not be able to achieve its present-day status.


Ye XingHe probably has a plan in mind when he ripped the Sixth Prince a new derriere.


“What is going on with the Battle of the Tower of Gods, do you have any clues on that?”


Ye XingHe turned towards Sword Eminence Ming Yu.


Sword Eminence Ming Yu replied.


“According to what I know, the Battle of the Tower of Gods is organized by the Guardians. Outsiders aren’t privy to this information so they assumed it’s hosted by the imperial family.”




Ye XingHe flinched in surprise. He’s curious about these guardians she spoke of.




Sword Eminence Ming Yu continued with a nod.


“There are twelve towers of the gods in this great land. In each tower, there’s a guardian. According to legends, these Guardians are emissaries of the twelve gods who created this land in those ancient times. Nobody has seen the gods personally but these gods are still able to communicate their intentions.”


There are twelve gods in the twelve tower of gods?


This is something new for Ye XingHe.


“In the records, these gods are in charge of keeping the land, making sure the qi, the heaven, and the earth are in balance as well as maintaining the rotation of the stars and moon. Essentially, they are keeping the world running in an orderly fashion.”


Sword Eminence Ming Yu continued.


“It is said that when the first ancestor emperor founded this empire, he received the blessing of the god before he named his empire the great Zhou Empire. He built his empire around the tower and they have worshipped the god of that tower since then.”


Ye XingHe didn’t know there’s such a rich story behind the tower.


He imagined that the first emperor must have had a blood-boiling experience trying to create an empire out of the chaotic land when a lot of clans vied for supremacy.


Sword Eminence Ming Yu looked into the distance and she said.


“According to the imperial family, the reason they started this Battle of the Tower of Gods when the doors of immortality opened inside the tower. According to god’s will, they are to choose talented individuals from amongst the masses and send them into the tower so they can enter the door of immortality. Yet, not one has managed to make it past the sixth level of this tower.”


“And this door of immortality is located at the top of this tower?”


Ye XingHe said.


“No, nobody has ever seen this door of immortality so nobody has any idea where it is actually located at. It’s just a myth at this point.”


Sword Eminence Ming Yu shook her head.


“So the ancient god is also a myth?”


Ye XingHe’s brow twitched.


“I am not sure about that. I reckon only the imperial family and the other Greater Noble Families know the answer to this question. The founding emperor is the only human, at least in history, to have seen the ancient god.”


Sword Eminence Ming Yu knitted her eyebrows.


Ye XingHe smelled something fishy about this but he couldn’t put his fingers on it.


“The emperors are very pious about this tradition of hosting the Battle of the Tower of Gods. To this day, they have hosted this Battle of the Tower of Gods regardless of external or internal turmoils. Territorial disputes with nearby countries or internal disputes would be put on hold until the end of this event.”


Sword Eminence Ming Yu responded.


“During this period, the geniuses from other empires are permitted to join this Battle of the Tower of Gods even if they are at war with Zhou Empire. The emperor even went so far as to arrange for security details to escort these people. This event always managed to attract geniuses from all over the world.


Ye XingHe nodded. He is wondering if the emperor is really doing as per the ancient god’s will. Is it really just about sending geniuses into the tower?


Ye XingHe has a feeling that the emperor is not so magnanimous.


Someone who can kill his own son and capture his own grandson? A selfless person?


An Xue Yun also said she and her people from the Yulan Palace are investigating the emperor, maybe they have spotted something off as well?


Yulan Palace is known for its independence from the influence of any empire. Its power can rival empires so they can do this, there’s even a known Deva, the Martial Goddess Tian Yin backing them up. It’s unheard of for Yulan Palace to meddle with the affairs of any empire. But, it’s currently paying a lot of attention to this emperor in particular.


Sword Eminence Ming Yu frowned but she relaxed soon after.


“That’s the present situation, although we can sense something wrong, it’s not likely we will be able to figure it out from what we currently know.”


“Do you have any idea where the Northern Lord Xia Lie is being kept at?”


Ye XingHe asked after breaking his silence.


“Is this Northern Lord the father of Xia Yu Ning? What’s your relationship with this Xia Yu Ning girl? To save the lord you’re willing to brave so much risk and come to the capital?”


Sword Eminence Ming Yu teased Ye XingHe.


“Is she your wife?”




Ye XingHe shook his head. He’s not sure what is his relationship with Xia Yu Ning at this point. To add fuel to the fire, he’s already done the deed with An Xue Yun despite not being official husband and wife with An Xue Yun.


It’s complicated is probably a very accurate term for his situation.


Regardless of any of that, Xia Yu Ning has been by his side for so long and they have gone through trials and tribulations together. Since they captured Xia Yu Ning’s father, there’s no way he’s going to sit idly by and watch this.


Sword Eminence Ming Yu laid her gaze on Ye XingHe’s figure. She smiled at him.


“What a passionate man, I wonder if you would do the same for me if I ever land in hot water someday.”


“If you’re a true friend, I definitely will help.”


Ye XingHe replied in a straightforward manner. There is no hesitation or doubt in his words.


A weird light flashed in Sword Eminence Ming Yu’s eyes. She must have been infected by Ye XingHe unyielding personality. It’s just not meant to be for her. Maybe in her next life, if there is one, she would like to be someone like Xia Yu Ning, someone who can become Ye XingHe’s partner in life.


When everyone’s busy scheming and stabbing in each in the back, only Ye XingHe gave her a real sense of security, he’s the only one who tethered her to reality. He gave her a much-needed lesson on the rarity of sincerity. She saw how it can make people willingly give up their lives for others.


“I will do my best to get the details of Xia Lie’s current location.”


Sword Eminence Ming Yu looked intently at Ye XingHe. Her eyes went dim after saying that.


“Thank you, truly, Sword Eminence Ming Yu.”


Ye XingHe did a fist-in-palm salute as he thanked her.


“Why are you still caliing me Sword Eminence Ming Yu? I am older than you, maybe you should call me big sister Ming Yu?”


Sword Eminence Ming Yu went back to her flirty tone, she batted her eyelashes at him.




Ye XingHe is not comfortable with calling her like that.


Sword Eminence Ming Yu leaned up against Ye XingHe and she gave him a seductive smile.


“I have already revealed my true self in front of you, it’s not such a taxing request to get you to call me big sister, right? Are you displeased that I am older than you?”


Her perfume sneaked its way into his nostrils. He can also see a clear expanse of white jade from her exposed cleavage. She’s a fox spirit hell-bent on seducing him.


Ye XingHe rubbed his nose as he retreated away.


“Okay then, big sister Ming Yu, is that correct?”

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