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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 269: Hong Meng Demonic Seed

Sword Eminence Ming Yu is a bit dejected with Ye XingHe’s evasive behavior. She chuckled and her racks jiggled in a very astonishing manner.


“Junior brother XingHe, if you ever miss your dear sister, just remember that this sister is willing to do anything!”


Sword Eminence Ming Yu leaned forward and she whispered that into Ye XingHe’s ears, maing sure he can feel her breath.


Sword Eminence Ming Yu used a coquettish tone that would drive any man insane. She’s trying very hard to entice him.


He’s not going to try stepping into that minefield. She’s basically oozing with sexuality, he’s been through some stuff with Sword Eminence Ming Yu but she’s still someone from the Divine Sword Clan.


It’s unknown if she’s trying to get him to be her personal attendant.


There’s a hint of danger in her current display of affection.


He’s willing to trust her to some extent but it’s not to the extent where he lowers his guard against her. He didn’t know her well enough for that.


“Then, I am counting on sister Ming Yu on the matter regarding the Northern Lord.”


Ye XingHe clasped his hands together in respect.


“Be at ease, if I obtain any news, I will send messengers to you. By the way, where can I go to find you?”


Sword Eminence Ming Yu asked Ye XingHe.


He told her about the courtyard Wu Xiang is currently staying at.


“I will arrange for someone to receive the news.”




Sword Eminence Ming Yu nodded. She took another look at Ye XingHe, a hint of longing flashed in her eyes.


“I will be going now!”


She came to visit Ye XingHe in secrecy, if anyone found out then she’s going to be in big trouble as someone from the Divine Sword Clan.


“May we meet again.”


Ye XingHe bade her farewell.


Sword Eminence Ming Yu flew into the air.


He watched as Sword Eminence Ming Yu disappeared beyond the foliage of this woodland. He retracted his gaze and he started heading towards the courtyard Elder Wu Xiang is at.


Divine Sword Clan, spirit sword hall.


Standing at the most exalted spot is a figure in white robes. His flushed skin exuded a lively radiance. His youthful skin is like that of a youngster in the early twenties of his life. But, his Arctic white hair would cause people to have serious doubts about his true age.


His immortal-looking stature looked ephemeral, a breeze would easily blow his lithe figure away.


This is the person known as Sword God Feng Yi. He’s someone whos name would rumble the empire whenever it’s spoken. He’s allegedly the strongest person in Zhou Empire, undefeated until now.


Ling Yu stood at attention with lowered head some distance away from Sword God Feng Yi.


‘Ling Yu, the Battle of the Tower of Gods is upon us. How goes your cultivation?”


Sword God Feng Yi questioned Ling Yu.


“Reporting to esteemed master, I am currently at the peak of the eighth Heavenly Realm in’ cultivation!


Ling Yu replied, unable to hide the agitation in his tone. After being whooped by Ye XingHe multiple times, he is suffering some psychological setbacks that would impede his cultivation. The frustration came close to rupturing his meridians multiple times.


Ling Yu knew this is all coming from his inner demons.


He is supposed to be stronger than Ye XingHe, he just couldn’t wrap his head around his continuous defeat at Ye XingHe’s hands. The more distressed he is, the more distracted he is when cultivating to higher stages. The news that Ye XingHe stepped into the ninth Heavenly Realm didn’t help to calm down his heart.


Ye XingHe was just at the seventh Heavenly Realm when he fed Ling Yu dust from the ground. Now that he is a ninth Heavenly Realm practitioner and Ling Yu’s an eighth Heavenly Realm cultivator, he is naturally very perturbed by this change in superiority.


“Ling Yu, your heavy heart will weigh down your progress in cultivation, do you understand?”


Sword God Feng Yi frowned at Ling Yu.


“Your talent is extraordinary, nobody can beat you and you are my prized disciple who I am hoping to pass my legacy onto, do not disappoint me!”


Sword God Feng Yi’s words stirred Ling Yu. He’s very depressed because his master’s flattery didn’t feel good at all. Considering Ye XingHe’s progress, he’s ashamed to even lift his head.


“Master, your disciple has a request.’


Ling Yu clasped his hands.




Sword God Feng Yi replied.


“Ling Yu has an enemy in the capital and your disciple feels like he’s my destined rival. Knowing that he’s in the capital displeases me like a fishbone in my throat. But, my cultivation pales in comparison, I request the master to dispatch a couple of individuals to accompany so that I may exterminate him!”


Ling Yu continued with cupped hands.


“I implore the master to fulfill my humble request.”


Sword God Feng Yi’s sight fell on Ling Yu. He asked.


“Is this person Ye XingHe?”


“How did master figure that out?”


Ling Yu stopped in surprise.


“Of course, he is someone who attained a high cultivation level despite his young age. Right now, he’s causing waves to stir in the capital, it would be deplorable of me not to know, wouldn’t it?”


Sword God Feng Yi continued calmly.


“I am not that senile.”


“If so, why the master deem this disciple’s talent incredible?”


Ling Yu blushed in shame.


“Ling Yu, my disciple, your talent is unmatched for sure, you just haven’t displayed it to its full extent. Ye XingHe is untouchable for now, the emperor has plans for him. We are not to do anything that will cause the emperor’s plan to go awry, keep that in mind.”


Sword God Feng Yi smiled with a composed look.


“He’s also your destined rival so if your master sent help to assist you, believe me when I say your inner demons will only grow stronger. This inner demon will only be exorcised if you beat him yourself!”


My talent is one-of-a-kind?


Ling Yu didn’t understand why Sword God Feng Yi would still describe him thusly. He’s obviously inept when compared to Ye XingHe’s radiance.


“Master, I already got defeated by him when he’s still at the seventh Heavenly Realm. Now that he is at the ninth Heavenly Realm, how am I suppose to beat him?”


Ling Yu voiced his concern.


“It’s not impossible if we draw out your hidden potential.


Sword God Feng Yi grinned in a mysterious manner.


“Please, master, instruct me on how to unleash my potential.”


Ling Yu asked in excitement. Can he really grow strong enough to step on Ye XingHe decisively?


“It’s not easy to draw out one’s hidden potential, it’s a world of tormenting anguish. Ling Yu, do you think you have what it takes to go through with this?”


Sword God Feng Yi asked in a low tone.


“Master, Ling Yu can definitely take it!”


Ling Yu said resolutely. Ye XingHe has already humiliated him until he has no more face to lose, he also snatched away the love of his life. For his revenge, he is willing to stake it all.


‘Well said!”


Sword God Feng Yi loosened his knitted eyebrows. He took out an item from his inner pocket. He opened his palm and he presented the item to Ling Yu.


“Eat this Hong Meng Demonic Seed and you shall obtain the power to stand above anyone.”

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